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25 Things That'll Help You Have The Best Backyard Ever

Transform that dirt patch into the dang gardens of Versailles.

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1. Designate an outdoor room with a hardy recycled-plastic rug that'll stand up to summer storms and traffic.

Promising Review: "Bought this for my backyard patio. My dogs love to lay on it in the sun!! The picture doesn't do the colors justice, it's much brighter. It's made very well and I love that it can be washed with a soapy sponge and hosed off! I can easily roll it up to power wash or move stuff around. It's lightweight, yet sturdy." --Krissy

Get it from Amazon for $37+ (available in five color combos, four sizes).

2. Create some shadow with a sun-guarding umbrella that'll fit perfectly in your favorite spot.

Promising Review: "One of my favorite features of this umbrella is it is easy to open and close. I really enjoy sitting under the umbrella on a sunny afternoon and have a drink and read. It is wide enough to provide shade for me, as it is about a 10-foot circle. It is so large it may even be able to accommodate a family." --Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $106.99.

3. Drop a submergible, solar-power fountain pump in a bird bath or pond to transform it into a water feature.,

It runs automatically, so there's no need for a bothersome plug or batteries.

Promising Review: "I love this little fountain. Do follow the directions and place in the sun. You will not regret this sweet deal." --Peggy Kassees

Get it from Amazon for $16.58.


4. Deter mosquitos with these citronella incense sticks that'll blend in with the rest of the flora and fauna.

Each set includes 12 sticks with a burning time of 2.5-3 hours each.

Promising Review: "They last a couple hours, burn like incense down to the stalk, and definitely keep away mosquitos, flies, and other gross unidentifiable bugs we had in our backyard around our patio. I never used incense before and did not realize these are not supposed to burn like a candle. Turns out, incense just gets a red core after lighting and burns slowly overtime, not like with a flame on candle wicks. This makes them safer anyway, obviously, especially if you have dogs." --Jessica Chambers

Get them from Amazon for $18+.

5. Stash some ice-cold bevs in this rattan-look cooler side table.

Promising Review: "There's never enough places in a hot tub to place your drink and this table solves the problem. Easy to assemble. Pretty sturdy. Wish it stood maybe another 4" taller but all in all, it's a convenient table next to the hot tub. When not in the hot tub, we use it in between our chaise lounge chairs." --fanman66

Get it from Amazon for $69.99.

6. Keep puppers cool with this foldable dog pool so you can have your BFFs by your side while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Promising Review: "Great pet party pool! Good size, durable, and ready to use. Easy to set up, (no inflating and easy to drain). Dogs love it! Thanks!" --Russ Wheeler

Get it from Amazon for $44.99+ (available in two sizes).

7. Light a path around walkways and garden beds with rechargeable solar lights so you can get a few more hours of use out of your backyard.

Promising Review: "They have a nice white light, brighter than I expected for solar lights. Each light has a sort of radiant light pattern, which I especially like the look of (see the picture). It lights up the small walkway into our home and looks great during the day and when lit at night!" --Adrianne Hanks

Get a set of six from Amazon for $44.99.


8. And adorn fences, pergolas, and other outdoor structures with waterproof solar lights to make everything look ~magical~.

Promising Review: "Lovely ethereal look...they are easy to affix to tree or shrubbery limbs due to the nature of the copper wire. It has to be totally overcast, most all day long before you don't get any lights at all for the evening. The number of hours of sun that the sensor gets during the day seems to determine how long they last of a night, sometimes until around midnight, other times all night long." --fred fenwyck

Get a string of 100 lights from Amazon for $10.99.

9. Set up a go-to spot with 'grammable outdoor furniture that can take the heat and your luxuriating.

The all-weather resin wicker set includes two chairs, a table, and ScotchGuard-treated cushions.

Promising Review: "This set is so cute and comfortable! My neighbors are jealous because their back patio set is plain and normal looking, while mine is so cute and stylish. My 16-year-old son put it together without even reading the directions in less than 15 minutes. I do recommend a lumbar outdoor pillow for extra comfort." --Tawni

Get them from Target for $279.99.

10. Easily add some versatile outdoor furniture when you have guests with this folding patio dining set.

Promising Review: "Way better than I thought it would be. I mean it's not wrought iron but it's solid enough. Put this together in 15 minutes." --Timothy L. Pruitt

Get them from Amazon for $207.94.

11. Set up shop in your new grass-side paradise with an extra-wide hammock.

Promising Review: "I couldn't be happier with this hammock. I was pleasantly surprised at the thickness of the material. I figured it was just going to be a single layer of fabric, but it's actually a quilted style. It's so comfy!" --Jenn

Get it from Amazon for $53.99+ (available in four color combos). Install it with these tree straps.


