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    34 Slightly Fancier Versions Of Home Stuff You're Still Using From College

    No shade to your dish soap–dispensing handle sponge that stuck with you through the entirety of undergrad. OK, maybe a little shade.

    1. Velvet throw pillow covers for cozying up your spot on the couch AND distracting from how, tbh, you could really use a new sofa.

    couch with several velvet throw pillows on it

    2. Agate bookends ready to hold the tomes you WANT to read instead of those sturdy metal versions that used to corral your textbooks.

    teal agate bookends holding three books

    3. Swedish dishcloths in some designs you'll wanna show off to replace that icky ole dish brush or sponge.

    lemon print cellulose dishcloth used to wash off lettuce

    4. Pretty wall art because it's about time you tossed those Led Zeppelin posters — or at least move them to the basement.

    framed illustration of black person with long hair sitting on a chair with a plant beside of it

    5. Or a luxury soup cans wall art set that'll one-up your curling Andy posters that felt like the epitome of art when you moved into the dorm freshman year.

    three pieces of wall art in style of Andy Warhol pop art soup cans in Chanel, Tiffany's, and Hermes

    6. A Novogratz memory foam futon no one will realize is a futon 'til you tell them. (Maybe it's better that way so you don't have to host lackluster overnight guests.)

    yellow mid-century style futon with wooden leg that looks like a regular sofa

    7. And a tufted storage ottoman with a lil' more pizazz than the shabby-looking "investment" you picked up in the dorm section the summer before freshman year. You're never too old to appreciate something pretty to hold your junk.

    round upholstered dark gray storage ottoman with a pillow stored inside

    8. Seagrass storage baskets you can use to hide all kinds of stuff in plain sight. Those rainbow-bright foldable cubes are just calling attention to the stuff you haven't quite found a place for in drawers.

    9. And an enormous cotton rope basket to give you a place to throw extra pillows and blankets in if you don't already have a designated area!

    person holding large rope storage basket

    10. A lightweight nonstick pan that'll do SO MUCH more than your worse-for-wear pan that's been your go-to for eons.

    hand holding the non-stick pan

    11. Minimalist wooden utensils with silicone parts (and a matching container!) to replace those sad, melted plastic flippers you've been using since you moved out of the dorm.

    mint green and wood kitchen utensil set

    12. An adorable (but loud!) alarm clock with a glow-in-the-dark face because maybe it's time you graduated to something other than the series of alarms you have saved on your phone in 5-minute increments.

    copper color alarm clock on night stand with person in bed reaching over to turn it off

    13. Chic as heck plates you can put in the microwave *and* dishwasher. Even frozen pizza is going to look amazing in your future flat lays.

    14. And while we're on the subject, some scalloped-edge flatware that won't break the bank – they'll feel like the fancy upgrade your heated-up chicken noodle soup is craving.

    napkin beside of dinner plate on table with all five pieces of silverware in the set

    15. A luxurious faux-fur throw without the luxurious price tag. But, honestly, it costs about the same amount as that novelty fleece throw that you're pretty sure was built for a child but you've been making do with for years.

    arm chair with light gray faux fur throw

    16. A floor lamp with some ~flexible~ lighting options that won't look like an octopus (ya' know the lamp I'm talking about). BRB sending this story to my little brother.

    living room corner with gold tone floor lamp with three arms on it

    17. And a showstopping table lamp to replace that minimalist desk lamp that also doubles as a pen and sticky note holder. So useful! But so tired.

    rattan base lamp with light pink and geometric shape lamp shade on a side table

    18. A gorgeous velvet headboard because you.... Wait you didn't have a headboard in college? That's fine! Now's the time to invest ;).

    pink tufted headboard

    19. A ~flexible~ shower caddy that'll hold all your toiletries — on the shower head or shower rod. Now that you don't have to carry your toiletries with you every time you shower, you can park 'em where you please.

    inside shower with teal flexible silicone shower caddy that hangs around the shower head

    20. A jute rope rug you can park in front of your front door as a drastic improvement from your OG that simply says "BEER."

    front door with jute braided rug

    21. A glitzy bathroom set to bring some uniformity to your sink area instead of whatever OK-smelling hand soap was the cheapest at T.J.Maxx on your last haul.

    22. And an incredibly organized beauty tower with a marble print on the side that'll distract from your bathroom countertop that is most certainly not marble. (Time to throw away that makeup shoebox.)

    tall makeup storage tower with pullout clear drawers and marble print on the side

    23. A suuuuper soft bath towel (or even a bath sheet!) that'll prove it's the best investment you'll use every single day.

    row of towels hanging up on a bathroom wall

    24. An *actual* fabric shower curtain and easy-glide hooks because that cutesy plastic curtain and round plastic hooks are no longer cutting it.

    25. A pretty jewelry organizer with all the bells and whistles that tangled box of baubles or stick-on wall hooks just can't muster.

    26. A foaming handsoap starter kit you can re-up once it runs dry with a tablet you drop into water. Gone are the days of topping off that container of lavender Mrs. Meyers from three years ago with a gallon jug of drugstore soap. This one's tablet refill will take up FAR less storage space ;)

    hand getting foaming soap from soap pump

    27. Skinny velvet coat hangers with grip for days that'll take so much better care of your stuff than those miscellaneous wire and store hangers you've been collecting all this time.

    beige velvety thin coat hangers

    28. Luxuriously comfy pillows so you can enjoy some vacation-level sleep on a Wednesday night at home.

    corner of pillow

    29. A cool coffee table with more ~levels~ than that ho-hum flat pack one you just stopped using coasters on because why even bother.

    clear glass coffee table with three levels

    30. Campus-centric wall art to proclaim your school spirit in a ~tasteful~ manner than that colorful banner you bought at the student store. GO HEELS!

    illustrated line drawing of Chapel Hill, NC

    31. A nicer bookshelf than that ole' Billy from IKEA that has some stories. to. tell.

    five-tier open bookcase with house plants on it

    32. Stemless wineglasses you can bring out for company rather than all the mismatched winery tour glasses you've collected from many a bachelorette weekend. (Feeling seen? Same.)

    stemless wine glasses with white and red wine in them

    33. And cool drinking glasses that'll help you finally give all those college stadium plastic cups the boot. (Though they are great for holding paint while painting trim!!)

    drinking glasses

    34. A 3-D printed planter to let you display some tasteful nudes while taking care of all your plant bbs. (Though IMO you should go for the less "tasteful" stuff too.)

    three butt-shaped planters in gold, pink, and black

    35. And a wooden desk organizer in case you actually miss your dorm desk with all those built-in nooks to stash your stuff. This'll help you get your desk in order!

    wooden desk organize with shelf compartments on a desk surface

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