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    25 Things That'll Help You Have The Best Backyard Ever

    Transform that dirt patch into the dang gardens of Versailles.

    1. Designate an outdoor room with a hardy recycled-plastic rug that'll stand up to summer storms and traffic.

    2. Create some shadow with a sun-guarding umbrella that'll fit perfectly in your favorite spot.

    3. Drop a submergible, solar-power fountain pump in a bird bath or pond to transform it into a water feature.

    4. Deter mosquitos with these citronella incense sticks that'll blend in with the rest of the flora and fauna.

    5. Stash some ice-cold bevs in this rattan-look cooler side table.

    6. Keep puppers cool with this foldable dog pool so you can have your BFFs by your side while you enjoy the great outdoors.

    7. Light a path around walkways and garden beds with rechargeable solar lights so you can get a few more hours of use out of your backyard.

    8. And adorn fences, pergolas, and other outdoor structures with waterproof solar lights to make everything look ~magical~.

    9. Set up a go-to spot with 'grammable outdoor furniture that can take the heat and your luxuriating.

    10. Easily add some versatile outdoor furniture when you have guests with this folding patio dining set.

    11. Set up shop in your new grass-side paradise with an extra-wide hammock.

    12. Install a picturesque bird bath to attract ~actual~ birds and establish a focal point.

    13. Or, cover an unsightly septic vent with this sturdy bird bath.

    14. Lounge for hours on end with this hanging lounge chair...your doggo will stay awhile, too.

    15. Start a living privacy wall with this trellis netting as the perfect base for vines and other pretty greenery.

    16. Mask chain-link fences with a convincing roll of artificial ivy so they'll look like garden hedges when you squint.

    17. Set up a fun ring-toss game that kids and adults will fight over using.

    18. Play all sorts of games to pass the sunny times with this set of jumbo lawn dice.

    19. Lay down a patio surface with interlocking pavers that take some of the hassle out of the installation.

    20. Make any piece of furniture comfier with a pair of outdoor pillows made of UV-resistant fabric so they'll won't fade in the sun.

    21. Stash extra chairs, toys, trash cans, or other outdoor essentials in this sturdy shed that has an attractive wood look.

    22. Make hard surfaces like decks and patios look at one with the landscape by filling planters with flowers or edibles.

    23. And show that there are ~levels~ to your outdoor paradise with this tiered planter stand.

    24. Turn a gross slab of concrete into the new *hot spot* with these interlocking deck tiles for an easy and cheap makeover.

    25. And when you're finally game to go back indoors, set a path with these dominoes stepping stones.

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