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    29 Gadgets That'll Make Cooking Way More Fun

    A polar bear trivet, monstrous pasta calendar, snotty egg separator, and more cool kitchen gadgets you'll be excited to use every day.

    1. A garlic twist crusher that'll come in handy all year, not just around Halloween!

    2. A colorful gadget collection (including an emoji timer) for making every kitchen task feel peppier.

    3. Bearly hairy trivets for livening up your tablescape come chow time.

    4. A whale of a strainer to drain the yummiest of pasta and other items that could use a little less water.

    5. A toothy dino to help spoon up those now-drained noods.

    6. A trio of squirrels filed into position as lil' helpers when the time comes to stir (without making a mess).

    7. Magic wands you can whip around with flourish to get the perfect amount of seasoning on your dish.

    8. A whisk you could use to whip up your famous carrot cake.

    9. A pizza circular saw that'll get you the right cut for that pie you poured all your blood, sweat, and tears into (hopefully not literally, tho).

    10. Or a Poke ball cutter can help you catch a slice, even if your definition of "cooking" it is just putting it in a pre-heated oven.

    11. Kitchen shears *toucan* keep in a kitchen drawer for times when you need to tear into the plastic on that microwave dinner that tastes like it's made from scratch.

    12. A kooky colander — it might just help your kids eyeball pasta servings.

    13. A handy peeler that'll make quick, easy work of your ingredients so you have more time for monkeying around.

    14. Animal egg molds — the purrrfect addition to breakfast.

    15. A sushi bazooka to pack ingredients into and then push out into a photogenic roll you'll want to show off to the masses and then gobble up.

    16. A dino taco holder you can make carry the load of two hard-shell tacos while you chop up ingredients.

    17. A snotty egg separator anyone with a sense of humor and a knack for involved recipes should appreciate.

    18. A squeegee measuring cup that'll be so satisfying, you'll seek out recipes with the stickiest of ingredients like honey and peanut butter.

    19. A ghostly cherry pitter who won't disappear on you when it's time to whip up a delectable recipe.

    20. A staticky sponge holder for making hand-washing sessions a little more enjoyable.

    21. A ravioli spoon rest that'll nestle your sauciest utensil.

    22. A family of Nessies ready to assist with your *legendary* stew.

    23. A magic lamp to dispense the *right* amount of GOOD olive oil instead of a genie.

    24. A mouse trap that'll ensnare humans with its magic because who says you can't entertain with a charcuterie board while the real dinner cooks?

    25. And cheesy party plates to help guests load up on the good stuff while holding onto their wine.

    26. A pot-lifting daisy to help release some steam to avoid a bowl over.

    27. And a pot clip that'll help you out on while your famous chili everyone claws for cooks.

    28. Fearsome claws for lifting a slab of meat, holding it steady while slicing, or just shredding up savory staples.

    29. A rotating pizza oven that'll ~evenly~ whip up your food without turning up the heat in your kitchen like a regular oven. Nothing's more fun than something that'll do all the work for you.

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