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25 Things That'll Basically Cook Dinner For You

Go go kitchen gadget!

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1. A ramen microwave cooker built to make your noodles taste like you waited in line for hours at the hot new ramen joint.

This BPA-free and dishwasher-safe tool will cook up your ramen in three minutes. Try it out with one of these 17 Ramen Hacks That Will Make You Feel Fancy AF.

Promising review: "I originally saw these on Shark Tank, and thought 'Who needs a special bowl to cook ramen?!' I'll be the first to admit I was wrong. It has a line indicating the water level you should fill it to, which was less than I would typically use when making my ramen and I think this was responsible for the biggest difference. Instead of ending up with something that's more like a soup, (that you would typically get with Nissin noodles, etc.), you end up with something with a much better consistency. The bowl also works perfectly to eat out of, so one less thing needs to be cleaned."—M. Thompson

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

2. A 7-in-1 instant pot pressure cooker with a cult Pinterest following that's worth the hype.,

The little wonder serves as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté/browning, yogurt maker, steamer, and warmer. Read what happened when a BuzzFeed editor put it to the test in I Tried The $99 Kitchen Gadget That Everyone’s Obsessed With.

Promising review: "I am a senior non-cooking male who was suddenly faced with feeding myself after my wife passed away. The Instant Pot has been a marvelous help. With it I can cook meat ,(poultry, beef, pork), potatoes, carrots, and corn all together with excellent results. Everything cooks to perfection within about 30-40 minutes. All I have to do is put the ingredients in the pot, push a button, and leave for about 30 minutes. Voila! Instant dinner. I have also cooked rice as a kind of breakfast porridge. No problem. Cleanup is very easy." —David A.

Get it from Amazon for $97.13.

3. Egg-poacher cups for whipping up some mouth-watering homemade Eggs Benny.

Simply set silicone cups on the counter, crack some eggs, and then float them in boiling water. Practice your skills with our guide on How to Cook Perfect Eggs.

Promising review: "I love soft-boiled eggs. I hate messing with the hot eggs. I never got good with the swirly poached-egg method. these are easy. I lightly butter the silicone cups, crack the eggs into cups and gently place into about 1-2 inches of gently simmering water, put the lid on and in about 8-10 minutes you have a perfectly poached egg. I like mine with the whites cooked and the yolk runny." —lisa

Get a set of four from Amazon for $9.95.

4. And a rapid egg cooker that'll mind your eggs -- no matter how you like 'em.

It makes six hard-, medium-, or soft-boiled eggs, two poached eggs, an omelet or scrambled eggs. The set includes a omelette tray, poaching tray, measuring cup, and a six-egg holding tray. Put it to work with these 15 Sinfully Delicious Ways To Eat Deviled Eggs.

Promising review: "I make bento lunches for my son, and his favorite is hard-boiled eggs! I toss six eggs in with less than a 1/4 cup of water and 14 minutes later the unit shuts off by itself and I come back and easily peel the eggs. (I mean, the shells slide off!!) Perfect for a kitchen with limited counter space!" —amanda

Get it from Amazon for $16.27+. / Available in four colors.

5. A microwave pasta maker for the perfect al dente noodles every time.,

This dishwasher-safe, FDA-approved container cooks evenly without noodles sticking. It works on spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna noodles, fettuccini, rotini, and more. Give it a whirl with these 15 Spaghetti Dishes That Would Make Your Grandma Jealous.

Promising review: "I eat a lot of pasta -- like, A LOT. Boiling water is a pain in the ass and I've always hated having to wash the big pasta pan afterwards. Well this Fasta Pasta puts that to an end. Now all I have to do is measure my pasta, fill to the water line, and wait. It's kind of like Ronco's 'set it and forget it.' Bottom line is if you want to make perfectly-cooked pasta without having to test it, without the bulky pan, and WITHOUT having to wait for that darned water to boil, this is your ticket. Now pasta takes half the time and I'm grateful!" —Kate Slater

Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

6. A breakfast burrito maker geared for omelets, stuffed pancakes, crepes, and personal pizzas, too!

Pre-cook any meat, add the tortilla, egg, and any other ingredients, then set it for five minutes. Make it work for its worth with these 18 Breakfast Burritos Worth Waking Up For.

