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    13 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks Even YOU Can Handle Doing

    If you can do your eyeliner, you can do these. Trust!

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    1. A bronzed giraffe with nude shadow, bronzer, liner, and lipstick for a monochrome animal kingdom look that's anything but boring. Or hard!

    @lalaslovelylashes / Instagram / Via

    Use a nude eyeshadow palette to draw on giraffe spots, outline them in eyeliner, brush on a ton of bronzer, and swipe on some bronze lipstick.

    Get them from Amazon: Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette for $19.95, Elf bronzer for $2.99, NYX eyeliner for $8, and Loreal lipstick for $5.97

    2. A Cruella de Vil look will deliver the perfect amount of slayage thanks to a vibrant green-and-gray eye and red lip.

    @stapuffskein / Instagram / Via

    Create a light-gray base all around your eye with eyeshadow and then load a vibrant green on your eyelid. Finish with a bright red lip!

    Get them from Amazon: SHANY eyeshadow palette for $8.45 and Revlon lipstick for $4.95

    Check out the full tutorial on Sta Puffskein's YouTube channel.

    3. A Cheshire Cat may mesmerize onlookers in pretty purple tones and a scarily wide grin of face paint and liquid eyeliner.

    @prtyfaceash / Instagram / Via

    Brush on a purple eye, nose, and forehead with eyeshadow. Paint on an exaggerated white grin, and draw wide teeth lines on top with an eyeliner.

    Get them from Amazon: Revlon eyeshadow quad for $5.67, Mehron white face paint for $11.99, and Maybelline liquid eyeliner for $5.64

    4. A Chucky visage ready to have you in stitches, specifically those made of red lipstick, red lipliner, and black eyeliner for some 2D dimension.

    @ladyhands / Instagram / Via

    Tease up your hair to supernatural heights, use the lipstick to draw on the bruised eye, and then use it to draw on big stitches before going in for some detail work with the lipliner and eyeliner. There's def a little latex at work here, but you can get enough of an effect without it.

    Get them on Amazon: Milani matte lipstick for $4.74, L'oréal red lipliner for $5.67, and CoverGirl red eyeliner for $4.69

    5. A Frida Kahlo likeness can celebrate one of the greats with some brow filler and pink lipstick for a surreal accent. Now all you'll need is a flower crown!

    @maccosmetics / Instagram / Via

    The makeup artist used a MAC lipstick (maybe Creme De La Femme), but you may not want to draw on your forehead with a $20 lipstick. Fill in brows with the gel and use the lipstick to imitate this geometric shape hugged against your brow line.

    Get them from Amazon: Queen of the Fill tinted eyebrow gel for $15 and L'oréal lipstick for $7.12

    And check out the makeup artist Daniel Alvarado on Instagram.

    6. A vampire look will free up some bloodsucking time with spindly eyeliner veins, a stay-put black lippie, and a few drops of victim's blood.

    @lilymakeup / Instagram / Via

    Create a total smoke show on your eyes (it's fine if it's messy!) and then draw tiny little black veins beneath your eyes with eyeliner. Take inspo from plant roots. Finish with a black lip, and add some fake blood at the corner of your mouth. Or even all over your chin if you want! Vamps can get messy.

    Get them from Amazon: Revlon skinny liquid eyeliner for $5.97, Lime Crime liquid lipstick for $20, and Mehron SFX stage blood for $10.75

    7. A just-terrifying-enough scarecrow as an excuse to finally invest in a Vamp Stamp eyeliner stamp for easy-peasy stitches that'll elevate simple eyeliner lines and pops of orange eyeshadow.

    @the_vampstamp / Instagram / Via

    Fill in your brows a lil' more than usual for some exaggerated scarecrow features. Create a smoky black eye and brush on some orange eyeshadow for your cheeks and nose. Use the eyeliner pen to outline your nose triangle and draw curved lines from the corners of your mouth to about two inches from your ears. Take the eyeliner stamp and use it to create stitches along your mouth lines, around your smoky eyes and cheeks, and a few other spots on your face. Again, it's better to be imperfect here!

    Get the Vamp Stamp from Bloomingdale's for $25, and the Celavi eyeliner pen for $4.75 and SHANY eyeshadow palette for $8.45 from Amazon.

