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    32 Ways To Make Your Mess Of A Garage So Much Better

    Yep, we even have ideas for how to store spray paint cans without causing a metallic avalanche.

    1. Add magnetic garage handles and faux windows that'll bring some serious curb appeal to your home for an EXTREMELY small fraction of the price of getting some carriage-style doors. They're pricey as heck. These magnets are not.

    2. Prevent drafts, dirt, water, and unwelcome insects from making their way into your garage thanks to a threshold kit.

    3. Annihilate car oil stains from your concrete garage floor with Coke.

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    See the full instructions on Nifty here.

    Get a 12-pack of Coca-Cola cans from Amazon for $4.88.

    4. Or if you'd rather not think about your favorite beverage breaking up stains (understandable), try an oil stain remover capable of annihilating that grease stain that you thought made your garage or driveway a goner.

    A series of customer review photos showing an oil stain being removed from the sidewalk

    5. Put down an epoxy garage floor coating to help repel grease and stains from gas, antifreeze, salt, and motor oil, and cracking and peeling. It *is* a bit of a project but wow, it's so much cheaper than hiring out the job if you're willing to put in the work.

    reviewer pic of the garage floor with the gray epoxy coating on it

    6. Get as much stuff as possible off the floor with ceiling-mount shelves for stuff you don't use every day.

    reviewer pic of the lofted storage racks hanging from a garage ceiling

    7. And park stuff that you need quicker access to on a heavy-duty shelving unit with a weight capacity of 350 lbs. per shelf. Yep, you DO have room for all those Costco finds after all.

    8. Eye which storage tote contains the Christmas lights for your porch much faster thanks to some custom bin labels that are large enough to easily read. And because they're custom you can easily track down whatever the heck you've got stored in your garage. (But that's your business.)

    colorful plastic storage containers with labels on them saying decor, lights, and ornaments on them

    9. Park heavy-duty stuff or leaky vehicles on this equipment mat to prevent moisture, liquid, and rust stains from damaging your now-pristine floor.

    mat with a car packed on top of it

    10. Coil up extension cords and easily hang them where you need them with versatile bungee cords.

    person hanging up a looped extension cord in a bungee cord hanging from a rafter

    11. Hoist up bikes with lifts to prevent mangled wheels and make parking vehicles safer.

    12. And pinpoint storage solutions for any other sports gear you have, like these kayak hanger straps.

    reviewer's pic of two kayaks mounted flat against a garage wall with straps

    13. Install a wall guard to prevent car door slams from scuffing up the paint job of either the wall or car.

    strip on wall to block dings from car door

    14. Train teenagers (and adults) to park properly — instead of running into organized shelves — with this parking mat.

    wheel parked on the stopper

    15. And drop another hint with this flashing LED sign that spells out S T O P.

    small stop sign

    16. Organize hand tools by mounting magnetic strips to the wall, a peg board, or workbench so you won't have to rifle through drawers for a combination wrench.

    17. And use a smaller magnetic tray to keep whatever hand tools and hardware you're using for your current project within reach.

    metal tray with tools sticking to it

    18. Find storage solutions specific to the stuff you already have with some hyper-specific items like DeWalt 20V tool holders or a spray paint can organizer.

    19. Clean up messes faster with a wall-mounted Shop-Vac — and make the chore of vacuuming your car a breeze.

    person using the shop vac to fill up soap water spilled from a bucket

    20. Store brooms, yard tools, and other long-handled things in this wall mount organizer that'll get things safely off the floor.

    21. Keep dangerous chemicals away from pets and kids in a sturdy, lockable cabinet and label everything inside.

    the cabinet mounted on the wall

    22. And while you're at it, label the light switches you always mix up so you can finally tell the porch light from the garage light.

    pic of three light switches with labels for each

    23. Put a proper trash can in there so you can easily dump stuff from your car (or other activities) without tracking mud inside the house in pursuit of a trash receptacle.

    24. Tidy up your recycling corner with these stackable bins your family can color coordinate for paper, plastic, and glass.

    three bins stacked on top of each other in a garage

    25. Park your *outdoor* footwear on a sturdy shoe rack before you go inside the house — it'll be a makeshift mudroom.

    26. And place a welcome mat on *both* sides of the door that connects your garage to your house to avoid dirty footprints.

    welcome mat that has hello in cursive on it in front of a door

    27. Tidy up your "sports" corner with handy lil' golf bag organizer to keep your accessories in check.

    a reviewer's golf bag storage system

    28. Blast some tunes with a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker that's small but mighty. Time to blast The Rugrats Movie soundtrack while you detail your car. (Yes, you still remember the words to "Take Me There.")

    a reviewer's photo of the speaker in blue on their work bench

    29. Keep your stuff secure when not in use thanks to a Genie remote control you can attach to your keys.

    30. Mount a hand crank extension cord winder to keep that electrical helper in place right where you expect it.

    31. Or consider a retractable 30-foot extension cord you can mount on your ceiling to keep it outta the way.

    a retractable ceiling mounted extension cord

    32. If your lighting sitch leaves a lot to be desired, try out mountable industrial lighting that'll brighten up your workspace.

    a reviewer's garage with the lighting in the top

    You to your neighbors once they take a peek at that newly zhuzhed garage: