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    24 Things That'll Help Keep You From Getting Eaten Alive By Mosquitoes

    Go snack on somebody else, you blood-sucking fiends.

    1. A lemon-eucalyptus spray I bought and wore while hiking in Greece with NO bites! It really smells like lemon but that's a thing I can live with if it means I'm bite-free. (And I'm a total mosquito repellent.)

    the spray on a map surrounded by other camping supplies like a compass and pocket knife

    2. A 50-pack of repellent bracelets that've made fans out of people who are just super prone to bug bites or tend to have allergic reactions to traditional sprays. They're also waterproof and work for up to 200 hours! Your camping trip is covered.

    bright blue telephone wire-like bracelet in an individual pack.

    3. A salt gun made for killing flies, but it'll *also* be an effective, fun way to pick off mosquitoes at your leisure. Look at your productive new hobby!

    4. Or a handheld bug zapper that'll make for a sizzling method of revenge when you're sitting on the porch, out for walks, or on a camping trip. Oh, the possibilities! (Note: Reviewers say it works on all types of bugs, not just mosquitoes!)

    reviewer's hand holding up the zapper that looks like a small tennis racket

    5. Picaridin-based repellent for protecting yourself against a variety of buggers beyond just mosquitoes (like ticks, biting flies, sand flies, gnats, chiggers, and midges, depending on which formula you use).

    variety of the repellant product on a patch of sticks in the woods

    6. Or a 100% DEET spray in case you prefer the super concentrated stuff.

    person wearing a button up shirt with sleeve rolled up spraying the spray on forearm

    7. A net for your patio umbrella as an ~extra layer~ so you can sit and survey your kingdom, even if mosquitoes have infested it.

    8. A pretty citronella candle to serve up some decor like deterring any unwelcome guests.

    9. Or a bucket citronella candle if you're less concerned with aesthetics.

    the Citronella bucket candle

    10. A pair of repelling citronella plants with a citrusy smell you can use to decorate your outdoor rooms solo or tuck around other plants you already have potted in containers.

    11. Incense scents made with citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oils that reviewers say work better than traditional citronella candles. You can nestle 'em in amongst your plant bbs on your deck to scare away the skeeters!

    potted plant with flower with green stick stuck into the soil

    12. An organic citrus body cream with a nice fragrance that'll also help repel those nasty bugs. There's *also* a matching repellent spray!

    the body cream in a jar with the packaging

    13. Pretty tabletop torches and bug-repelling fuel so you can live your life at the outdoor dining set you adore.

    outdoor table setting at night with the colorful glass-size tiki torches lit

    14. A citronella-based balm as a way to put a familiar repelling ingredient to good use. Plus it's in a cute little tube you can carry in your pocket (or carry-on on a plane as the reviewer points out)!

    stick of the balm

    15. A camping hammock with a mosquito net that'll help you kick back, relax, and take in some nature without worrying about those annoying critters.

    red hammock strung up between two trees with a mosquito net on top

    16. Mosquito Bits you can sprinkle throughout your yard to stop mosquito larvae in their tracks in breeding hotspots like bodies of water. AND it works to keep away fungus gnats on house plants — which are also terrible!

    jug of the bits

    17. A cool hanging citronella coil to light while you're doing all the things you do on your front porch. Talk about a conversation starter!

    The two size of the hanging coils

    18. A lotion with controlled-release technology for up to 12 hours of protection.

    the lotion bottle

    19. A head net you can put over your regular cap. Honestly, mesh is very in right now!

    person laying down outside with the net over a baseball cap

    20. An LED camp lantern with scent-free repelling powers in up to a 15-foot radius thanks to a cartridge.

    the lantern

    21. A mosquito-net tent big enough to cover you while you're in the great outdoors, whether you're sleeping under the stars or in a tent.

    person in a sleeping bag on grass with the sheer net tent surrounding them, hung up from a low tree branch

    22. An investment-worthy hanging outdoor zapper the neighborhood homeowners' association just may give you an award for buying.

    lantern-iike bug zapper hanging up on porch roof

    23. And for when you DO get bit, a bug bite suction tool will help remove the irritating venom, and help reduce itchiness, pain, and swollenness. Plus it works on other insect stings!

    24. And a bite-relief stick tiny enough to take on the go every single day JUST IN CASE. It's also worth buying one for your first aid kit!

    person applying the tip of the pen-like stick to wrist

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