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36 Things To Show Your Love For The Queen Dolly Parton

Snap up some new baubles for the Dolly shrine.

1. Pour a cup of ambition to channel some 9 to 5 vibes.

2. Don a bold T-shirt that'll eliminate any fandom doubt.

3. Start 'em young with the Coat of Many Colors book that tells the heartwarming story of the IRL coat Dolly's mom sewed for her as a child.

4. Keep it Dolly during bath time with this sassy vegan soap.

5. Fill out a gallery wall with some motivational Dolly art.

6. Get schooled with this Trio vinyl that you should actually own in vinyl because of its fantastic paper doll cutout inner sleeve.

7. Hang a cheerful embroidery hoop that's nearly as fab as Dolly's OG mane.

8. Don a reading-centric tee AND straight-up donate to Dolly's charity that sends books to children from birth to 5-years-old each month. (She was inspired to found the organization in 1995 by her father and other relatives, who couldn't read.)

9. Put up with the rain to get to the rainbow with an illustrated Dolly umbrella.

10. Make a friend emit a joyful noise when they receive this Dolly wreath Christmas card.

11. Write in your vote with a Dolly for President tee.

12. Get galactic with a surreal flower-crowned Dolly portrait.

13. Say "ditto, Dolly" to this quote magnet every time you open the fridge for a snack.

14. Relive the country-meets-city tale with a new Rhinstone DVD to replace that dusty VHS.

15. Put up a pretty wall art reminder with your new mantra.

16. Look anything but basic in this rad Dolly floral shirt.

17. Rep the Backwoods Barbie in chilly temps with a pastel scarf.

18. Deck out your notebooks with a Saint Dolly sticker.

19. Indulge in this country music squad DVD.

20. Keep some Dolly wisdom on your person at all times with a wild flowers necklace.

21. Wear this tee to karaoke so everybody will know what's up.

22. Feast like you're sitting at Dolly's Medieval Times-ish dinner attraction with Dixie Stampede soup mix.

23. Play some OG Guitar Hero with a custom Dolly LEGO.

24. Let 'em know how you feel with a bird pin.

25. Get festive with an adorable Dolly Christmas sweatshirt.

26. Get some skin art inspo from this Dolly tattoo flash art.

27. Break a sweat in this tank because there's only one Dolly.

28. Primp on the go to Dolly's high standards with a pocket mirror.

29. Deck out the furry Dolly fan in your life with this pet collar.

30. Download this cross stitch pattern for a cheap crafting thrill.

31. Make a statement with this country girl squad tee.

32. Get colorful with a pop art poster.

33. Grab a lighter and say a prayer with this Backwoods Barbie candle.

34. Leave a hairspray reminder by your home beauty station.

35. Round out your enamel pin collection with this looker.

36. And invest in a Kenny and Dolly Christmas album because it's a good time, all the time.

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