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    61 Last Minute Gifts For The Person You Forgot To Buy Something For

    Couple "Oh, you know shipping this year" with one of these finds for the perfect coverup.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. A hardy cast-iron skillet even the worst cook will have some luck using. There's nothing to get someone excited to experiment like a new toy!

    cast iron skillet with salmon filets and asparagus in it

    2. Tasty's new *adulting* cookbook that'll inspire some confidence to make that stuff they've never tried before.

    3. A book on remarkable women throughout history as some inspo for the huge, wonderful, impactful things they're oh-so ready to do! And there's a matching notecard set too!

    the book cover with illustrations of some of the women

    4. A Star Wars Light Saber chopsticks set for anyone you've heard has collected about every Baby Yoda thing.

    5. A screaming goat that'll make them say "it me" when it shrieks on their behalf.

    the screaming toy goat and a small pocket guide

    6. A scenic wall calendar any animal lover with an appreciation for all facets of nature will adore.

    7. A *mythical* meats jerky set for any weirdo who's into gas station snacks (it me). Oh, and they're keto-friendly!

    the jerky stick set

    8. A desktop Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy they can dance along to because it's a little weird just HOW good they are at that dance.

    the wacky inflatable guy

    9. An eos shea lip balm set because, well, lip balm is universal. It won't hurt to buy a few of these as extras!

    the lip balm set

    10. A 20-pack of stylish hair clips to liven up the family fashionista's lewk rotation.

    various hair clips

    11. My Best Friend's Exorcism, a funny (no, really) tome that is *so* '80s and, yes, a pretty creepy read. If they're into horror and comedy, this'll be a hit.

    the book cover

    12. Or Hood Feminism, an amazing read for anyone who's trying to be an ally and has always identified as a feminist but is part of a group who already has a lot of privilege (like me, a white cis-woman).

    the book cover

    13. A Fire kids tablet for a grown-up approved way to keep your nephew occupied while the adults talk about important all the new Star Wars shows. (Pssst, this has controls on it so the kids in your life can't just download whatever to it.)

    14. A Drag Race mad libs book to hand to 'em and say "and don't fudge it up" bc you're at a FAMILY-FRIENDLY Zoom gathering ok. Seriously, this is going to provide hours of fun for everyone.

    the cover of the book with Rupaul on it

    15. A minimalist tissue box cover so they can address their sniffles without messing up their interior aesthetic. I own this (yep, that's my nightstand in the pic) and I adore it.

    nightstand with a stack of books and the square white house-shape tissue box on the stack

    16. A blank comic book the budding artists in your fam can fill out and then swap to read.

    17. A fill-in-the-blank book you can buy for the sibling who always ALWAYS forgets to buy a gift for mom. Because of course YOU'RE not that sibling.

    person holding a small book that says "what I love about Mom" on the cover

    18. And a 3-in-1 plant moisture meter to help them better care for their plant babies, whether they're a plant newbie or a seasoned pro.

    the meter in a potted plant

    19. A hot sauce–making kit that'll please anyone who always asks for hot sauce when you're out eating at a restaurant, no matter the dish in front of them.

    the parts of the kit

    20. A 7-in-1 Instant Pot because they've dedicated a whole Pinterest board to Instant Pot recipes (and sent you the link), so 'tis time you go ahead and get this thing. And perhaps even pull your siblings in on the gift.

    instant pot with mac and cheese in it

    21. Plus! A pair of Instant Pot magnets that'll help answer those questions (sorry, Siri) about how long everything cooks in that incredibly helpful appliance.

    the magnets

    22. A pack of foxy cable organizers to help 'em keep their earbuds tidier and easier to find... a gift they'll appreciate on the reg!

    phone with leather look fox-shape cord wrap

    23. A 45-pack(!!!) of velvet scrunchies for the self-professed VSCO girl or the beauty fiend. They're on-trend rn AND won't dent hair as much as other hair ties.

    24. A deck of affirmation cards that'll be a lil' everyday boost for someone who just needs a mini creative pep talk.

    the deck of cards

    25. A five-pack of multitools as a handy wallet helper that, tbh, everyone will find incredibly useful on a variety of occasions.

    the credit card size tool in a wallet

    26. A 50-pack of The Office stickers for the person who can't stop, won't stop rewatching the series. We all know one! Several, probably.

    variety of The Office stickers

    27. A 48-pack of fun washi tape so they can decorate their bullet journal, personalize some snail mail, and add some serious pizzazz to just about anything.

    stacks of pattern tape

    28. A purrrfect tote for the group's resident cat person that you know next to nothing else about besides their feline love, sassy 'tude.

    perosn with tote bag on their arm that says "do what I want" with a drawing of a cat

    29. A five-pack of washable mesh shopping totes for a très chic solution to them always having to pay for a plastic bag. I own one and can vouch that these beauts ball up into very little space but have some Mary Poppins–like capabilities.

