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    Updated on Jan 31, 2019. Posted on Sep 26, 2018

    For The Love Of All Things DIY, You Need A Drill/Driver Set

    That dinky electric screwdriver that came with your flat-pack furniture isn't cutting it.

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    Guess what? I'm a total dad and (like your actual father figure) I am here to preach at you about how you need some basic tools for your home.

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    Even if you couldn't care less about nailing a hammer into a wall, you'll be glad you have them when you realize that gorgeous mirror you found at a steep discount requires a wall anchor. (Just for example.)

    And this compact drill/driver set, from a trusted brand, is a very good start for building out your home DIY kit.

    It has a high-performance motor that delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO), high-speed transmission in two speeds (0-450 & 1,500 rpm), 1/2" single sleeve ratcheting chuck for tight bit gripping strength, and an ergonomic handle in a lightweight design that'll fit in all kinds of places around your house. AND it even has a snazzy carrying case where you can store the drill, and the two lithium-ion batteries and charger included!

    Basically, it'll come in handy for a number of household projects ranging from screwing in a wall-mount bookshelf to attaching a snowboard rack to your vehicle to drilling pilot holes for garden bed panels.

    All kinds of projects! And it HAS A LIGHT!!!

    But what do folks (who aren't me) think about this set? Well, it has almost 3,000 reviews with an average review of 4.6 stars — so pretty, pretty good! And people who are into tools are very detail-oriented, which is a great. Here are just a few reviews:,

    "High-quality drill kit here. It feels nice in the hand. Good balance. Bag is perfect size and not cheap-looking, which is a plus. Two batteries is convenient. More than enough power for home or garage projects. For $100 you do really get your money's worth.A 90-day money back guarantee and a limited three-year warranty is appreciated. Worth buying. I can totally recommend this drill at this price." —MaXimus421

    "Wow, great bang for your buck. I lost the charger for my impact and was dead in the water. A new charger is like $75. This gives you two batteries and a drill to go along with the charger for another $20. I have Ryobi green ones for on the road or in locations where theft is an issue. The Dewalts seem to float away easy if you don't keep an eye on them. These impacts and drills pound in the screws and will drill holes in 4x4s all day long." —Christopher Rodesch

    "So happy with this purchase. My old drill disappeared, but this replacement is in a whole new class. I love the work light, and the fact that it stays lit just a little after you let go of the trigger. The fact that it comes with two batteries means I don't have to wait for a recharge (which I've never had to do since the charge lasts a while). And I'm thrilled with the bag since it means I can easily keep the drill, batteries, and drill and driver bits all together." —G. Faria

    You may balk at the price ($99+), but this set is an investment that'll last you for at least a few years, as reviewers like this one who built a table with it will attest to.

    "UPDATE: 2.5 years later and this drill is virtually brand new. I have used it heavily for weeklong periods every few months when I have a project. The batteries still hold a great charge and the drill's operation is perfect. Could not be happier with an electronic tool purchase.

    UPDATE: Still using this drill over a year later. Batteries still have plenty of life, even with heavy use. I will use one while the other charges. Great product, no issues whatsoever, very satisfied!

    I got this item in perfect shipped condition, as expected. Both batteries were fully charged and ready to go. All in all, this is probably one of the best 'bang for your buck' purchases I have ever made. At time of purchase, I paid $99 for the drill, two batteries, charger, and bag. Two replacements batteries alone are more than that! I immediately got to work building a table for our kitchen (see pictures). This drill was used for drilling the pocket hols with the Kreg drill. I did not count exactly, but this tool lasted hours of drilling pocket holes in yellow pine before the battery gave out. No slow dying. It just quits, which is excellent. I swapped batteries and the charge was complete long before the second battery ran out of juice.

    If you are a professional, perhaps you need more power/torque, etc. For the handyman or DIYer, I highly recommend this drill." —Joseph Oliver

    And the reviewer who built a chicken coop. (You can see its framing here.)

    "Such a reliable drill! The set comes with everything you need, aside from the bits of course. One battery lasts a long time and you can charge the one while the other one is in use. With the set, you can use the drill all day without worrying about running out of juice. I've built a coop that is 24x16 and 9' at its peak. The attached image is the framing. It has since been completed. I would highly recommend this drill set for anybody who needs something reliable that would last all day." —deadLOCC3D

    And this DIYer, who organized their garage in the most pleasing ways with it.

    "I used a Dewalt hammer drill for a few years in snowy, rainy, muddy, dirty, and sandy conditions. It never failed on me out in the field. Even though I knew that Dewalt was the best drill but I was still enticed by the prices of the the other brands out there which was just a tiny bit cheaper. I ended up buying this set for the house and I definitely made the right choice. This made the job of getting my garage back a lot quicker and easier. Even attaching the snowboard rack on the car was a quick and easy job. If you are still thinking about buying this, don't think anymore. Buy it now and you will not regret." —Joleo

    And don't forget the person who used it to hang a coatrack on a concrete wall!

    "I bought this drill for projects around the house. It has worked great! We used it to drill into our concrete walls to hang a coat rack, and didn't have any problem at all." —Tabatha Carter

    Get the drill/driver set from Amazon for $99+ (available with a variety of attachments) to get started on all kinds of DIY projects around the house.

    Just try to use an Al-level of caution every time you tackle a household project, OK?!

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    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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