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    30 Gifts That'll Basically Last Forever

    Now you don't have to buy them something for a few years. Jk.

    1. A cast-iron skillet for churning out all kinds of scrumptious recipes for years and years and years. Hopefully you'll get to eat lots of them!

    2. A Makeup Eraser I've sworn by for awhile now and will probably include on my tombstone epitaph because it's that dang good.

    3. A Magic Bullet to keep them whipping up green smoothies past the first week of January.

    4. A KitchenAid mixer. THE holy grail kitchen appliance they can pass down to their kids. Really.

    5. An eight-pack of rubber succulents to divvy up into several gifts or give as a whole set.

    6. A pair of comfy Soffee shorts to sleep, workout, lounge, or basically do most things while wearing! (I still sleep in mine from middle school. Plz don't do that math.)

    7. A Hydro Flask that'll put all their other water bottles to shame and force them to send the OGs to a "farm upstate." Psst, it'll long outlast the VSCO girl phase.

    8. A pair of Adidas pool slides. If you gave them some back in the '90s, they'd probably still wear them today!

    9. A hairdryer (with attachments!) that has lasted me for at least six(?!) years, so maybe it'll stick with them for the long haul too.

    10. And a Chi hair straightener which sounds steep, but will be a reliable go-to to outlive most relationships.

    11. Merino wool socks with a performance fit — they'll help prevent slippage and rubbing through alllll kinds of activities. Oh, and there's a lifetime guarantee so they can get a fresh pair when they finally start to wear a bit. (But it'll be a while.)

    12. An Urban Decay Naked palette OR *four glorious palettes* for the makeup fiend whose face always looks like a work of art.

    13. A pair of L.L.Bean boots that'll make many future winters *much* more bearable.

    14. A handy automatic umbrella (the world's smallest, btw) they can count on for tons of downpours. And in case something happens to it, it comes with a lifetime guarantee!

    15. Wrangler jeans my big and tall, horse-riding dad SWEARS by. They're sure to become their go-tos, too.

    16. A Bodum French press that'll make them feel *so* fancy when you throw in a 'grammable bag of coffee.

    17. Budget-friendly ear buds they'll definitely lose before they stop working. But they're cheap, so that's fine.

    18. Pyrex containers they can bring to your potlucks a decade from now because you have to drop them *just so* to break them. (I somehow have never accomplished that yet.)

    19. ~Legit~ tights that'll cost you, but will last them for MANY brutal winters.

    20. Hunter rain boots as an excuse to trudge through the mud to "test" them.

    21. An Anastasia Beverly Hills brown pencil with a cult following that'll keep their arches looking gorgeous for long stretches of time.

    22. Tweezerman tweezers for annihilating soooo many tiny hairs with precision — and they can have them sharpened by the company FOR FREE!

    23. A legendary Leatherman multitool that's going to be on their person 24/7 because something always needs fixing.

    24. A brass Zippo lighter — it'll work (virtually) anywhere, no matter what type of wind and snow tries to stop you from toasting those marshmallows.

    25. Carhartt coats — they're the bee's knees and one would well serve your fave person by keeping them warm and fashionable for years.

    26. A Nalgene water bottle that'll become their #1 adventure buddy thanks to its sturdy structure and wide mouth that makes for easy cleaning.

    27. A George Foreman grill they can give to a loved one once they've upgraded to a new, sexier model that the brand is always releasing.

    28. An RFID-blocking Saddleback wallet for lasting protection in a classic style that even the pickiest person will adore.

    29. A gorgeous Pendleton blanket ready to serve up decades of snuggles and look good while doing it.

    30. And an Otterbox Commuter phone case that'll for SURE outlast your fancy new phone.

    Them calculating the lifespan of your generous gift:

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