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    25 Gifts For The Clumsiest Person You Know

    Better and more polite options than gifting a helmet.

    1. A genius splatter guard to turn frying bacon into a painless task.

    2. A bottle of bruise cream for the friend who always manages to bump into things that aren't even in their path. (It's me.)

    3. A ~graceful~ keychain as a means to embrace their inner Steve Urkel while they're working on their Stefan.

    4. A pack of anti-slip stair stickers befitting the #1 pup who still hasn't gotten the hang of gracefully descending the stairs.

    5. A set of oven-rack shields because reaching in for a scrumptious muffin tin filled o' mini quiches shouldn't turn into a trip to the ER.

    6. Or a notched oven tool for pulling out racks and pushing in dishes.

    7. A heat-resistant glove, so their fancy new flat iron won't leave behind anything besides supermodel hair.

    8. An eight-pack of wine sippy cups that'll save them some dignity when you're all drinking out of these as a group, obviously not because the last time they were over they spilled red wine all over your couch.

    9. A two-pack of ~useful~ Scotchgard so you can gift one to that friend and hang onto one for spill-proofing your home before they drop by for a visit.

    10. A six-pack of anti-skid socks for when they wanna kick off their shoes without sacrificing their personal safety.

    11. And a pair of no-skid house slippers in case they want to feel like they're wearing shoes. Ish.

    12. A water-resistant laptop case as a swap for their coffee-drenched one after one too many morning-bev accidents.

    13. A PopSocket to facilitate a better grip when taking selfies, texting while walking, and other phone-y activities that can be perilous to that mini computer you depend on for your damn life.

    14. A drawstring makeup pouch, because loose mascara tubes are the new banana peels and we can't let that happen again.

    15. A feisty door mat that anyone'll love and can absorb all sorts of slippery substances.

    16. A ~groovy~ multipurpose grabber for some microwave leverage because even microwave-safe dishes can get too hot to handle.

    17. A pair of cut-resistant gloves, lest they make a Monty Python joke about how that gouge 'tis but a flesh wound before they pass out from blood loss.

    18. A waterproof case that can withstand all sorts of extreme behavior, like toppling off a ski lift, falling into a white water rapid, or swiping on dating apps while on the toilet.

    19. A wearable nail-polish holder to help avoid spills and smudges.

    20. Or a bottle holder that'll rest on a flat surface and allow you to even tilt your bottle to get the last dregs of that limited-edition color.

    21. A mini cord organizer for preventing a flipped computer monitor while in pursuit of a phone charger.

    22. A ~bright~ power strip ready to twist in an out-of-the-way angle.

    23. A travel mug with an auto seal because they've run out of people to sue for spilling hot coffee all over themselves.

    24. A fine art–ish nighlight as a guide for late-night bathroom trips, minus the other kind of trips.

    25. A box of 100 ~celestial~ bandages to make boo boos look like they've disappeared into a black hole.

    And perhaps the greatest gift of all will be acting like you don't see this happening next time they trip and fall:

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