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    28 Cozy Things To Freshen Up Your Wardrobe For Fall

    Nearly as cozy as wearing flannel PJs in front of a roaring fire.

    1. A pair of knit sneakers for an on-trend footwear fit on some nippy strolls.

    2. A classic anorak as the perfect layer for raking leaves and then catapulting yourself into the crunchy pile.

    3. A faux-fur collar you can use to zhuzh up your go-to fall jacket or wear like a shrug on that hot date you have in West Egg.

    4. A cropped turtleneck in a gorgeous seasonal hue to warm up your neck and layer under slip dresses without looking bulky.

    5. A pair of striped socks serve a Vetements-style look with your ankle boots for $5 instead of $95.

    6. A pair of luxurious velvet pants because you deserve the comfiest in life.

    7. A sweater duster as an easy seasonal switch from the floral kimono you've been rocking all summer.

    8. An astronaut who knows that no one can see you shiver in space.

    9. A plaid blanket scarf for when you want to wear your comforter to the office but social norms won't allow it.

    10. A bluetooth-enabled beanie with a soft inner lining so you don't have to sacrifice frozen ears for solid tunes.

    11. A streamlined packable vest that allows for plenty of mobility to do important tasks like carrying a pumpkin or finding the best produce at the farmers market.

    12. A patchwork poncho in case you want to all but wear your favorite blanket in public.

    13. A fuzzy sweater featuring a cold, hard robot with a warm, loving heart.

    14. A pair of velvet sock boots approps for wearing in public, unlike your coziest socks.

    15. A flowing shirt dress perf for fall AF activities like apple picking or sipping a hot toddy in your fave bar.

    16. A pair of lengthy wrist warmers to don in that awkward in-between time when your fingers aren't cold but the chilly air works its way up your coat sleeves.

    17. A velvet T-shirt dress that'll look *killer* with your over-the-knee boots.

    18. A faux-shearling jacket because it's never too early to cop Ryan Gosling's Blade Runner style.

    19. A flannel-hoodie combo in case you need help building your Bender look without sweating your ass off in early fall temps.

    20. A long faux-fur vest with the potential to become the star in your light outwear rotation.

    21. A chic midi skirt that's gonna look spectacular rippling in gentle fall gusts.

    22. A quilted bomber jacket with patches for those who like to add a personalized look to everything.

    23. A comfy cardigan in an array of colors so you can build a collection to rival that of Mr. Rogers.

    24. A soft beanie that shows you're hard but refuse to sacrifice comfort.

    25. A chunky sweater with a daring lace-up back.

    26. A shaggy faux-fur jacket as the main attraction for your ensemble.

    27. A pair of suede Hush Puppies with wide widths and an anatomically molded footbed so you'll feel like you're walking on air.

    28. And the snuggliest faux-fur coat in case you want to feel like the ultimate in muppet glamour.

    Now you're ready to nestle into dropping fall temps.