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    The Kiss Instawave Automatic Curling Iron Will Help Make Curling Your Hair So Much Easier

    You can't curl your hair? FALSE!

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    Not to be melodramatic BUT sometimes trying to style your hair can leave you wanting to just cut it all off with a kitchen knife. (Who knows, it could be your look?!)


    Plz don't do that.

    Well, let me introduce you to the Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron ($43). If you have trouble curling your hair — whether it's the technique or stubborn hair texture that gets ya' — this is going to change your dang life!!!,

    "Life changing sounds a bit exaggerated, but not for me! I hated curling my hair — it took so much time, I couldn't quite get the 'wrist twist' down with my straightener, my curls never seemed to last, the time it took just wasn't work it. I actually WANT to curl my hair now! It's quick, easy to use, and my curls last! You don't have to worry about twisting your arm up and around your head, while contorting to get that perfect curl. You seriously don't even need to do much of anything. It even alerts you when the curl is done. I mean, how much more simple could it get?! I'm so pleased with this product, I've told several of my friends about it." —Stephanie Overstreet

    As it's explained in this manufacturer video, the key to success with this tool is to hold the barrel vertically, NOT horizontally, to get results like this.

    But how does it work? It has lil' arms that'll grab your locks as the barrel spins at the press of a button. Then it beeps when your strand is curled and you get to enjoy the long-lasting results. YEP, even if your hair is notoriously stick straight or basically doesn't react to heat styling., Amazon

    Left pic: "I love this curler beyond words. I am Asian with super straight, boring hair and I can never keep curls...seriously after curling my hair with a different curling iron AND using hairspray, my hair is basically straight again in two hours. This is the ONLY curling iron that I've used that actually works and is super easy to use. I actually tried using it without spraying my hair and the curls stayed intact until the next day. They weren't as curly but super nice wavy, I love it. I've tried the Conair thing that sucks in your hair and curls in...and it's a piece of junk. I literally threw it out." —carolyn k

    "I never curl my hair because I hate how long it takes and because my curls usually fall out in minutes. But I caved and bought this and it is awesome! I timed myself this morning and it only took me 4 minutes and 47 seconds to curl all my hair. I left my hair down and split it into five sections and let the wand do the rest. I then used a bit of hairspray and then flipped my head upside down to shake out the curls. That was at 8 a.m. It is now 9 p.m. and my hair looks exactly the same! It's also easy to do tighter curls by simply using smaller sections. It's full-proof. Just remember to brush the tangles out before you start and to alternate directions with your wand for a more natural look." —Amazon Customer

    But there are LOTS more ~glowing~ reviews besides those up there ^. Turns out, there are nearly 1,100 five-star reviews! So let's let those fine folks explain more about this wondertool.,

    Right pic: "As you can see from the photo, not only my hair is all the way down to my waist, but it’s SUPER THICK. Normally it takes over an hour to do my hair but with this it’s 20 minutes!!!!! Time saver and life saver!!!! Once you get it down the twisting action you can really do it with one hand." —Lisamarie Benito

    "This hair utensil is by far the quickest and easiest I’ve ever used to get curls. With a normal curling iron I’m not usually able to accomplish curls like this. There’s no awkward fumbling trying to do both sides. I’m done with my whole head in less than 10 minutes. Totally pleased with my purchase! Worth the money spent!" —tamaraflo

    Have *super* thick hair that you never curl because it takes way too long? This may be the answer!!!,

    Left pic: "I rarely write reviews, but I feel I need to on this one. I absolutely love this product. I have a lot of thick hair and was able to do my whole head is around 15 minutes, which is less than half of what it takes to curl with a curling iron or flat iron. My hair didn’t get tangled at all, just hold it at a slight angle so that where the prongs are is a little farther away from the rest of your hair. I love that there are two settings and that it also rotates two directions. It curls really fast! Let your curls cool and they will stay in for a really long time. I thought I might have problems with the layers but it brought the whole section in I wanted without losing any hair. I also tried it on four-day dirty hair and just washed/dried hair because there’s a definite texture difference each way, and it worked wonderfully both ways." —Britt

    Right pic: "This is so awesome. I have really thick hair and have always wanted the curls but it's too time consuming with all other devices and I burn myself with others. Perfect curls in 5 minutes!" —Roma M. Frier

    AND as one reviewer with limited mobility post-surgery pointed out, this is much easier to handle than traditional curling irons for achieving v similar, glam results!

    "YES! Finally! I had surgery a year or so ago that fused my neck which left me with very limited mobility in my neck and shoulders, and found it impossible to style or curl my hair with any method I had used previously. After some research, I found this product and decided to give it a try. It WORKS! It's so easy, so awesome, I can do it with one hand tied behind my back and get my whole head done in under 5 minutes! My 13 year old daughter has hijacked it and uses it almost every day for her long hair (mine is shoulder length) and it turns out SO beautiful. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of it but after that you're golden. Very happy with this purchase and happy that I can have my hair styled again!" —Tracy J. McCane

    So what are your waiting for? Wanna finally get those curls or waves of your dreams? Get it from Amazon for $43.46.

    You nonchalantly showing off your gorge hair:

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