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    60 Gifts For The Most Practical Person You Know

    A mini bag sealer here to keep their bag of chips crisp will be the gift that keeps on giving.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are tricky and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. An cutie octopus-shaped blackhead remover to exfoliate their skin, helping them deal with all sorts of blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores.  

    A black small octopus shaped remover in a reviewer's hand
    the cap off to show the salt on the top of the remover

    Promising review: "First time buying this and didn't know what to expect but I'm most definitely buying it again. My skin has never felt better and I have the most sensitive skin and I've had no issues at all." —Melissa

    Get it from Amazon for $12.08

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    2. A set of LED light saber chopsticks they'll find every kind of excuse to use. Time to order sushi again!

    3. A set of affordable, highly popular wireless Bluetooth earbuds in case they're still using their wired earbuds that came with their phone, rejecting the notion that they need to spend $100+ to fully enjoy their podcasts (SAME). Reviewers say they're even better than AirPods because they're waterproof and come with several silicone earbuds to get the perfect fit. 

    I am describing myself up there ^ because I've resisted getting AirPods (even though my colleagues say they're totally worth it!) because I could, for the price of a pair of AirPods, buy a flight to visit my family. So once I started seeing these pop up in our BF Shopping stories I knew I had to try them for myself! Since purchasing a mere week ago, I've used them for work calls at home, and listening to Spotify and podcasts on a plane and also on a train. The charging case is large enough so I won't lose it, but will still easily fit in my pocket. And as someone who is a bit tech-averse, I was able to link the Bluetooth extremely easily. Plus, I can comfortably wear them without messing up my hair or being incredibly obvious. Suffice to say, I'm glad I stuck it out for so long and got these super affordable dupes instead of the Apple AirPods. 

    These come with a wireless charging case that provides up to 14 hours of charge (with the earbuds able to play for four-plus hours with each full charge). 

    Promising review: "Best decision! These are the greatest headphones ever! I saw them on TikTok months ago and added them to my wishlist. I got a new phone that doesn't have the headphone port so I decided it was time to finally buy them. They are amazing and I probably won't ever take them out of my ears! 😂" —Katlyn D Arnold

    Get it from Amazon $22.09+ (clip the "15% off coupon" on the product page for this price; available in five colors).

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    4. A nail and cuticle oil anyone who's tough on their hands or DIYs gel manis (give those poor bbs a break!) will appreciate and come to swear by.

    reviewer's before, after of using the cuticle oil

    5. A tactical writing pen with a point that can break glass or serve as a weapon against an attacker if they need it to. This takes the pen being a sword to a whole other level. Hopefully they'll use it for writing considerably more often than breaking glass.

    6. A set of four claw clips that'll make getting their dirty hair outta their face THAT much easier. Or just make doing their hair period a total cinch.

    7. A rechargeable lighter for the candle fiend who also can't get enough gadgets (two things can be the truth at once!). Lighter fluid? I don't know her.

    8. And a candle wick trimmer to keep that luxury candle in tip-top shape to make it last.

    rose gold wick trimmer used on a candle

    9. A heated eye massager that has a resume longer than your CEO. It has five massage modes, a 15-minute timer, *and* Bluetooth music to make both their tired eyes and ears happy. Reviewers suffering from eye strain, headaches, puffy under-eye circles, and dry eyes, and insomnia say that this puppy is well worth the investment. 

    Promising review: "I saw this product on one of Amazon’s must-have TikTok videos and I knew I had to get it. It was so worth it — even though price may seem higher compared to other sellers, this is for sure a good investment piece. The quality is top notch, the strap that goes around your head is comfortable, and most importantly, the duration of each mode is long enough that it doesn’t interrupt your rest. I work a 12-hour night shift as a nurse and this technology has helped me get through the night easily.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $52.24+ (available in two colors). 

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    10. Slip-proof slippers with closed toes so they can scoot around inside on hardwood floors without pulling a Risky Business

    reviewer pic  wearing the gray slippers
    another reviewer's pic wearing the red slippers with jeans

    FYI, reviewers say it's a good idea to size up.

    Promising review: "I LOVE these slippers. SO comfortable with the memory foam and warm. Love the thick rubber sole on the bottom, so there is no way you would slip. I bought these to bring to the hospital when I give birth, but I am wearing these all the time. My only complaint is that I wear a size 10 shoe. After reading some reviews that these run slightly small (I wear these with and without socks), I opted for the 11.5 size and so glad I did. They fit me perfectly. So, I would definitely size up!" —emily

    Get them from Amazon for $22.99 (available in women's sizes 5/6–11/12 and five colors).

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    11. A bidet attachment — it could be just the thing for folks who use SO MUCH TOILET PAPER you can't believe.

    bidet attachment on a toilet

    12. A reinforced umbrella for making skies look blue, even when they're gray.

    13. An odor-neutralizing candle that'll be better than ANY OTHER candles for folks who live in multiple pet households. Or non-pet people who just like to cook smelly food!