Promising review: "Excellent product. I am saving money daily making burritos and egg meals at home instead of buying them at fast food places. And they are a lot healthier!" —Robert E. Kinder

Get it from Amazon for $19.69.

7. An as-seen-on-Univision empanada press you can also use to make dumplings.

Use the mold with fresh or frozen dough and any type of filling. Press on with these 17 Empanada Recipes You’ll Want To Save For Later.

Promising review: "It is a great option for using up leftovers. I make up some dough, then place a generous portion of some stew or other filling into the press and fold it up. The seal on the dough is tight and unless I overstuff the dough, it will not leak the filling during baking." —P Jones

Get it from Amazon for $1.27+.

8. A 2-in-1 food chopper that'll stand in for your knife and cutting board.

Place a bowl, skillet, or plate underneath to catch whatever you're chopping. Make use of it straight up with these 16 DIY Stir-Fry Recipes.

Promising review: "My wife purchased this chopper and I was skeptical that it would work well. She has MS and cannot handle utensils well, but she can cut with this chopper." —Mike

Get it from Amazon for $14.60.

And check out our picks for the best cast-iron skillet on BuzzFeed Reviews!

9. A stuffed burger press for creating a no-mess meat hug around delicious toppings.

Make cleanup even easier by using plastic wrap on the tool. Impress loved ones with these 15 Jaw-Dropping Stuffed Burgers Guaranteed To Make You Drool.

Promising review: "The top has a protrusion that pushes the excess beef to the sides of the container, creating a perfect pocket for whatever toppings you care to add. Simply add some more ground beef to the top and press down with the top to create a perfect seal. The sealed burgers are easily extracted -- the bottom plate can be pushed from below, allowing you to easily extract the burger without disturbing the contents or the shape. Drop them on the grill and you are ready to go. It really is as easy as that." —Christopher J. Hamilton

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

10. A quesadilla maker that'll save you the trouble of standing guard with a spatula at the stove.

The non-stick surfaces have press-and-seal lines to keep fillings in place. Make some tasty moves with these 29 Life-Changing Quesadillas You Need To Know About.

Promising review: "It is way more versatile than just quesadillas. I also use it to create pocket snacks for breakfast with my coffee. One recipe is to put a 1/4 inch slice of cream cheese in each pocket area. Thinly slice an apple and distribute over the cream cheese. Sprinkle with cinnamon and cook. I try to eat low sugar, but you might want to sprinkle some brown sugar, too." —V. Brown

Get it from Amazon for $27.81.

11. A programmable bread maker to turn you into the top-rated baker on Yelp in your 'hood.,

It makes 1-, 1-1/2-, and 2-pound loaves, with 12 pre-programmed menu settings. Put them to work with our 23 Reasons Toast Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

Promising review: "I use it regularly to make great tasting basic white, 100% whole wheat, and honey wheat bread. It took me about five to eight loafs to perfect the end product. I've also made awesome banana walnut bread and carrot cake. I love the delay function. Overall, it is a great basic bread machine." —MSIAlienator

Get it from Amazon for $77.65.

12. A flatbread maker with multitasking powers to handle other bready things like tortillas, lafa, naan, foccacia, and pitas.

The vented dome gives room for steam to escape and the outer crust to toast perfectly. Put those pitas to good use with our 23 Easy And Inexpensive Meals You Can Make With Pita Bread.

Promising review: "Love this product! Makes excellent flatbreads. The dough never sticks. I use this product on Taco Tuesday and it works wonders!" —Amazon customer

Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

13. A foldable veggie steamer and roaster that'll do everything to cut 'em for you.

Use it to roast veggies in the oven, or steam veggies, poach fish or make an omelet in the microwave. Try it out with our Roasted Veggie Quinoa Bowl.

