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    32 Ways To Make Everything You Own Last Forever

    Because your grandkids are definitely going to want your black skinny jeans.

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    1. Eke a few more days out of those bananas you bought in bulk with some ~reusable~ produce-saving bags.

    2. Keep your dryer's lint trap clear of debris with a brush to make drying cycles/the appliance more effective for longer.

    3. Carry a retractable lint roller in your bag and prioritize removing dirt, dust, and other stuff from your clothing.

    4. Remove sweat stains from otherwise OK white shirts with some simple household products.

    5. Store onions, garlic, and shallots in a punched paper bag for months at a time.

    6. Revive the dark hue of your perfectly worn-in black jeans with a dose of black dye.

    7. Clean puffer coats into a presentable state and keep them in your outerwear rotation by machine washing them at home.

    8. Invest in a handheld steamer to freshen up your duds. (Especially if you hate the smell of at-home dry-cleaning kits.)

    9. Stop mangling your bras in the wash with some specialty laundry bags that'll help cups keep their shape.

    10. Remove product buildup from hot styling tools like curling irons and flat irons so they actually do their jobs again.

    11. Stick tights in the freezer after you buy them to help prevent runs.

    12. Microwave sponges to cut down on your sponge spending β€” or just cut sponges in half.

    13. Maintain freshness for as much as three times longer with this BPA-free herb saver that can easily store upright in your fridge door β€” when assembled, of course.

    14. Use wool balls instead of liquid fabric softener to prevent buildup on your machines and clothing when doing laundry.

    15. Wash like colors together and air-dry your laundry on a drying rack when possible.

    16. Spiff up baked-on cookie sheets with a two-ingredient cleaner made of stuff that's already in your kitchen cabinet.

    17. Coat a cheap ring with clear nail polish to prevent it from turning your skin green and ending up in the trash.

    18. And keep your ~nice~ jewelry gleaming for longer with a sonic cleaner.

    19. De-pot lipstick remnants in to a new container so you can keep enjoying the same source of color for a tad bit longer.

    20. And keep the makeup that's already on your face looking pristine with this matte-finish setting spray.

    21. Lengthen the life of your blinds with a microfiber cleaner that'll get in all the nooks you can't.

    22. Annihilate foundation, eyeshadow, and other beauty potions with this brush-cleaning mat that'll extend your favorite brushes' careers.

    23. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row.

    24. And deodorize shoes that you can't throw in the wash β€” or need constant good-smelling upkeep β€” with these charcoal inserts.

    25. Take a stab at saving a dried-out Sharpie with a dose of rubbing alcohol.

    26. Buy organic milk. It lasts longer than the regular stuff!

    27. Invest in some nail polish thinner (for as much $ as a drugstore polish) to bring your old bottles back to life.

    28. Remove rust from tools so they last forever and ever.

    29. Make those white sneakers look blinding again by scrubbing them with toothpaste.

    30. Store jars of salsa, marinara, and other jarred refrigerated stuff upside down to prevent mold growth and get out every last drop bc $$$.

    31. Revive dried-up mascara (that's less than three months old) by adding some eye drops to the tube.

    32. Sacrifice a a teensy bit of vodka to make a bouquet of fresh flowers last longer.

    There'll still be plenty of vodka left for this.

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