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    13 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks Even YOU Can Handle Doing

    If you can do your eyeliner, you can do these. Trust!

    1. A bronzed giraffe with nude shadow, bronzer, liner, and lipstick for a monochrome animal kingdom look that's anything but boring. Or hard!

    2. A Cruella de Vil look will deliver the perfect amount of slayage thanks to a vibrant green-and-gray eye and red lip.

    3. A Cheshire Cat may mesmerize onlookers in pretty purple tones and a scarily wide grin of face paint and liquid eyeliner.

    4. A Chucky visage ready to have you in stitches, specifically those made of red lipstick, red lipliner, and black eyeliner for some 2D dimension.

    5. A Frida Kahlo likeness can celebrate one of the greats with some brow filler and pink lipstick for a surreal accent. Now all you'll need is a flower crown!

    6. A vampire look will free up some bloodsucking time with spindly eyeliner veins, a stay-put black lippie, and a few drops of victim's blood.

    7. A just-terrifying-enough scarecrow as an excuse to finally invest in a Vamp Stamp eyeliner stamp for easy-peasy stitches that'll elevate simple eyeliner lines and pops of orange eyeshadow.

    8. A metallic Black Swan for an excuse to embrace an uneven cat eye (score for unsteady hands!) with some Urban Decay metallic shadow and a shimmery lip topcoat.

    9. A simple but glam cat that'll really just entail drawing on eyeliner whiskers and a nose, and only executing half a red lip. Actual cat eye optional.

    10. A pop art look as a way to outline your best features with Tarte 2-in-1 eyeliner, matte lip paint, and a clay pot shadow liner for white highlights. Aka, it's like contouring without the hard work.

    11. An under the weather look just may be cirrus-ly simple with *intentional* drips, concealed cloud eyebrows, and waterproof eyeliner rain clouds.

    12. A major Beetlejuice moment can take a glam turn thanks to a purple smoky eye, green lip, and some temporary green hairspray.

    13. And an alarmingly fierce look to make people stop and stare — in a good way — at your bold brows, overlined eyes, pitch-black lip, and highlighter for days (and nights).

    When someone asks you why you look so scary: