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    39 Things I Think You Could Seriously Use, Even If You Have A Tiny Kitchen

    You'll for sure be able to squeeze in a well-reviewed air fryer, mouth-watering hot sauce, and a Baby Yoda clean/dirty dishwasher magnet.

    1. An AeroGarden hydroponic garden that'll help you be one of THOSE people who use fresh homegrown herbs in their recipes. Totally worth the countertop space.

    2. A set of measurement decals you can glance at rather than googling "how many teaspoons in a tablespoon" for the millionth time. (BTW, the answer is three.)

    inside of a kitchen cabinet with the decals and measuring cups hanging.

    3. Or a kitchen scale with measurement conversions if you're a baking fiend.

    scale with measurement conversions on it

    4. An Instant Pot – it can handle 9 (!!!!) kitchen tasks in one precious lil' appliance body so dinner's ready as soon as you walk in the door. Reviewers call it their "secret weapon," which I guess isn't so secret anymore.

    5. And some slow-cooker liners to make cleanup a total cinch. Sometime a super easy cleanup can help motivate yourself to cook (or maybe that's just me).

    the liners in a slower cooker dividing into two sections with two kinds of dip

    6. Plus a trio of Instant Pot magnets to help answer those questions (sorry, Siri) about how long everything cooks in that incredibly helpful appliance. This lil' bit of help can help prevent disasters *and* convince you to use this appliance more for at-home dinners rather than takeout or restaurant meals.

    the three magnets

    7. A family size air fryer with an auto-shutoff so you don't overcook those delectable wings someone will assume you picked up from somewhere. Plus it'll help you finally cook the elusive salmon fillet.

    8. A rapid egg cooker to get your favorite breakfast or salad topping *just* how you like it, rather than tossing improperly cooked eggs (for the millionth time). Maybe you'll love it so much, you'll buy two(!) like my friend Marissa.

    the egg cooker

    9. A variety pack of A Dozen Cousins ready-to-eat seasoned beans, an extremely tasty recipe of a dinner staple. You only have to put the bag in the microwave for 60 seconds, which'll help you concentrate on the other parts of your meal. (I love the Trini Chickpea Curry with rice for a super satisfying weekday lunch.) Trust me, this is worth the kitchen cabinet space.

    10. And a variety pack of delish fully-cooked Indian chana that'll quickly heat up in the microwave and satisfy any takeout cravings you may have. I've tried all of these and they are SO good.

    11. Plus a spicy vindaloo simmer sauce from the same brand you can dump in a pan with chicken, veggies, whatever for a delicious result. Once you have this, you'll always keep some in your pantry

    12. A couple of pot minders to prevent some spill over that always seems to ruin a cooking session, even if you fully recover after! (In the grand scheme, they won't take up TOO much room.)

    pot on stove with the pot minder stopping water from boiling over

    13. A manual food chopper for quick work of herbs, fruits, veggies, and ice in case your knife skills could use some practice or you just wanna make food prep a lil' more fun. Plus it'll take up MUCH less room than a food processor.

    Reviewer before and after photos showing roughly chopped veggies finely minced by the chopper

    14. Silicone baking mats so you don't have to scrape those sheet pans clean or worry about your meal getting burnt. Folks use this for everything from cookies to pies to pizza to roasted veggies. They'll also help you seriously cut down on aluminum foil and parchment paper storage space.

    15. A fish turner – it'll help you FINALLY make a decent salmon filet at home that still looks presentable. It'll also be clutch for flipping pancakes and transferring hot gooey cookies from the baking sheet. (I use mine ALL the time and have an absurdly small kitchen.)

    the fish turner with a salmon filet on a frying pan

    16. A broom and mop organizer you can mount on a closet or kitchen wall for a tidy "after" so you won't worry about an avalanche when you open that door or merely LOOK in the direction of where you've leaned your mop and broom.

