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    Hey Bass Lovers On A Budget, You'll Really Dig This $80 Bluetooth Speaker

    Pump up the bass without going broke.

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    Listening to your tunes indoors is fun and all. But knowing that nature in all of its glory is also taking in your weekend playlist makes it sound so much better.

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    If you've found that putting your phone at top volume and sticking it inside of a plastic cup no longer cuts it for campouts and other outdoor adventures, you'll be so happy to learn about the G-Project G-Boom Bluetooth Wireless Boombox. It gets SO LOUD with heavy bass and is easy to tote around with a built-in handle.


    BuzzFeed Reviews recently tested the best portable speakers on the market — and named this one of our top picks!

    Yep, it's def time to cast aside those tiny, subpar speakers for a new model that can PROJECT with dual bass ports.


    There was an argument among testers over this speaker when we decided it was the winner in this price tier. Some said it was “ugly.” We said that didn’t matter, because it sounded good. To settle this tiff, we played each of the speakers in this category, one after the other, and didn’t tell testers which one was which. And what did they pick as the best? The G-Project G-Boom. To be sure, we didn’t claim this portable boombox was pretty, we just think it doesn’t matter — and when you’re packing this much bass, it’s not about looks. It’s about that sweet, sweet sound.

    Just about EVERY reviewer mentions the bass the G-Boom can kick out, and for good reason. Dual bass ports on the back of the unit allow thunderous low notes to emanate from its body. Many of the speakers we tested in the $$ range just didn’t have the physical size to incorporate speakers big enough to generate this kind of volume. And even though it couldn’t beat them, the G-Boom could definitely hold its own against the competitors in the $$$ category, for a fraction of the cost.

    FYI, wattage isn’t the ONLY consideration for a speaker’s volume, especially when it comes to thumping bass. A subwoofer needs to push air to generate deep bass notes and the larger size of the G-Boom allows for that depth to push it. Push it real good. (Sorry.)

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    Behind the two main speakers are corresponding bass ports that give it the deep sound for which it has become known. Outdoors, it has the volume to stand out over ambient noise; indoors, it can add unexpected punch to movies, particularly during action-heavy scenes.

    It comes with an EQ button that allows you to choose from three presets. This is handy when you want to switch from listening to rap to a podcast, for example, because it allows you to push the sounds you most want to hear to the forefront.

    One of the presets prioritizes the low end, and the other two push the middle and high notes, respectively. While testing it for music, we played live performances, studio cuts, and even fan-made recordings. Most of the time, the midtone-prioritizing EQ setting gave the best results. For podcasts, even the more treble-friendly EQ sounded a little fuzzy since the G-Boom is built to bump bass. It may not be the best option for spoken-word, but hey, that’s not why you would buy this thing anyway.

    The G-Boom weighs 6.5 lbs., has a built-in carrying handle, and the battery lasts about 6 hours, so enough to pump up the jams for a backyard bbq before you tire of your guests.


    Oh, and it reaches full battery in 2.5 hours of charging.

    And we aren't the only ones obsessing. (Other) people on the Internet love it too!


    "I have a Bose 5.1 System at home and it always sounds amazing and I get picky with speakers. I read the reviews here on this G-Boom box as I was looking for something portable. I got this unit on sale at Walmart for about $65. Yeah it's not Bose but it's not $200 either. That said, the G-Boom sounds absolutely AMAZING for a 2.1 audio system and sounds way better than the cheap 'pill' speakers. The base is banging, there is no distortion in the audio, no rattling. It's crisp and clear even when you crank up the music. I was surprised how high it goes, if you have an event outside, cookout, party, etc., this is a REALLY nice addition. The unit is VERY rugged as well with a rubber base, sturdy construction, and seems very durable. The battery supposedly lasts about 7 hours but I honesty can't see that happening if the bass is thumping or your playing it loud. For $65–80 bucks, this speaker is a steal and well worth the money. You won't be anything but impressed with this." —cmptrblder

    "I bought this for my kids to use with their MP3 player to listen to audiobooks. Works perfect for this intended purpose. Bluetooth seems to work fine but we don't use it much as it is just easier to plug the MP3 player into the G-Boom than go through the process of connecting Bluetooth. Pros: Nice and loud; rugged and durable; kids can haul it around the house without worrying about it breaking; easy operating buttons that kids can operate with ease. Cons: Wish the audio port was in the front instead of instead of the back of the unit; the bass is really strong so if you are not into music where you want lots of bass, then there is no way to adjust the bass. But for my intended use it sounds great with audiobooks." —Magnolia

    "Love this!!! So loud! Bass is deep — hits hard. Absolutely perfect for home gym and a fraction of what Bose wanted for their speaker. I would very much recommend this. What an incredible product at an unbelievable price point!" —Eric

    "If you have been disappointed by other speakers that are too small and sound tinny or like a toy, buy this and you will be impressed. Not the prettiest but has big sound and made tough. Can definitely fill a room or entertain at the backyard party." —DetroitJim

    Get it from Walmart for $79.88.


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    This post was adapted from a BuzzFeed Reviews article written by Joshua Yancey.

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