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7 Life-Changing Things You'll Want To Wear ASAP

Tried, tested, and worn by BuzzFeed editors!

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

1. A pair of gradient tights that'll liven up your winter dresses.

Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

"I’m not picky when it comes to tights — they just can’t be itchy AF, won't rip upon the first wear (hmu if you find a pair of sheer tights that don't do this ,@urbanoutfitters), and preferably do NOT have a control top (because contrary to popular belief, I would like to be able to breathe, sit, and eat normally). Yet, most of the tights I buy immediately end up in the trash, so I've been rotating between two pairs of tights from J.Crew Factory...which aren't that great and don't keep me warm. Womp.

"That is, until these snazzy gradient tights came into the picture via a BuzzFeed post. They're super comfy to wear (they're smooth and not itchy!), haven't torn after four months of intense wear, and keep me decently warm. Basically, wearing dresses in cold weather doesn't have to be a compromise, imagine that. I've always stuck with plain black tights because I can barely coordinate colors, so I love that these tights make a statement without being difficult to pair with outfits. The subtle gray-to-black ombré is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

"But honestly, the most telling perk has been all the compliments I've gotten on my tights, given that my fashion sense is a very solid meh. And not just friends and co-workers, but from random ladies at Costco in the ~hopping~ town of Naperville, Illinois. That's when you know you've made it." —Sarah Han

Get them from Amazon for $9.99. / Available in One Size Fits Most.

2. A versatile T-shirt bra you'll wear under everything else, too.

Michelle No / BuzzFeed,

"So I'm convinced that every girl bypasses two milestones on her path to womanhood: 1) Buys her first bra, and 2) Buys her first bra that actually fits correctly.

"I hit the second milestone the day I bought this Victoria's Secret Pink T-shirt bra. For as long as I can remember, I had worn a bra either too tight on my chest, too loose, too thin, or just too friggin' ugly to wear under my clothes with pride on a daily basis. Finding this bra has saved me from 10 hours of daily discomfort, in a variety of ways:

"1. The bra ~disappears~ under your clothes. Now, this may be a thing that doesn't work out for people of all sizes, but I've found that for my frame and size, this bra does a perfect job of flawlessly hiding my tats. When I wear this bra, bra lines disappear, and my boobs look magically perked up by mystical T-shirt sorcery. I have zero fears of wearing this with my sheerest white tees and flimsiest tank tops during the summer, which I definitely could not say about any of my other bras.

"2. The straps stay up. I have no idea why this is so hard to get right in the bra design world, but the dozen bras I've discarded over the last decade for having flimsy, lazy-ass straps can attest to the miracle of stay-on-your-shoulders straps.

"3. The nude colors disappear under white T-shirts. Again, this is all subjective to skin tone, but for light-golden-toned women, I'd say this is a one-size-fits-all shade.

"4. It lasts forever. I'm pretty sure I've had this bra for at least four years, and besides a bit of fabric-bunching on the straps, it's as elastic, soft, and useful as it was on day one.

"TL;DR: If you have big-ish boobs and need a comfortable non-boob-prison-y everyday bra that hides under your cotton shirts, hit up the V." —Michelle No

Get it from Victoria's Secret for $32.95. / Available in band sizes 30–36 and cup sizes AA–DD, 12 colors.

3. A one-hour delivery wedding dress perf for a courthouse affair.

Jess Probus / BuzzFeed

"I never imagined my wedding dress as a child, or as a young adult or even as a person who was planning an elopement the following week. In fact, it wasn't until the day before the whirlwind City Hall ceremony that I gave much thought at all to what I would be wearing. But one of the many benefits of navigating the wedding-planning process as a queer person is the ability to take only some parts of the tradition, and make up others as you go. While the thought of getting married was and is romantic and important to me, it was also something that seemed so easy and obvious and right that it made as much sense to fit an elopement into the morning hours of our daily routine as it did to order a dress the day before through a one-hour Everlane delivery.

"Everlane’s one-hour delivery in NYC is one of those things that feels incredibly luxe and unnecessary and that you get used to much too quickly. At 2 p.m. the day before we got married, I ordered a $40 (at the time) white sack dress that arrived at my office almost immediately. The next morning by the end of our ceremony the dress was incredibly wrinkled, covered in black fuzz from my coat and blessed with a diner-coffee stain on the entire left side, which felt exactly perfect. My life and marriage is busy and spontaneous and full of coffee and black sweater fuzz and joy and I’m glad my ensemble was, too." —Jessica Probus

Get the it from Everlane for $49+. / Available in size 00–10.

4. A pair of Adidas sneaks that'll be a comfy fit for wide feet from the gym to Greece.

Treye Green / BuzzFeed

"I first came across my first pair of Adidas Madorus during a trip to Macy’s, (where they're sadly sold out now), two summers ago. I was looking for a comfortable sneaker that was stylish but had a minimal color way. And they immediately stuck out on the rack — with a little help from the bright red sale tag on them. The minute I put them on, I knew what Super Mario must feel like when he jumps from cloud to cloud while completing his epic missions! I have wide feet, so narrow toe boxes are never my friend. But the Madoru has a spacious toe box and a perforated upper, making them breathable and giving them a little added stretch. They are also extremely lightweight so my feet stay comfortable, even after a full day of wear.

"I’ve worn my Madorus as exercise shoes, everyday sneaks, and they even got me through a 10-day vacation in Greece. They were the only pair of sneakers I packed for my trip, with them leaving my feet feeling supported and cozy on a range of terrains.

"So forget huaraches, Chuck Taylors, and any other go-to “comfortable shoes.” Your answer to sneaker greatness has just one name — Madoru!" —Treye Green

Get them from Amazon for $49.95+. / Available in men's sizes 6.5–13, two colors.

