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    Save Mother's Day With These Walmart Gifts You Can Pick Up IRL

    Order 'em here, pick 'em up at your local Walmart on the way to your mom's house!!!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Still haven't snagged a Mother's Day gift just yet? Well, GOOD NEWS FOR YOU AND THE MOTHER FIGURE IN YOUR LIFE. If you live by a Walmart (or they do), you can order a gift online and *pick it up in store* so you don't have to wait around for shipping!

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    So how does it work? On the Walmart homepage, scroll down to this lil' box and click through. already knows that my New York City office is close to the Secaucus, NJ, store nearby, so it suggests that. (Though you can enter in a different zip code, like, say where your mom lives and you'll be traveling anyway!) Click ~Start Shopping~ and you'll be presented with a selection of goods you can pay for online, but stop by IRL at the store to pick up.

    As you shop around the site, just make sure that you have "Free Pickup Today" selected on the lefthand side under your Shipping & Pickup options!!!

    Yes, it is that simple!

    Now here are some gifts you can probably pick up at your local store for starters!

    No, I did not check every single Walmart store for in-store pickup, but I checked one in New Jersey right outside of New York City, one in rural North Carolina where my parents live, and one in Palo Alto, California, because my friends Marissa and Amanda live there and they're lovely! These locations are *quite* different. Trust!

    1. A pretty cookbook stand that can hold, well, a Pioneer Woman cookbook so you can finally whip up something you two salivate over while watching Ree's show.

    Price: $21.84

    Need a cookbook to put in it, too? You can *also* pick one of those up in store! Ree's books Come and Get It!, Dinnertime, or Food from My Frontier would look so nice as a companion to this stand!

    2. A Lipstick Queen multipack with a range of shades and formulations she'll find are easy to wear and go on sooo smooth.

    I've bought this before and LOVE it. Also the shades are easygoing enough that she doesn't need lipliner for them. Win-win!

    Price: $38.18

    3. A Himalayan salt candle holder to make anyone who drops by ~glow~ with envy.

    Price: $6.06

    And while you're at it, grab a pack of votives for her to use in it!

    4. An iPad so she can keep tabs on your Twitter (hi Mom!), the news, bestsellers, and her fav shows. The important things!

    5. A Burt's Bees hand repair kit as a small treat to help her feel pampered on the reg!

    6. A handsome plant caddy to help her scoot around her ginormous plants she has the magic touch for keeping alive.

    Seriously, how does she keep them alive?!

    Price: $15.88

    7. A 10k heart pendant and necklace that'll match most anything!

    8. A pretty picture frame for the shiplap-adoring ma who keeps saying you need more recent pics together! You can take one on Mother's Day and put it in here!

    9. An epsom salt body scrub for some major exfoliation that'll feel like a fancy spa experience without having to leave the house.

    10. A couple of Disney studs so she can take a lil' bit of magic with her everywhere she goes.

    Price: $18

    11. A pack of sheet masks (you should also pick up for yourself) that'll let you trade funny sheet mask selfies back in forth when you can't be in the same place at the same time.

    Price: $10.99 for five masks

    12. A cross-body wallet perfect for occasions when she just needs the essentials!

    Price: $9.97 (available in two patterns)

    13. And a sleek backpack for when she's gotta carry the whole house with her.

    TBH, most of my days are like that.

    Price: $24.88

    14. An Apple Watch that'll serve as a personal assistant 'til you can hire one out for her. (Maybe next Mother's Day after you've won the lottery?!)

    Price: $329+ (available in two sizes, four band colors)

    15. An Elizabeth Arden body spray as a pick-me-up for a sunny outlook.

    16. A pair of cute sunnies ready to keep the glare out of her eyes, no matter what adventure she's on at the moment.

    Price: $10

    17. And a Pioneer Woman tea kettle because moms just really love Pioneer Woman and it'll look so nice on her stovetop!

    Your mom once you give her the goods:

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