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I Could Basically Live Off Of De La Rosa Mazapan Candy But I Can't Let Myself Do That

This Mexican candy is the best *and* you can get it on Amazon.

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First off, I want to apologize to you if you've never savored the wonderful delight of De La Rosa Mazapan Candy ($9.18 for 30). Mexican and Latinx people have been eating it for ages and your taste buds will be mad you haven't.


So if you haven't had a taste, your life has been lacking thus far and I don't want that for you, because it's well documented that people love this Mexican candy!

A Saboteur

And by people, I also mean ME. Prepare to be like Oscar Isaac here ^.

But pray tell, what do those cute lil' discs hold within? Peanut mazapan candy that's more or less sugar, peanuts, and some flavoring — so they're *extremely* sweet, but oh so delicious!,

"Listen, if you aren't careful, you'll eat the whole box. It's delicious, rich, and soft all at once. It was my first time trying them and I absolutely love them so much I'll be ordering more! And I love that they got here on time and in good condition!" —Jade B.

"My husband found these to be too sweet but I loved them. I would say they remind me of the peanut butter fudge my mom used to make — only drier. There is some small chunks of peanut in the candies, but that's only an issue if you don't like that. I didn't pay attention to the number of pieces in the box and bought 2 boxes. One box ended up at work and was gone in two days." —Karen O'Neil-Roy

"It’s very rich, I can’t finish one by myself. It reminds me of the middle of a Butterfinger candy bar. It’s a bit crumbly, but that’s fine. It’s nice crumbled over vanilla ice cream, and/or with hot tea or coffee. If you’re a peanut butter fan, you’ll love these." —Cathy Healey

NGL, these are pricier on Amazon than if you pick them up while in Mexico. But for many reviewers, it means a lot to be able to buy something that tastes like home!

"LOVE these candies, my Grandpa would always bring some back from the Mexican stores when I was younger. It's definitely a reminder from the past and I'm so glad I could grab these online. There are so many in the pack that I gave a lot away and only kept a couple but they are so delicious. It makes me want to go visit a Mexican store!" —Jennifer Trautman

"These marzipans are the best!! I used to live in Mexico when I was little, and this is one of the things that I would always crave, until I found it here. They are delicious!!" —Amazon Customer

"I'm from Mexico so this is one of the candies that I most like and missed as I live so far away from my country. It's so great that I'm able to get this through Amazon and also to introduce them to my kids who have loved them as much as I do." —Milca Reyes

People fortunate enough to try these beauties have known for ages that they're the best. However, folks on Amazon whom otherwise had no clue are now completely won over. As you can see there are hundreds of five-star reviews!


"I love these! I only discovered them last month. They are one of the best candies that I have ever tasted, so light and delicious. They taste a bit like the inside of a peanut butter cup." —B.Stewart

"These are pure bliss! I tried one for the first time down south and have not stopped thinking about them at all. Whomever came up with these deserves a medal for bringing joy to the world. If you had a bad day and are upset with anything in life, grab one of these delicious candies and you'll see the light in no time. Buy these. Today. Give one to your ex that destroyed everything in your house and I guarantee she will replace your 60-inch TV she destroyed with a sledge hammer." —KLee

New fans have also discovered that it's v much a *thing* to try to not break up the little discs when you open them. (And this Amazon reviewer fared pretty well!)

"It tastes so good! My friends said it tastes like dried peanut butter that very rich when bite. The texture is easily crumbled to dust, but becomes very smooth in mouth! Love it!" —Joyce

"This stuff is on the sweet side — some people will say too sweet. It's peanut flavored, and tastes like the inside of a peanut butter cup in powder form. It's very tasty, and you'll quickly get addicted to it. Be prepared when you break it open — it can make quite a mess if you aren't careful!" —Ashley P.

So go forth and enjoy these delicious Mexican candies. Just, uh, be careful or you may eat the whole box! (No judgment.) Get a box of 30 from Amazon for $9.18.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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