5. A 100% wool Irish sweater that's a relative steal in comparison to stateside finds.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

"I'm one of those girls who is just always cold, no matter what the temperature around me happens to be. So as a Texas Gulf transplant to the big city, East Coast winters have been a major adjustment. It's taken me three years to entirely relearn how to dress when the temperature nosedives, and this cozy 100% wool sweater literally saved the day.

"It solved the problem of easy layering for warmth as soon as I pulled it out of the box. When it's 50 degrees, I pull it over my T-shirt or blouse to wear instead of a light jacket — and if I still lived in Houston, it could easily be a substitute for an appropriate "winter coat." When it's 30 degrees, it layers up nicely with my warm New York winter coat to keep me cozy. When it's below 20, it's always the snuggliest of many layers under my heavy coat.

"I wear it in the office to shelter from the freezing AC, I pull it on over my PJs for a quick run to the drugstore. It's not, like, 'sexy' in a skintight way, but it's everything I want to wear when I spend a snowy Saturday Netflixing in my favorite boyshorts and knee-high socks. It's also about $200 cheaper than many similar sweaters you'll find available in the US, especially if they're made of 100% wool.

"Of course, every product has its downsides: So far, this sweater seems to have two. It's incredibly difficult to wash, because it should be gently washed by hand. The yarn, soaking up lots of water, gets really heavy, and begins to smell like literal sheep. Then it takes ages to dry. I do it, but only every three or four months. Also, since it is 100% wool, it can get itchy. I found that my skin doesn't complain or itch when the weather is cool enough that the sweater becomes necessary, but you'd have to know if your skin might.

"Update: Ailbhe Malone, our UK lifestyle editor who happens to actually be Irish and wear these sweaters all the time, sent me this sweater-washing tip! 'I wash mine in the bathtub, then wring out most of the water by rolling it up on itself in the bathtub,' she says. 'Once it's not sopping wet, I then lay it on a thick towel and roll it up in the towel a couple of times — by the time I've done all this, it's not as wet and dries pretty much overnight!'"—Natalie Brown

Get it from Aran Sweater Market for $84.95. / Available in women's sizes XS–3XL, seven colors.

6. A comfy second-skin bra that legit works as a cropped tank, too.

Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

"I am my mother's mini me in most ways — one glaring exception is that I like wearing a bra and she doesn't. Ok, that's an understatement — she loathes wearing a bra (you could even say she suffers from brastrophobia). She's averse to any clothes that are tight or binding, so finding a comfy bra that she'll forget she's wearing often seemed like an Arthurian-level quest.

"But guys, we did it! My mom discovered this True & Co Second Skin V- Neck Bra, and I quickly tracked it down and ordered one for her and one for me.

"It works as a bra, it works as a cropped tank to layer under sheer tops or dresses, it's basically perfect in every way. With a removable lining/light padding, it gives just the right support (and hides your nips if you keep the lining in). It ~completely~ disappears under clothing, with no seams or edges showing. Did I mention that it doesn't cut in ANYWHERE? It somehow clings to your bod like (as the name implies) a second skin, but if you tug it, the straps pull away with ease. Though perhaps a bit pricey, let's be honest: Your boobs and shoulders deserve this bra.

"I immediately ordered a second color (the nude) after trying the black on for the first time. There have been mornings I stepped out of my apartment, and thought, Huh, did I not put on a bra today? This is the miracle of this bra. Guess it's just another thing to add to the list of thing I'm grateful to my mom for. Sigh.

"This bra also comes in a round neck if the deeper v isn't really your thing, plus they offer hipster and thong undies in the same material — I may have to try those next." —Maitland Quitmeyer

Get it from True & Co. for $49. / Available in sizes XS–XL, two colors.

7. Some wedge rain booties that will keep your feet dry and elevated from gross puddles., Elena Garcia / BuzzFeed

"I'm a self-professed wellies hater. They make me hotter than necessary, rub my shins, and are like a badge of shame on days when it doesn't actually rain. (In my opinion!) I never owned any 'til the fall of 2006 when I realized my college campus's beautiful brick sidewalks became swampy pits of despair on rainy days. After, I continued my pedestrian lifestyle in New York City and reluctantly brought along my knee-high rain boots. Yet, I had a revelation when I discovered ankle rain boots about three years ago. My mainstays are some excellent — but pricey — Loeffler Randalls. So when Sorel sent me a pair of these wedge rain booties to try out, I stomped around in some puddles near my office on a chilly, wet day. Because research.

The concept of wedge rain booties may seem the opposite of utilitarian. But I managed quite well on these sturdy wedges. (I'm pretty clumsy and rarely wear heels.) I credit the sole traction, not my coordination. The laces are quite thick and sturdy, as well. I didn't have to retie or tighten them during the day. I wore a super-thick pair of socks just in case the first time I wore them and my feet didn't hurt at the end of the day. I opted for bright red because I already have black and olive-green ankle rain boots. People stared at them, but not in a bad way.

Would I buy these? Yes. But I have to trek through rainy weather and dodge nasty puddles on the reg because I don't have a car and walk most places. I also compare spending money on nice(r) outerwear to investing in car upkeep, if I had a car. (I know, weak argument.) If I lived somewhere else and drove everywhere, I'd probably pass unless I felt like treating myself. (I understand that most people won't see the worth in such a large investment if they drive places.) I'd also mostly likely opt for one of the more neutral colors because people wear some crazy stuff in NYC that they don't wear in other places." —Elizabeth Lilly

Get them from Sorel for $165. Available in women's sizes 5–12, five colors.

P.S. In the market for budget-friendly rain boots? Check out our story here.

Sorel sent me the boots to try free of charge, but I wasn't obligated to positively review them.

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