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    15 Local And Small Businesses We Love And Are Ordering From Online

    A wine club that ships nationwide, a NYC avocado guy, delicious coffee, crystal-infused soaps, and more — a pack of businesses you can support online right now.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Feliz Modern, a San Antonio boutique with soo many things you can admire from afar on Instagram and then have shipped to your home! And to your friends' homes! (::taps mic:: They have Dolly Parton embroidery kits!)

    @felizmodern / Via

    "Feliz Modern is an awesome little store based out of San Antonio, Texas. I’ve never actually been to the store but just drool over their perfectly curated selection of adorable things that they post on Instagram.

    They literally sell the CUTEST things. Like adorable snack boxes with everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, Dolly Parton embroidery kits (!!!!! I know! And I just ordered it to occupy my time), and gorgeously embroidered bandannas so you can have the prettiest face mask your grocery store has ever seen.

    They have SO much to choose from and they offer free shipping on orders over $45 with code FRIENDSHIP." —Elena Garcia

    Shop Feliz Modern.

    2. Farmhouse Paint & Sip in Milwaukee, WI, hosts painting parties IRL under regular circumstances, but has kept up the creative fun with virtual paint classes!

    Abby Kass / BuzzFeed

    "I’m currently staying with my parents in Milwaukee, Wi, and we’ve been trying to support local businesses as much as we can. My mom saw on Facebook that Farmhouse Paint & Sip was hosting virtual paint classes and that they were even selling kits through curbside pickup. We ordered two kits, which included a canvas, small containers of primary color paint, brushes, and a few accessories. Basically everything we needed. After we picked up the crafts, we tuned in and the instructor walked us through step-by-step and even had us text him if we had questions, and progress shots so we could see how others were doing. It was so much fun that we decided to do it again, and I invited one of my friends to join who lives nearby (via FaceTime). The experience made us feel like we were actually at a paint and sip class. It was such a fun and different activity to do while at home. Plus, if you already have art supplies, you can just tune in or watch any of the Facebook Lives and do it yourself!" —Abby Kass

    Check out Farmhouse Paint & Sip's pick up and paint options here.

    3. Seltzer Goods, an Asheville, NC-based biz we at BuzzFeed adore thanks to their gorgeous puzzles (and other goods) before we all started going in hard on puzzles during social distancing.

    Samantha Tomaszewski / BuzzFeed

    "I ordered my pandemic puzzles from Seltzer Goods, a woman-led company based in Asheville, North Carolina. The puzzle designs are so colorful and unique — I'm even considering framing one. I got the Fruit Lady Puzzle and the Sunshine Flowers Puzzle. Each is 500 pieces and challenging enough that I'm not just burning through them in a few hours – which is ideal for quarantine circumstances.

    Seltzer Goods has lots of fun puzzles, stickers, and tote bags, many of them with a feminist theme. I was just shopping for puzzles, but had to throw in the "Future Is Female" sticker for my laptop. My order even included a handwritten thank you card 💖 Plus, a portion of Seltzer's proceeds go to support Earth Justice. Love to support a company that gives back, too!" —Samantha Tomaszewski

    Shop Seltzer Goods and get the Fruit Lady Puzzle or Sunshine Flowers Puzzle for $24.95 each.

    4. Inman Family Winery, a winery in Sonoma Valley that's hosting virtual happy hours on Facebook and selling three-packs of wines with some proceeds going to Meal on Wheels San Francisco.

    Inman Family

    "Inman Family is a magnificent little winery in the heart of Sonoma Valley. They make yummy wines that visitors would sample while touring their winery but since that’s not happening they’re offering folks virtual tastings. If you order a three-pack of wine (packs range from $84 and beyond) you can join them for a free Happy Hour over Facebook Video Chat. It’s like getting the wine country experience from the comfort of your couch!

    Plus a portion of their proceeds are being donated to Meals on Wheels." —Elena Garcia

    Shop Inman Family wines and check out the three-packs of wine that have some proceeds going to Meals on Wheels.

    5. Anchor Coffee Company in North Wilkesboro, NC, roasts their delicious beans in-house and will ship 'em right to your door.