    14. And Poo-Pourri — it can APPEAR like a gag gift but will turn out to be the most useful thing in a bathroom (aside from toilet paper and indoor plumbing). Did someone say "stocking stuffer?"

    bottle of the product in a toilet with branches of lavender

    15. A 12-pack of water bottle-cleaning tablets to make sure everyone's go-to container actually gets cleaned without throwing out an elbow. If cleaning is their thing — like REALLY their thing — they'll adore this.

    before, during, after pics of tablets cleaning a stained thermos

    16. A polyurethane foam sponge that'll inhibit all the gross stuff sponges collect and prevent weird smells. The pattern on it fades to let them know that it's time for a sponge switch out. If they're always telling you about every new cleaning product they're trying out this week, this would be great to slip into their stocking!

    the sponges

    Skura Style is a small biz founded by BFFs Alison and Linda and inspired by their self-professed inner neat freak tendencies. 

    Promising review: "I bought this product on a whim 'cause I liked the colors and design…little did I know that it would prove to be a kitchen savior too. My husband is the chef of the family, and although his dinners are grand, he cuts beets on the breadboard and makes a mess on the stove top. Skura to the rescue…even the beet stains are gone now, and my stove top is sparkling. And, unlike my old sponge, this sponge doesn't smell bad. I plan to buy a stash to bring as hostess gifts. Highly recommend for anyone who likes a clean house." —Amazon Customer

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $14.99.

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    17. A handheld heated bag sealer for any snack fiends who've felt the disappointment of coming back to a bag of chips only to find out they're not so crisp. This sealer will make sure snacks are ready for you to polish off later. 

    It also comes with a small bag cutter at the bottom for easy access when it comes time to reopen!

    Promising review: "Convenient. One of those 'TikTok made me buy it' items. LOL. I love it!" —Dayreona Irvin

    Get it from Amazon for $11.31+ (available in three colors).

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    18. A MakeupEraser cloth to help them take off a full face without using tons of disposable cloths or ruining their nice washcloths. I should know, I swear by these things!

    person with half face bare thanks to MakeupEraser and other half of face with makeup

    19. A tangle-taming brush any parent with a kid full of hair will love you for gifting because it'll turn the post-bath chore into something possibly even pleasant?!?! (But adults will appreciate it for themselves, too!) And in case you're wondering, reviewers with 4c hair love it!

    the brush

    20. A pair of vegan Dr. Martens boots that'll be a bit easier to break in than leather ones (at least according to my sources). Oh, and they go with everything. EVERYTHING. So they can basically wear them forever and always. Maybe except to the beach.

    21. Phonesoap, a gadget you've seen on Shark Tank that'll charge their phone *and* sanitize it at the same time. It also works for any item you can fit inside, like reading glasses!

    the phonesoap open with a phone in it

    22. A budget monthly tracker that'll work in their Google sheets in case they like to keep it digital, are trying to be better about paying attention to where every (digital) penny goes.

    colorful budget monthly tracker

    23. A wood polish and conditioner to leave them with *such* impressive results, that I threw in not one, but TWO before and after pics to show you what it can handle. You're welcome. Even the laziest DIYer will love this.

    24. A *buzzy* electric toothbrush – it won't break the bank and their dentist will be very glad you bought it for them. I have one for travel and adore it.

    the toothbrush, parts

    25. And a water flosser for anyone who has braces, crowns, or who just really hates flossing but is tired of being on the receiving end of their dentist's wrath.

    water flosser with tank on a bathroom sink

    26. A cleaning pen to *gently* revive the look of their jewels. This is an amazing cheap but useful gift for any newly engaged person rocking a rock.

    reviewer pic of dirty ring, then bright gleaming ring thanks to the cleaner

    27. A memory-foam cushion for anyone whose rear could use a real treat. So, arguably, everyone.

    the cushion on a computer chair

    28. A brown sugar saver disguised as an adorable terra-cotta bear that baking fiends *might* be sad they didn't know was a thing 'til now.

    the bear beside a jar of brown sugar

    29. Blue-light-blocking glasses that'll help lessen eye strain for someone who looks at a computer screen all day... and then scrolls through Instagram for an hour before bed every night. (It me!) They won't need a prescription to wear 'em but they *will* have to tell passersby where they got 'em. The public deserves to know!

    30. A 20-inch snow thrower for doing the difficult job of clearing a pathway because maybe you won't be in town the next time they get a couple of feet. (Pssst, this would make a great group gift!)

    31. Gorgeous measuring cups to not only look lovely in Insta flat lays, but that will also come in handy with their hook-able handles, and etched measurements that won't fade in the wash.

    gold tone measuring cups with engraved sizes on them

    32. A luxe-looking blanket they can use to protect their couch from the dog, or just snuggle up in for some serious winter hibernation!