    30. A foodie dog toy for the furry member of the fam who really gets riled up when it's gift-opening time.

    puppy with various food theme plush toys

    31. A Bob Ross bobblehead that'll bring a smile to their face, just like painting happy little trees. Oh, and he says 10 of his most iconic sayings!!

    the Bob Ross bobble head with a book of paintings

    32. Fancy (LOOKING) earrings to upgrade most outfits. Maybe even athleisure? Whatever. They're the ones who get to wear them and decide.

    model wearing gold tone statement hoop earrings

    33. A Tea Forte set with their signature pyramid tea bags that'll be both a novel and tasty gift for any tea fiend or someone who's flirting with becoming a tea fiend. Plus it comes in a pretty box that you won't have to wrap.

    34. A Disney coloring book for the kid who's Disney-obsessed and you just don't have the heart to text their parents and ask what they don't have. They likely don't have this.

    the coloring book cover

    35. A drawing book for kids because you def know a kid who's creative and has very lofty taste in art supplies so you don't wanna make the mistake of buying the wrong kind. Well, this is a safe go-to.

    the book cover

    36. An adorably existential read that just may bring your emo friend a glimmer of joy — not that they'd show it. (And maybe give them the original too!)

    the book cover

    37. Crescent moon earrings for the person who's just a *gem*.

    crescent moon shape earrings with black rhinestones on them

    38. A vegan coconut lip scrub – it may just be the best thing they get because winter is rough on lips but that doesn't mean winter gusts should win.

    person dipping finger into the tub of scrub

    39. A doughnut pillow that'll ensure they'll have sweet dreams.

    donut-shape pillow with sprinkle look on it

    40. A Krispy Kreme x Jelly Belly set for the person who more or less runs on sugar. Or whose sleepwalking alter ego loooooooves candy. Whatever, these'll be a solid choice for lots of folks.

    Krispy Kreme jelly ban set

    41. A couple of aerating wine glasses to help make that two-buck Chuck taste like something they bought at that fancy wine store around the corner. They've gotta aspire to something.

    pouring wine into the aerating wine glass

    42. An extra set of hands to help tidy up their shelves.

    hand-shape bookends

    43. An awkward family photo 2021 calendar because everyone needs a new calendar and this hilarity of this is universal.

    the calendar box

    44. A cute bottle opener you can deliver with a bottle of budget wine that seemed to have a nice looking label when you stopped by the store en route to the shindig.

    elephant shape bottle opener

    45. Face coasters that'll turn family movie night into something full of even *more* LOLs.

    46. A deck of waterproof playing cards for the adventurous type who seems to finagle being outdoors more than indoors as far as you can gather from their Insta feed.

    waterproof playing cards

    47. A fresh farmer's almanac for clueing in the weather app obsessive as to how their spring flowers are going to fare in 2020.

    the book cover

    48. And an almanac-inspired gardening calendar packed with gardening secrets and colorful illustrations as inspiration for a flourishing plot.

    the calendar cover with a sunflower illustration

    49. An outta-this-world bag that'll elevate their outfit to zero-gravity levels.

    planet shape metallic and glitter cross body purse

    50. A glorious patch the person who's already bragging about going "offline" the week between Christmas and New Year's will most definitely Instagram.

    patch with mountain illustration that says "offline is the new luxury"

    51. A bottle opener as a holdover 'til they can afford champagne and a saber.

    saber shaped bottle opener opening a bottle of beer

    52. A 12-pack of vibrant bath bombs for delivering some MAJOR fizz and ~relaxing~ drama.

    box of various color bath bombs

    53. A five-year journal to cover yourself in case you forget next year and then the next and then the get my drift.

    cover of Jane Austen five-year journal

    54. A 13-pack of soothing sheet masks in gorgeous packing that'll surely impress. Who's ready for a group sheet mask pic?!

    various sheet masks

    55. A Goldie Blox constellation projector kit for the smartest, most creative kid you know.

    the projector

    56. A pretty scarf with an interesting pattern — it'll look equally neat while worn like a bandana or draped for display.

    abstract tree branch print scarf

    57. A set of food squishy toys that'll be satisfyingly thicc.

    various food shape food toys

    58. A beard wash for the babe who recently grew out a big one and won't stop obviously stroking it in public like a well-groomed villain.

    the tube of beard wash

    59. An adorable sloth to hang around with your bud who's ALWAYS DM-ing you sloth videos when you aren't around to grab drinks with them.

    sloth stuffed animal

    60. An *enlightening* enamel pin for your friend who's into flair.

    enamel pin that looks like a desk lamp that says "time to shine"

    61. An octopus who'll stare down anyone who even thinks about nicking it from the office dish drain.

    octopus-theme coffee mug

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