    @anchorcoffeeco / Via

    "Little did I know when I wrote a story on things to do in Wilkesboro, NC, (my hometown) in February that people soon wouldn't get to enjoy many of the suggestions on my list thanks to the spread of the coronavirus. BUT one thing that folks still can enjoy is Anchor Coffee Co. The coffee shop is currently available for pickup only but is shipping their custom coffee blends right to your door. I'm currently residing in NC at my parents' house (thanks to a regular visit that turned into a coronavirus stay) and drinking a lot of their coffee. So I thought I'd help out three parties (my parents, Anchor, and myself) by ordering some Anchor coffee for us to brew up at home. I've been sipping on the Captain blend on the reg and bought the Seafarer espresso as well. You've gotta get your coffee fix at home too, might as well make sure it's with good stuff!" —Elizabeth Lilly

    Shop Anchor Coffee Co and get the Seafarer espresso blend for $12+. Enter code FREESHIP20 at checkout for free shipping on $20+ orders.

    6. Oslo Coffee, a Brooklyn-based coffee shop with a few NYC locations, also sells their coffee online so you can stay well-caffeinated with quality brew (which is what I want for you!).

    @oslocoffee / Via

    "When I checked out my future apartment in the Upper East Side two years ago, I took several laps around the neighborhood and an extremely cool neighborhood coffee shop called Oslo caught my eye. It (and the scarily cheap rent price that I still pinch myself about) helped seal my decision to move to the area. I don't stop in every morning but always find a reason to get yet another coffee besides my at-home French press bev on the weekends there, and it stays super busy! Obviously, right now all the three shops are closed and there's a Go Fund Me for the employees. In addition to contributing to the employee fund, you can buy bags of their in-house blends online. I personally went on a bit of a *spree* doing just that for myself... and three of my friends in other states. IMO, caffeine is the gift that keeps on giving." —Elizabeth Lilly

    Shop Oslo Coffee and get The Wild Hunstmen blend for $17.

    7. Davocadoguy is here to help NYC-area customers get that sweet green fix via text or Instagram. Here's to being able to say "my avocado guy."

    @davocadoguy / Via

    "Davocadoguy is usually supplying the best restaurants in NY with that sweet sweet green gold we all love so much. But since so many restaurants are shut down he’s offering his inventory to regular folks throughout New York.

    He offers full crates of avocados (and sometimes limes or smaller bags) for a pretty reasonable price (prices can range but are normally around $40-$50 for 40 avocados delivered to your door, but don’t forget to tip your delivery man).

    Orders can be placed via text (347-703-7181) or Instagram and all payments are made through Venmo.

    The crates are A LOT for one person but as embarrassing as it might be to admit this, I had no problem finishing it. Lol! Other friends who I know ordered, split their orders with neighbors (where contact was limited of course)." —Elena Garcia

    DM via Instagram to get those avocados!

    8. The Brass Owl, an NYC boutique filled with all kinds of goodies you'll want to gift (or keep for yourself) like candles, cards, jewelry, and more! Or you can let them do the heavy lifting by assembling a care package for you.

    @thebrassowl / Via

    "The Brass Owl is a local Astoria, Queens boutique — and the only place I buy gifts and cards for the people in my life (and myself). They had to shut down, naturally, because of the coronavirus but have been doing an amazing job continuing to support the community with all kinds of goodies. They are partially to blame for my candle-hoarding situation, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Currently they're letting shoppers place orders for care packages of varying price levels (six levels, to be exact) in which you can let them know who this person in your life is, if you want a theme, things they typically enjoy, and leave a gift message. TBH, I might just order myself one for my birthday next month. They also have tons of great items like pop culture-inspired stickers, mugs, and magnets, clothing, jewelry, Baggu bags, and more! Can you tell I really miss shopping there IRL?" —Heather Braga

    Shop The Brass Owl and check out their care package options for $40+.

    9. Leon & Son Wine and Spirits, an NYC wine shop with an amazing selection that'll ship to your door. *Also* they're working wth local restaurants to let customers purchase wines from their favorite eateries through their wine club Leon Circle.

    @leonandsonwine / Via

    "One of my favorite things about New York is our small neighborhood wine shops. Having worked in one myself, I know how pretty darn close the customers get with the staff (and with their favorite wines!). Many shops have started doing deliveries around the city, and some even ship nationwide! If you're elsewhere in the country and want to get in on the bustling wine scene in NYC, I recommend checking out Leon & Son. The owner, Chris Leon, curates a killer selection of super high-quality wines from all over the world that will ship right to your door.

    They're also doing their part to support NYC restaurants that have closed — if you sign up for their "Leon Circle" wine club, you'll get a curated selection of bottles purchased from NYC restaurants in need of support. We could all use a drink right now, right?" —Kristina Bornholtz

    Shop the selection on Leon & Son Wine and sign up for the "Leon Circle" wine club for $75/month.

    10. Crystal Bar Soap, a small biz that makes 100% vegan beauts with crystals inside that you can hang on to for the long run after the suds have met their end.