Promising review: "It worked perfectly. I'm not gonna lie, I was concerned a little when buying this even though I asked and was assured that it was safe for the oven and not only the microwave. I have -- or had rather -- some of those silicone baking mats and they were supposed to be oven safe too. But they smoked my house up like a downtown casino the three times I tried them. Anyway, I decided to give it a shot since Amazon would have given me my money back and I absolutely hated my other steamer. No smoke with this at all -- just easy cooking and easier cleaning." —Sassafras Girl

Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

14. Reusable toaster bags to whip up grilled cheese in the toaster without worrying about crumbs or smoking cheese.,

They also help prevent cross-contamination food allergies. Use them to reheat leftovers or defrost food in the microwave without making a mess. Transform your dinner with these 16 Ways To Take Your Grilled Cheese To The Next Level.

Promising review: "We had a small piece of leftover steak. I sliced it thin, took two slices of American Rye bread, (had to cut a half of an inch off so that it would fit in the toaster), put cilantro salad dressing and Norwegian cheese on each slice. Then I put the steak and fried onions on one slice, covered it with the other slice and put it in the toaster bag. Set the toaster to 5 (mid-setting on our toaster), put the bag in the 'Single Slice' slot and pushed down the lever. A few minutes later the bag popped up, I was surprised the bag could be handled without any gloves. The sandwich was nicely toasted and the cheese was melted. Some of the melted cheese was at the bottom of the bag. I reached in to see how messy it was going to clean up, but the melted cheese came out in one piece." —Tom in Pittsburgh

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $8.99.

15. A breakfast sandwich maker so you can double fist your first meal of the day -- or share it with a loved one.,

It comes equipped with a five-minute timer and dishwasher-safe parts. Add some variety to your mornings with these 17 Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches Worth Waking Up For.

Promising review: "My husband uses it to make his breakfast sandwiches (with all-natural ingredients). My 4- and 2-year-olds love the sandwiches, too. We make lunch sandwiches like grilled cheese and turkey. I even make paleo/gluten-free versions." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $35.48.

16. A sushi bazooka for pushing out the perfect roll. Every. Single. Time.

It's BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and works best when you use sushi rice. Give it a go with these 15 Non-Traditional Veggie Sushi Recipes You’ll Absolutely Love.

Promising review: "I've made sushi many times with the bamboo mat and it comes out poorly. I made many perfect rolls with this machine the first time. I clumsily overstuffed it, but it came out tightly packed and perfectly round. Unnecessary to wash in between rolls, but totally simple to clean. For the people whose rice won't stick together, it's your rice. Be sure you're using sushi rice and preparing it correctly. It should be very sticky, almost like cookie dough. Use the cap to pressurize the roll before extruding." —Audrey J T

Get it from Amazon for $6.97.

17. A beer can chicken rack to give chicken on the grill the ~ultimate~ in juicy flavoring.,

Place a 12 oz. canned beverage in the center and rest the chicken on top without worrying about the can tipping or spilling its contents. Whip up this entree year-round with our explainer on How To Make Beer Can Chicken In Your Oven.

Promising review: "This handy little gadget holds the bird up nicely for even cooking. Held a 6 lb. chicken with no issues. Ordering another so I can do a couple at a time." —R. Gillis

Get it from Amazon for $8.72.

18. A sandwich toaster to help you realize the perfectly golden triangles of your dreams.

The non-stick surface also makes French toast and omelets a breeze. Tempt kids into actually eating their food with these 15 Meatless Lunch Sandwiches That Kids Will Love.

Promising review: "My kids are asking me for sandwiches every day! There's just something cool about triangular-shaped sandwiches...especially with warm, gooey, melted cheese...or leftover meatballs from last night's spaghetti, mixed in with mozzarella cheese....or even just deli meat or pieces of chicken breast. So many ideas and it tastes great in toasted, triangular bread." —Frida

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

19. A bagel guillotine that gets breakfast in your face hole that much quicker.

It's perfect for muffins, buns, and rolls, too. Eat a slice of heaven with these 19 Bagel Sandwiches You’ll Want To Put A Ring On.

Promising review: "I originally bought it because I wanted to feel more like a Cohen, (bagels and schmears were a staple in the Cohen family kitchen on the television show The O.C.). Pretty sure this is the exact model they used on the show. Anyway, it cuts my bagels very satisfactorily. Schmear on, my friends." —Christina

Get it from Amazon for $16.49+. / Available in three colors.

