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    30 Gifts For The Person So Busy They Can't Even

    When they need an appointment just to make plans.

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    1. An all-in-one planner where they can puzzle together their days between work, play, down time, and those "meetings" they schedule with themselves.

    2. A planner clip that'll help them keep their place and serve as a warning to all who may disturb their productivity.

    3. A super slim external battery as their backup when they're trying to finish typing up an email for class while on the bus and they're at 10%. Hell, buy them two! They're that useful.

    4. A holy grail Instant Pot to do all the cooking for them with dump-and-go dinners when they're off doing all the essential things they do.

    5. Or a microwave cookbook for those who'd kindly accept that brand-new IP, never unbox it, and then start using the box with the IP inside as a friggin' nightstand. (Hey, we all know that person!)

    6. An egg cooker to help them easily get a nutritious breakfast on hurried mornings, add a lil' protein to a salad, or whip up an effortless omelette for a weeknight meal.

    7. Clay mask sticks they can more or less draw on the part of their face they want to address instead of dirtying their hands.

    8. A delish coffee subscription delivered straight to their door so they never have to worry about (gulp) running out of the good stuff at home.

    9. A beverage cooler that'll turn whatever you pour into it *ice cold* in just one minute!

    10. A press-and-go tea maker for the iced tea fiend who uses the stuff like fuel.

    11. A chic scrunchie that'll help them buy another day of dirty hair before they absolutely need to do a wash.

    12. And a *magical* dry shampoo — it can do wonders for buying them some extra time for some (much-needed) sleep. Or answering a dozen or so emails.

    13. A water flosser in case they've mentioned a bad report from the dentist re: their flossing and use time as an excuse.

    14. A robotic vacuum that'll hook up to Alexa for voice control and take care of some of the daily cleaning duties.

    15. A "chill pill" bath bomb in the event that they spend more time bathing than their standard two-minute shower. Maybe they'll even read a chapter of a book in the tub?!

    16. And a ~chill~ enamel pin they can add to their flair collection.

    17. A soothing candle with a fluorite inside meant to help promote balance.

    18. An anti-frizz microfiber hair towel will stay put while they do whatever it is they do in between a wash and dry.

    19. A self-care subscription box for the person who needs a little cajoling into a restful pause.

    20. Some stylish no-tie sneakers they can step into as a way to shave off a minute or two.

    21. A monitor memo board that'll hold onto their phone, sticky notes, and important reminders all in one spot at a glance.

    22. A water bottle to help coach them on how much water they should be drinking at what time so they'll never feel blah due to dehydration.

    23. A smoothie subscription service (that includes other foods too!) with the ingredients frozen into a cup so they can easily mix/heat/cook/whatever the meal and then consume it from the cup it came in!

    24. And a Nutribullet for quickly whipping up those concoctions and other single-serving meals with a container they can take with them on the go.

    25. Memo notepads that could be a little *too* on the nose with their current sitch. They'll appreciate them nonetheless!

    26. A connected travel mug that'll keep their coffee or tea at their preferred temp.

    27. A mug warmer to park at their desk so they don't have to sip chilled coffee OR head to the break room to microwave it.

    28. A ~reversible~ vegan leather tote that'll hold their laptop and other work essentials into that'll look nice enough to go out for drinks at that new fancy cocktail lounge with friends afterward.

    29. A purse organizer they can quickly pick up and move to another purse when you need to change bags.

    30. And an adorable e-card because the last time you sent them snail mail they didn't see it 'til a month later. (They went paperless with their bills, OK?! Lay off.)

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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