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17 Gifts For Little Whovians

After all, The Doctor speaks baby.

1. Help them learn the important stuff early with these adorable finger puppets.

2. Creep yourself out during feeding time with this bib and pacifier clip.

3. Intro the little Whovian to the whole gang with a Time Lord mobile.

4. Top off a tiny ensemble with a mini fez because fezes are cool.

5. And don't forget the red bow tie.

6. Tell everyone your baby self identifies as Stormageddon with this Whovian bodysuit.

7. And don't let them forget it during changing time with this cloth diaper.

8. Or DIY your own police box carrier with this pattern.

9. Make your baby wear The Doctor's favorite joke with this onesie.

10. Let her practice opening locked doors with a plush sonic screwdriver.

11. Don't blink when within sight of this weeping angel blankie.

12. Keep track of the essentials while traveling through wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff with this pacifier clip.

13. Dress your bundle of joy up like a hate-filled robot with this Dalek hat.

14. Keep a tiny Time Lord's head warm with a soft Tardis hat.

15. Encourage sensory interaction with this crinkle toy.

16. This soft lovey detaches for easy washing.

17. Suit up for mealtime with a bowtie bib.

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