20. A double skillet for making the cookie cakes and pizzas of your dreams.

Its dual-heating elements have a non-stick surface and open 180 degrees so you can cook on both surfaces. Put it to the test with these 13 Grown-Up Pizzas You Can Actually Make Yourself.

Promising review: "I don't use my stove hardly except to boil. Cleanup is super simple. Although they suggest waiting for the skillet to cool, I take a damp napkin and wipe it out while it's hot to loosen any oil. It is perfect with those single-serve pizzas, the hood actually gets hotter than the bottom so it acts like an oven. I make cheese-stuffed burgers and with the unit closed, it's like I'm broiling my burger." —M G Smith

Get it from Amazon for $34.96.

21. A 2-in-1 toaster oven that'll pull double duty for heating up the tastiest of treats.

Heat up fresh or frozen food like bagels, French fries, pizza, and other staples. Use it as an accomplice in making these 23 French Fries That Went Beyond The Call Of Duty.

Promising review: "Most of what we use this for is the oven part. Almost every day we are baking veggies, warming up frozen French fries, or making mini pizzas in there. When you open the door to the oven part, the tray comes out at you, so it's very easy to access the tray when it is hot. While the oven area is not very deep, it is the perfect size for my family and what we use it for. If you have a large family and are trying to make French fries for 5 people, it may be too small of a unit for you. For us, it's perfect!" —Helene S.

Get it from Amazon for $32.20+. / Also available in red.

22. A rice cooker big enough to make six cups of rice but take up just a teensy bit of counter space.,

It also moonlights for fondue, noodles, soups, and hot pot! Get some dinner inspiration from 21 Unexpected Things You Can Make In A Rice Cooker.

Promising review: "This little rice cooker is small enough for my tiny space in my kitchen, but big enough to do enough rice to feed our family of six using proper portions! The ability to cook veggies on top is just awesome and so far I've tried carrots on their own and a stir fry, while cooking rice. The stir-fry veggies came out amazing and tasted better than when actually stir fried and I cooked veggie bites, (like chicken nuggets but full of broccoli), in the steamer while rice was cooking, too!" —Go Bronson

Get it from Amazon for $18.96.

23. A ravioli maker and press for an endless stream of bragworthy 'grams.,

Use this with the rolling pin you already own instead of a specialty pasta roller. Each press makes a dozen 1.5"/4cm raviolis. Impress yourself by adding an even more homemade twist on this Artichoke Ravioli Bake.

Promising review: "All ravioli makers require practice and experimentation (and patience!) but I am very pleased with the manufacturing quality and the results I get. It produces wonderfully uniform ravioli and saves time, although no tool makes handmade ravioli a speedy endeavor, exactly." —Eric H.

Get it from Amazon for $14.61.

24. A veggie chopper and blender to act like a second set of hands in the kitchen.

It's BPA-free, operated via a hand string, and holds six cups between its two chambers. Use it to win over your enemies with these 21 Incredibly Easy Salsa Recipes.

Promising review: "Not only does it chop, it also minces and dices as well as -- if not better than -- an automatic food processor. I chopped onions, diced tomatoes, and minced up cilantro and it did not liquefy the cilantro leaves like I figured it would. After I chopped the items, I then used it to make a fruit smoothie and it worked awesome for that as well and believe it or not, it does all of these things without killing your arm since it is totally manual. It is constructed of a strong plastic and is very easy to clean when you are finished using it." —Anna Scudder

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

25. And a little crock pot for setting yourself up with some delicious concoctions.,

Both the stoneware and lid are dishwasher-safe. Put it on "high" for quick work of a meal, or set it on "low" for dinner later. Feast like a king with The Most Popular Slow Cooker Dinners On Pinterest.

Promising review: "I was really concerned that it would be too small for my family of two, however to my surprise and delight it is perfect. I have already used it several times with great success! I am looking forward to the winter time to make soups and chile!" —Becky D. Marquez

Get it from Amazon for $7.69.

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