    @crystalbarsoap / Via

    "One of my favorite small shops has always been Crystal Bar Soap. They specialize in, you guessed it, soaps filled with crystals (!!!) but they also sell apparel, bath bombs, hand sanitizer, bath salts, and body butter. I personally have many of their soaps, as I love a good crystal, and have given them as gifts. I love that each one is handmade and includes a stone you can keep forever even after you've finished washing-up with the soap itself. The "Spirit of Eternity" bar is one of my faves, thanks to the mystical opalite crystal embedded in it. Most recently I finished off a "Valley of Light" bar (designed for Taurus') and am keeping the emerald stone on my shower ledge. Not to mention, the bars of soap are STUNNING. When Aladdin sang 'shining, shimmering, splendid," he was probably talking about the products from Crystal Bar Soap. We're all likely washing our hands more than ever right now, so we might as well be using soap filled with *good vibes*, right?" —Heather Braga

    Shop Crystal Bar Sop and get this Northern Lights bar embedded with a Labradorite crystal for $12.

    Ed's note: Heather turned me onto this brand and I've given the soap for gifts. To say the least, recipients are dazzled!

    11. Win Son, a Brooklyn restaurant that's currently taking orders through CAVIAR and you'll want to support for the long haul.

    Delia Cali / BuzzFeed

    "I just ordered a ton of food and this cute pocket tee from Win Son, one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. It felt important to not only support a place where I've had many a solo dinner (and where I was made to feel welcome about it!) but also Asian-American cooking and culture especially right now. Did I mention the tee has a pocket???" —Delia Cali

    Check out the Win Son menu and ordering details on CAVIAR.

    12. Indulgence Chocolatiers a Milwaukee, WI, shop filled with handmade chocolates and treats is hosting virtual chocolate tastings through Facebook live.

    Abby Kass / BuzzFeed

    "I really like that a lot of local businesses around me are being creative and creating virtual experiences. One of my mom’s favorite businesses is Indulgence Chocolatiers here in Milwaukee, WI. They’ve been putting together virtual wine-and-chocolate pairing nights. We did the first one, and had a great time. We ordered a kit with three bottles of wine and different types of chocolate that paired well with the wine. Then we tuned into a Facebook Live and were walked through each pairing and got to try it. Plus, we still had wine and chocolate left over after, which means we get to keep enjoying it. We’re already planning on doing the next one but this time getting my grandma involved from her house as well! They can’t ship the wine, but they can ship chocolate, which you can order by emailing or calling them." —Abby Kass

    Shop Indulgence Chocolatiers.

    13. Meow Meow Tweet!, a vegan, low-waste skincare line with freaking adorable packaging (if I do say so myself).

    Meow Meow Tweet

    "First of all, their packaging is adorable and eco-friendly. I love the illustrations and the fact that each product is plastic-free. Everything is vegan, and made with natural and organic ingredients. They also have a list of all the charities they give to right on their website, which is really nice. My favorite product is the lip balm because it's super effective, smells nice — and just really chunky. Who doesn't love a gigantic lip balm?" —Rebecca O'Connell

    Shop Meow Meow Tweet! and get the lip balm for $14 (available in four flavors).

    14. Spread texts you about a local restaurant, provides a discount code, and routes you to the eatery's website to order. BTW, it doesn't charge the biz a commission like other food-ordering apps!


    "I've tried out this new service called Spread that texts you daily about a restaurant in your area that they're partnered with, giving you a discount code to use at checkout. They take no commission and direct you to the restaurant's website to order. It helps support local restaurants, and I've had a wonderful experience with it. Anyway, even if you can't use it in your piece, I just wanted to spread the word about this thing." —Hayley Tillett

    Sign up for Spread for free.

    15. Valfre, a Latinx woman-owned brand with lots and lots of BF shopping writer fans and the creative, sassy products to back up that rep.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed / Via, Valfre

    "I've been a fan of Valfre for a few years now and in fact owned this very coffin phone case two years ago (and was forever fielding compliments and questions about it), and *just* rebought it given their huge clearance right now. A giant silicone case can seem like the least practical thing ever, but I have total butter fingers and drop my phone all the time, only to have these silicone cases save the day over and over again.

    But the selection doesn't end at phone accessories! Valfre sells tons of items with the brand's original illustrations on them. I took advantage a few nights ago when I saw on Insta that they were having a huge sale, and snagged that phone phone case again for a mere $5, and a Creature from the Black Lagoon-ish print and moon-bathing print, and can't wait to hold them IRL." —Elizabeth Lilly

    Shop Valfre, and get the coffin phone case for $5 and the lagoon print for $48.

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