    Watch the full tutorial on the Vamp Stamp's Facebook page.

    8. A metallic Black Swan for an excuse to embrace an uneven cat eye (score for unsteady hands!) with some Urban Decay metallic shadow and a shimmery lip topcoat.

    @urbandecaycosmetics / Instagram / Via

    Trace around your whole damn eye with the liner. Then bring it out in feathery, imperfect flicks and down along the side of the top third of your nose. Add some sparkly eye shadow at a few key points. Finish it with a berry lip and shimmery top coat.

    Get the Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Cream Eyeshadow from Sephora for $22 (7 shades) and Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat from Sephora for $18 (12 shades) or Walmart for $17.99 (10 shades)

    Watch the full tutorial on Urban Decay's YouTube channel.

    9. A simple but glam cat that'll really just entail drawing on eyeliner whiskers and a nose, and only executing half a red lip. Actual cat eye optional.

    @melle1130 / Instagram / Via

    Apply red lipstick to your lower lip and black eyeliner to your top lip. Draw on a lil' cat nose to just above and between your nostrils, and then join it to your top lip with a thick line that's the width of your cupid's bow. Use the eyeliner to draw on thin whiskers.

    Get them from Amazon: Maybelline liquid eyeliner for $5.67 and Maybelline super-stay lip color for $7.48

    10. A pop art look as a way to outline your best features with Tarte 2-in-1 eyeliner, matte lip paint, and a clay pot shadow liner for white highlights. Aka, it's like contouring without the hard work.

    @tartecosmetics / Instagram / Via

    Draw on exaggerated brows with an eyeliner, paint on a red lip, and then trace it and a bunch of other features with the same eyeliner. You can pull it off from there, but a white highlight here or there doesn't hurt!

    Get them from Tarte: eyeliner for $24, lip paint for $20, and clay pot shadow liner for $15

    Watch the full tutorial on Tarte's YouTube channel.

    11. An under the weather look just may be cirrus-ly simple with *intentional* drips, concealed cloud eyebrows, and waterproof eyeliner rain clouds.

    @kirstyabsurd / Instagram / Via

    Fill in your brows per usual and then coat them with concealer. Use a liquid eyeliner pen to mimic a cloud shape around your eye and then fill. Draw on drips below with the same eyeliner, add a neutral lip, and dust a little highlight on top if you want. FYI, this'll actually look better if it's imperfect.

    Get them from Amazon: L.A. Girl concealer for $2.38 and Docolor waterproof liquid eyeliner for $7.99

    And check out Kirsty's YouTube channel for lots more Halloween makeup tutorials that are way more difficult than this melancholy beaut.

    12. A major Beetlejuice moment can take a glam turn thanks to a purple smoky eye, green lip, and some temporary green hairspray.

    @courtneylittlemua / Instagram / Via

    You can go nuts with the faux moss (or whatever it is that's on Beetlejuice's corpse), but this look nails down the essentials. Create a deep purple, smoky eye look with the eyeshadow palette. Apply green lipstick to your lips and then use a makeup sponge to stamp on a thin coating of lipstick to key spots on your face like it's moss.

    Get the look: Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette for $62 and Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Plan 9 for $12 from Sephora; and a two-pack of Jerome Russell green hairspray from Amazon for $12.99

    Watch the full tutorial on Courtney's YouTube channel, which has tons of mesmerizing makeup looks that are mostly way more complicated than this one. #goals

    13. And an alarmingly fierce look to make people stop and stare — in a good way — at your bold brows, overlined eyes, pitch-black lip, and highlighter for days (and nights).

    @sagenigma / Instagram / Via

    Fill in those brows, like, way more than you normally would. (We're going for a look here, folks.) Then do an *extreme* cat eye that extends to the bridge of your nose and ends of your eyebrows. Apply a heavy coat of black lipstick, feeling free to overline your lips while you're at it. Then dust your whole damn face with highlighter.

    Get them from Amazon: Maybelline tinted brow mousse for $6.59, NYKKOLA waterproof eyeliner pen for $1.72, Manic Panic lipstick for $10, and Misaky baked highlighter for $2.60

    When someone asks you why you look so scary:

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