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27 Kitchen Products That Sound Almost Too Good To Be True

From your kitchen gadget fairy godmothers.

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4. Avoid a colander with this clip-on spout that drains water and grease, and evenly pours yummy concoctions like cake batter.

5. Keep your cabinets tidy with this nine-piece nesting set that includes bowls, measuring spoons, a colander, sieve, and more.

7. Top off bread and other delicious things with this serrated butter knife that curls, slices, and cuts your favorite spread.


8. Get a helping hand with the Staybowlizer, which supports mixing bowls on your countertop at the perfect angle for whisking or keeps a double boiler in place on the stove.

11. Put in less elbow grease for your dessert with a heat-conducting ice cream scoop that'll cut into cold concoctions like a knife.


15. Whip up some savory snacks with this toasted sandwich maker that's wicked smart. It's good for camping, too!


18. DIY your own frozen treats with this ice cream sandwich maker set and people will love you forever.

19. Become a master flipper with this heat-resistant 6-in-1 multitool that has a "launch control" to help you artfully release food from its grips.


23. Ease into the elevated pie game with a lattice pie-crust cutter that skips the onerous task of artfully arranging strips of crust.


25. Dry wine glasses to a spotless shine on the counter — and then store them in cabinets — with this compact wine rack.

27. And finally organize your knife drawer (bc safety) without committing to a layout with this adjustable drawer organizer set made of food grade-safe silicone parts.

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