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    23 Cool Ways To Add Shade To Your Backyard

    Yes, cool in BOTH ways.

    1. Set up a outdoor play yard for little ones designed with a UV-protectant canopy and airy mesh so sitting and reading on your patio (that also happens to have steps) won't be a no-go if your bb is a fast crawler.

    2. And help your fur bb play it cool with an elevated dog bed and canopy that provides shade overhead *and* allows for lots of air circulation below to keep 'em cool. Dog sunnies optional but encouraged.

    3. And mull over a proper dog house because if you leave your dog outside for stretches of time, they absolutely need their own place in the shade for safety reasons.

    4. Create a luxurious setup with a glam daybed that has a canopy you'll never want to abandon.

    5. Adjust your shade angle with an offset cantilever umbrella made to give you some serious versatility.

    6. Invest in a lighted umbrella that'll tilt (literally) to your whims and give you the right amount of shade and light when/where you want it.

    7. If you don't have a ton of room, consider a half umbrella (that's also lighted!) for the perfect fit. (Here's looking at you, terrace owners!)

    8. Keep a shaded kid's chair handy to pull up to the picnic table.

    9. Invest in a mobile vented umbrella that gives you plenty of shade control in case you're super fortunate and have a backyard that also includes a freaking lake. (It's also great for the park and beach!)

    10. Lounge for hours on end with this hanging lounge chair...your doggo will stay awhile, too.

    11. Make your backyard the most coveted on the block with a cedar pergola that'll only age with grace. Call it the George Clooney of yard decor.

    12. Add some UV-resistant fabric over your pergola or on top of other structures for some consistent cooling action.

    13. Park an adorable kid's swing that'll lure them into actually wanting to sit in the shade.

    14. Combine playtime with shade time in a lil' covered playhouse fit with all sorts of child-safe features to occupy your kid's time!

    15. Consider your minimalist options with a ~butterfly~ gazebo that delivers lotsa shade with a modern edge.

    16. Set up the perfect poolside place to drip dry thanks to a canopy with mosquito netting you can untie and zip up for when you want to keep the outdoor fun going but it's mosquito o'clock.

    17. Hang some heavy-duty drapes on a pergola or from the roofline of your porch to give yourself a bit of privacy and block out the harsh rays once the sun's in that blinding position.

    18. Go with some classic aluminum retractable awnings if you prefer something sturdy but don't want to be married to a set amount of shade on your deck.

    19. Cover twice the space with a double umbrella you can park over your graciously sized outdoor dining table on the deck.

    20. Combat the sun's rays (and have more dough to spend on plant bbs) with a budget-friendly rectangular shade that'll stretch over a smaller but extremely sunny space.

    21. Or mix and match smaller triangular sun shades to block out partial son above an above-ground pool or bench.

    22. Opt for a different geometric shape with a round sun shade you can easily move around yourself.

    23. In the market for an above-ground pool with a sprayer?! One and done it with this pool that has a built-in shade canopy because sun protection (on top of sunscreen) is no joke!

    Here's to a backyard with nearly as much shade as you throw:

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