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26 Lotería-Inspired Products That'll Feel Like A Win, Even If You Always Lose

You don't need Bad Bunny stickers or a Coco Lotería edition, but I want that for you.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Sizes in this post are listed in women's, men's, and kids'.

1. Bad Bunny Lotería stickers you'll wanna keep away from your cousin El Tiburon who always seems to cheat and says "Keep going, keep going" like they can't hear you whenever you call 'em out.

hand with
DisnellyEars / Etsy

Get it from Disnelly Ears on Etsy for $3.25+ (available in glossy or matte paper).

2. A bright blanket you can snuggle up in next time the fam plays.

La Palma Loteria card design on blanket
Forever 21

Get it from Forever 21 for $24.99.

3. A pop culture-centric game with faves like Freddy Kruger (El Mano), an Ariel (La Sirenita), a Stormtrooper (El Soldado), and Selena (La Reyna, obviously).

EQC studios / Etsy

Get it from EQC studios on Etsy for $20.

And in case you NEED a Selena La Reyna print now that you know it exists, you can grab it for $9.99.

4. A mariachi T-shirt featuring a pinup-like babe from the brand's original Lotería collection that'll might make ya' wanna dance.

model wearing shirt with pink loteria-style shirt with cute mariachi player on it

I own this shirt and it's even cuter IRL, plus it washes really well. This LA-based company was founded by Mexican-born artist, Ilse Valfré. You'll love each item more than the last. I've also bought prints and phone cases that are more or less compliment bait.

Get it from Valfre for $28 (available in sizes XS–XXL; available in more Loteria styles like La Bruja, La Luna, La Borracha, La Sirena, and La Diabla).

5. A Halloween Lotería from the same brand featuring festive versions of your favorites. Look at La Luna's hat!!! (I'm gonna ask her which mascara she uses.)

the Halloween theme Loteria cards

Pre-order it from Valfre here. This game was so popular at its release that they're restocking and expect to ship mid-October (still plenty of time to play, IMO).

6. And a La Luna air freshener you can grab right now while you wait on the game to go back in stock.

Loteria la luna shape air freshener
Daisy Rodriguez

Get it from Valfre for $8.

7. A pendant that'll earn you all sorts of compliments you can take *to heart.*

pendant necklace with El Corazon loteria design on it
Amazon Handmade

Get it from The Divine Iguana on Amazon Handmade for $17.25.

8. Vans Authentic sneakers in a familiar print and comfy design you may want to buy in builk.

Vans authentic sneakers with Loteria board print with black shoe laces

Get them from Zappos for $59.95 (available in sizes men's 3.5/women's 5–men's 13/women's 14.5).

9. And, OK some Vans Old Skools because I think every closet should have both styles.

Vans Old Skool style sneakers with Loteria board print with black shoe laces

Get them from Zappos for $64.95 (available in sizes men's 3.5/women's 5–men's 13/women's 14.5).

10. A button-down shirt that'll lend you some style to rival El Catrin.

person wearing a button down shirt with Loteria design
Forever 21

Get it from Forever 21 for $19.99 (available in men's sizes M, L).

11. A magnet set for those who like to stick to the classics.

four magnets with La Loteria designs on them
Amazon Handmade

Get them from The Divine Iguana on Amazon Handmade for $8.52.

12. A Millennial Loteria game you can play between eating your acai bowl and taking a selfie. You'll probably recognize these gems from the @MillennialLoteria Instagram! (Yes, those are bitcoin game markers you see.)

the playing cards with the "bitcoin" game tokens

This was created by Mike Alfaro, a writer, creative director, and pop culture obsessive born in Guatemala who moved to California at age 18. The physical game was born after the success of his @MillennialLoteria Instagram account.

Get it from Amazon for $22.46. And be sure to pick up the expansion pack and extra bitcoins.