    17. A Frywall that'll fit around your pan and contain popping oil or spillover while you work on the house special. Nothing ruins an edible masterpiece like hot grease landing on your hand...or your couch if your kitchen is THAT small.

    cooktop with a pan with the cone-shaped frywall creating a larger guard to catch oil from it

    18. A beet and fresno hot sauce to doctor up most anything you have. Cheers to this when you're feeling uncreative.

    19. Under-cabinet lights that'll make your kitchen look so much more expensive and help set a mood that'll actually make you wanna cook. It's not like you were doing anything with that inch or so on the underside of your cabinets anyway.

    kitchen with plain white stock cabinets with lights underneath them to make it look so much better

    20. A fridge wall organizer for yogurt cups so you can better see their expiration dates and don't have to dig to unearth your breakfast.

    open fridge with wall mounted storage for yogurt cups

    21. Soap dispensers that'll jibe better with you stainless-steel sink and kitchen aesthetic than that bottle of branded Dawn. (Sorry Dawn, I <3 you.)

    two bottles sitting at kitchen sink

    22. And labels for your decanted hand and dish soap, lest someone end up with a palmful of Dawn when they're just trying to wash their hands.

    two soap pumps with &quot;hand soap&quot; and &quot;dish soap&quot; decals on them

    23. Minimalist wooden utensils with silicone parts (and a matching container!) to replace those sad, melted plastic flippers you've been using since you moved out of the dorm.

    24. Swedish dishcloths in some designs you'll wanna show off to replace that icky ole dish brush or sponge. You need something to scrub your dirty dishes. Might as well make it cute!

    lemon print cellulose dishcloth used to wash off lettuce

    25. A tea bag holder that'll save you some space, *plus* look nice enough to leave out on the counter for company when you offer up some coffee or tea.

    white tea bag organizer with six removable compartments

    26. A Baby Yoda dishwasher magnet to keep the fam on the same page as to if that plate was licked clean or washed clean... very important! No more having to run a second cycle because of someone putting in a dirty plate!

    dirty side of the magnet with Baby Yoda eating a frog, clean side of Baby Yoda drinking soup

    27. And a light saber ice pop holder can keep your paws from freezing while you're trying to to enjoy your fave summer treat.

    long ice pops with the felt holders on them that make them look like light sabers

    28. A hot sauce print featuring the regular suspects for dialing a weeknight dinner up a notch so you'll remember to flavor your food accordingly.

    illustrated print of hot sauces

    29. Mounted wine racks for a storage solution that'll free up some kitchen cabinet space and be a super easy way to display any especially decorative glasses.

    under-cabinet wine glass holder with throw rows and enough for nine glasses

    30. A cheese slicer – it'll let you create the perfect charcuterie board for your 90 Day Fiance marathon with that Aldi cheese rather than the stuff from the fancy cheese shop downtown.

    person using the cheese slicer on a piece of cheese

    31. A set of reusable coffee pods you can fill with your favorite ground brew and then toss in your K-Cup machine like normal. This'll put a halt to tons of space spent storing one-time-use pods *and* the plastic waste from them.

    32. And speaking of K-cups, a pretty-in-pink K-Cup coffee maker made to work with a ~variety~ of coffee pods. Plus, it'll look rather nice sitting on your kitchen countertop!

    a pink and black k-cup coffee machine

    33. A dish squeegee to do all the scraping for you when it comes to unsticking pasta sauce from your plate or scooting food scraps into the garbage disposal.

    34. A six-pack of reusable ziplock bags that'll stand up as you fill them. Cutting down on $$$ one-use plastic *and* feeling like you have an extra set of hands in the kitchen?! Win-win!

    three sizes of reusable ziplock bags

    35. A slim cutlery organizer here to prove that you *do* have room for all your cutlery in your tiny kitchen drawer! Scoot over, forks.

    pulled out kitchen drawer with slim cutlery organizer in it and lots of room for other items in the drawer

    36. Fridge bin liners can absorb extra moisture in an effort to keep your produce fresher for longer. PLUS, they'll catch the brunt of messy spills and will be so much easier to clean than taking a drawer out of the fridge and awkwardly scrubbing it down in your sink. I've done that before and it's not great!

    the liners in a produce drawer in an open fridge

    37. An adorable brown sugar-saving maple leaf to keep the sweet ingredient clump-free for your next baking adventure. (No more buying a new package every time you decide to bake!)

    glass jar of brown sugar with a leaf shaped terra cotta piece beside of it

    38. An easy jar opener — easier than those rubber things — so you won't have to burst a blood vessel in your eye just trying to open a jar of fancy preserves you, tbh, spent way too much on at the *nice* food store in your neighborhood.

    person using the jar opener that latches across the top of the lid and has a handle to move it

    39. And a portable dishwasher if your kitchen doesn't already have one and a sink full of caked-on gunk is what normally keeps you from spending more time cooking. *I* don't have counter space for this, but maybe you do?! (I hope you do.)

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.