12. Install a picturesque bird bath to attract ~actual~ birds and establish a focal point.

Promising Review: "Really happy with this bird bath! The birds have pegs that allow you to push them into place on the bath, but the rest of the assembly just screws together. Easy peasy. This bird bath is sturdy resin but isn't really heavy, so I was worried that once the bath was filled with water a good strong wind might unbalance it in the place i chose to put this (semi-incline), so was glad it included three metal stakes to put in the ground at the base. Two thumbs up!" --Laura

Get it from Amazon for $25.17.

13. Or, cover an unsightly septic vent with this sturdy bird bath.

Promising Review: "The only drawback is the depth of the bird bath top. I wish that is was deeper. Next season I will plant some flowers around it so that it will have a more 'garden' look to it. Seems to do the job of filtering some of the odor. I really appreciate that! Looks 100% better than the pipe that it covers." --Mummer

Get it from Amazon for $199.95+ (available in three finishes).

14. Lounge for hours on end with this hanging lounge chair...your doggo will stay awhile, too.,

Promising Review: "Assembly took me about two hours, but the product has everything you need with easy to understand instructions. Best of all is relaxing in this oasis on my patio! The lounger has a gentle rocking/bouncing motion that makes for the best naps. The fabric is tough and the built-in-cushion and head rest are very comfortable. The attached umbrella is adjustable so I can reposition it depending on the position of the sun." --C.T.Mallier

Get it from Amazon for $159.95+ (available in three colors).

15. Start a living privacy wall with this trellis netting as the perfect base for vines and other pretty greenery.

This strong nylon netting is a sturdy surface for growing plants with plenty of room for growth and circulation. It's ideal for plants like honeysuckle, grape vine, morning glory, and vining vegetables, among others. Also, it's recyclable!

Promising Review: "I am very pleased with this. I built several trellises for my tomatoes, snap peas, and green beans. This held up very well and is going on year two. Very good quality. The net is hard to see unless you look close, but that's a nice feature, too." --Nils

Get it from Amazon for $4.99+ (available in four sizes).


16. Mask chain-link fences with a convincing roll of artificial ivy so they'll look like garden hedges when you squint.

Promising Review: "Easy to work with, I'd say about 75% privacy, which is what I wanted so the dogs could still see out somewhat. 39" is perfect for a 3" fence. It leaves a couple inches standing over the top to block the top rail on the chain link fence from view. A friend of mine came by when I was finishing up and asked me if I was trimming the hedge. Didn't realize I had just put it up and that it was FAKE! That's how real it looks!" --Joe Mama

Get a 94"x39" roll from Amazon for $29.63.

19. Lay down a patio surface with interlocking pavers that take some of the hassle out of the installation.


20. Make any piece of furniture comfier with a pair of outdoor pillows made of UV-resistant fabric so they'll won't fade in the sun.

Promising Review: "Brilliant colors and look great on the chairs. They support the back perfectly. I bought a off-green color outdoor set and needed something to break that color. These are 'da bomb!" --S. Beck

Get them from Amazon for $16.34 (available in a variety of patterns).

21. Stash extra chairs, toys, trash cans, or other outdoor essentials in this sturdy shed that has an attractive wood look.

Promising Review: "I bought this to store outdoor furniture cushions and the night after putting it together we had a torrential rainstorm. I checked on the cushions the next morning and they were bone dry without a sign of moisture anywhere inside the shed. Assembly was straightforward and only took me about 30 minutes to put together. There was some over-molded plastic on a couple of pieces, but this was easily resolved by trimming with a pocket knife." --wolfpack

Get it from Amazon for $107+ (available in two sizes, two styles).

22. Make hard surfaces like decks and patios look at one with the landscape by filling planters with flowers or edibles.

Promising Review: "These planters are larger than I expected. They are a bit small for something like tomatoes, but are working great for my kale and spinach. I drilled some extra holes for better drainage." --Razor

Get it from Amazon for $19.12+ (available in four colors).

23. And show that there are ~levels~ to your outdoor paradise with this tiered planter stand.

Promising Review: "Clean lines, sharp design. I've found it's hard to find modern plant accessories. Most are shabby chic or too traditional for my taste. This stand is so aesthetically complimenting to my modern home. I'm using it to display succulents by a window. Super easy to assemble, just finger tighten screws." --Long Huynh

Get it from Amazon for $39.99.


24. Turn a gross slab of concrete into the new *hot spot* with these interlocking deck tiles for an easy and cheap makeover.

Promising Review: "Although they aren't cheap at $6/square foot, they aren't terribly expensive, either. They are nicely constructed and childishly easy to install. I had to cut my last row to fit and that was simple, as well. Just look underneath to see where screws are, and relocate them if needed (I did). The finished look is very high-end." --Ellen

Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $50.65.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.