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29 Creepy Things Any Spooky Person Will Want ASAP

If you're tagged in Halloween memes in July, these are for you.

1. A layered skeletal midi skit. And no, one of the layers is not skin.

2. Some claws with a deathly grip on your body mods.

3. A grim lil' duster for sweeping up all the "dust" from the urn that overturned on your desk.

4. Temporary wallpaper to give you the permanent feeling someone's watching you.

5. Spine-tingling pens so it's easier to write done a beau's digits.

6. A leggy blanket to make unwelcome guests assume you have a spider problem.

7. A raven skull ring you'll hopefully never have to say "nevermore" to.

8. An understated T-shirt with good bones.

9. A pint of fake blood in case of emergency.

10. Dishwashing gloves to keep your paws looking as fresh as when you entered the crypt.

11. A winged look that toes the line between creepy and cute...something you know all too well.

12. A skull sheet mask with black rice, hydrolyzed collagen, licorice, and ginger extracts so you'll look like you're back from the dead after it's worked its magic.

13. An enamel pin for putting your kinks front and center.

14. Party plates befitting a bloody good plated Insta.

15. Colorful leggings made to feel like a second skin.

16. A mini army of mice ready to wreak havoc.

17. And a bejeweled rat skeleton when just any rodent won't do.

18. A decanter as a cozy companion for your bar cart's spirits.

19. Some mary janes that give "creepers" a whole new meaning.

20. A high-waisted chance so you can ~finally~ own a piece of haunted real estate.

21. An indoor/outdoor pillow as a warm velcome into your lair.

22. A cozy long-sleeve tee perfect for when you wanna reveal your inner self to that special someone.

23. Some tights that'll put you in a *visual* bind.

24. A subtle polka dot-ish dress bc you've grown weary of hearing you need some more color in your wardrobe.

25. A not-so-somber pin Casper'd proudly wear.

26. Planchette earrings as a guide to selecting the rest of your ensemble.

27. A doll of a purse that'll stick around past Halloween.

28. A ride-or-die (or die-and-then-ride) patch to add to your collection.

29. And a gory deterrent so no one'll camp out in your bathroom.