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25 Sunglasses You Can Get On Amazon That You'll Actually Want To Wear

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

1. Some cat-eye mirrored sunnies that'll make you look like a mysterious street-style blogger on a "casual" photo shoot.

2. Some tortoise-shell lookers for looking like Patrick Bateman -- minus the bloodshed.

3. A pair of glam Chloe dupes that won't cost you a pretty penny to look, well, super duper pretty.

4. Some retro shades for pulling off your best impression of an 80's teen movie villian -- without being a total jerk about it.

5. A pair of oversized, polarized wayfarers for declaring, "no pictures, please" to strangers on the sidewalk.

6. Some rock-star specs that are a little bit John Lennon, a little bit steampunk.

7. Some bold sunnies with serious retro flair.

8. Some round sunnies for a smidge of mod style.

9. A pair of classic aviators that'll work on most anybody.

10. Some vintage-style arrow specs perf for adding ~dramatic~ effect.

11. A walnut-frame spin on the classic wayfarer look.

12. Some glam sunnies with frames that come in sooo many cute varieties.

13. A pair of whimsical sunglasses that are TOTALLY JUST KIDDING, guys.

14. These bad-ass shades for intimidating every last person in your path...or just protecting your peepers.

15. Some stylish square sunnies to help a round face work allll the right angles.

16. Some flip-top shades with timeless multifunctional prowess.

17. Some contrast reflective lookers for staring all you want...without any awkward eye contact.

18. A pair of Lolita-style specs in a variety of hues to match your mood.

19. And some heart-shaped glasses that are a tad less Lolita.

20. Some rimless, mirrored glasses sure to stop traffic.

21. Some classic oversized sunnies for blocking out the harsh sun -- even in the desert!

22. Some killer cat-eye sunnies that are easier to throw on than winging out your eyeliner into an actual cat eye.

23. These colorful aviators for pretending you're "avoiding" the paparazzi.

24. These retro-AF shades to amp up your everyday ensembles.

25. And these personality packed shades perf for living your ~best~ life.

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