13. And a coordinating pin you can work into your next selfie.

Loteria card style enamel pin with mermaid taking a selfie based on the original La Sirena card
Feliz Modern

FYI, this San Antonio-based biz has sooo many giftable items you'll also wanna keep for yourself. I ordered some early quarantine care boxes for friends there and my friends loved them. My colleague Elena Garcia loves it (and told me about it). Read more about it here (#1).

Get it from Feliz Modern for $2.

14. A foil print that'll catch the light in your place, no matter what's up in the sky.

black wall art print with holographic foil design of El Sol and La Luna Loteria cards
IllapaIllustrations / Etsy

Get it from IllapaIllustrations on Etsy for $15 (available in silver holographic or copper foil).

15. A Coco Lotería game featuring beautiful artwork from the film. Ready to cry?

The Coco Loteria game set
Box Lunch

Pre-order it from Box Lunch for $24.90 (expected to ship by 11/10/20–11/21/20).

16. And a Miguel T-shirt to start enjoying much sooner. (Unlike a card, at least a shirt can help mop up your tears during a Coco rewatch.)

kid wearing an El Musico Loteria style shirt with Miguel from the movie Coco
MeXpresalo / Etsy

Get it from MeXpresalo on Etsy for $9.05 (available in kids' sizes XS–M, XL).

17. A horror-theme game featuring lots of baddies like El Catrin (Chucky with a loose definition of "well dresssed") and El Flasher (from Gremlins).

CuteLA / Etsy

Get them from CuteLA on Etsy for $14.95.

Hate horror movies? This shop has more Lotería options like The Raiders, The Dodgers, and Blood In Blood Out.

18. A Beauty and the Beast print that, OK, despite the actual stuff happening in the movie, is frozen in time and won't die on you like every other flower you've brought into your home.

print of Beauty and the Beast rose in style of a Loteria card
EQC studios / Etsy

Get it from EQC studios on Etsy for $9.99.

19. An insulated lunchbox that'd also make a great way to carry your game essentials. No more wondering where your game is next time you want to play.

lunchbox with Loteria card print on it

Get it from Amazon for $17.56.

20. A Lotería papel picado you use as decor, then point to when your friend is a little too close to an IRL El Borracho.

papel pecado parts imitating classic Loteria cards

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

21. A KK Slider T-shirt for anyone who's been listening to El Musico of Animal Crossing.

shirt with loteria style design of KK Slider from Animal Crossing
PCCEmbroidery / Etsy

Get it from PCCEmbroidery on Etsy for $25+ (available in men's sizes S–4X and four colors; also available in other Animal Crossing characters).

22. A jumbo game set that'll make it easier for everyone to join in and see how close they are to winning. It's only fun when everyone can play!

the board and cards

Get them from Amazon for $9.80.

23. Pillar candles (in gorgeous containers you can keep!) to light when you're not playing because gameplay can get a bit intense and having an open flame around isn't the best idea.

the candle with El Sol loteria card on candle jar
Pillow & Pocket / Etsy

Get it from Pillow & Pocket on Etsy for $6.21+ (available in 19 designs, unscented or vanilla scent).

24. A doctor print because 2020 has taught us lots of things, but it's really gone the distance to show all the amazing work medical professionals do for us, much less during a global pandemic!

Loteria style print of female doctor as Loteria La Chingona
EQC studios / Etsy

Get it from EQC studios on Etsy for $9.99.

25. A polymer clay charm necklace that'll make your mouth water. No matter how good they look, you cannot eat Las Conchas.

loteria card style polymer clay charms of La Rosa, Las Conchas, El Burrito, El Taco
CBJ by Lorena / Etsy

Get it from CBJ by Lorena on Etsy for $22 (available in five styles, custom charm are also available).

26. And an extremely of the times TikToker shirt to wear while practicing your best dance moves. Or just scrolling through videos of people dancing....

person wearing a shirt that has a TikToker Loteria style design on it
MexGifts / Etsy

Get it from MexGifts on Etsy for $22.49+ (available in women's sizes XS–4X and four colors).

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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