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    9 Life-Changing Things To Add To Your Closet ASAP

    Tried, tested, and worn by BuzzFeed editors and writers!

    1. A circle purse with pom-poms and charm to effortlessly jazz up your neutral ensembles!

    2. A pair of truly high-waisted jeans, in case you've been on a quest for the real deal.

    3. A cashmere boyfriend sweater that'll be the next best thing to staying under the covers when you have to look presentable in a frigid office.

    4. A pair of velvet platform Oxfords, which upgrade the classic shoe with a touch of both playfulness and luxe — and can go with just about anything.

    5. A robe-ish midi dress and velvet sock boots that’ll help you look dressed up without feeling like you’re in sausage casing balancing on toothpicks.

    6. A Hogwarts bracelet to teach you things worth knowing and bring back what you’ve forgot.

    7. A pair of comfortable moisture-wicking leggings that feel supportive and also come with a self-hem feature for a customizable length.

    8. A totally waterproof ski jacket, which may just help you fend off snow banks when you're hitting the slopes. Maybe.

    9. And a pair of high-waisted jeggings with plenty of wiggle room for dancing, GIFs, and general ~shenanigans~.

    You and your friend celebrating your new fashion find:

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