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    15 Things That'll Make Your Home Smell So Much Cleaner

    Mask the scent of that Pinterest stir-fry that totally backfired.

    1. Eliminate bathroom (and everywhere-else) smells in the laziest way possible with a charcoal bag.

    2. Go full throttle against lingering smells like wet dog, cigarette smoke, and other unmentionables with Ozium spray.

    3. Get a little help from some Febreze-treated garbage bags.

    4. Stick a trash can deodorizer on the lid so you won't have to take out the trash every hour.

    5. Get proactive with potent odor-killing gel or a soy candle.

    6. Tuck these footwear deodorizers into less-than-fresh shoes to absorb moisture and odor.

    7. And treat your best pair to some red-cedar shoe trees.

    8. Tackle toilet smells from the get-go by spritzing the porcelain throne with some Poo-Pourri or Unicorn Gold.

    9. Erase overwhelming onion and garlic smells from your hands with a bar of stainless steel soap.

    10. Get rid of that damp closet odor with this little closet dehumidifier.

    11. Make essential oils go further in freshening up a room with this LED diffuser.

    12. Keep the dog's blanket from smelling like an ~actual~ dog blanket by tossing it in the dryer with a Dryel sheet.

    13. Freshen a gross garbage disposer by tossing in some lemon slices (rind and all!) or one of these disposer-dedicated cleaners.

    14. Stick this solid air freshener in any ol' corner to de-funk a space.

    15. And combat nearly any household stench (and lots of other cleaning problems) with a sprinkling of baking soda.

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