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    Just 25 Cool Things Under $20 You Can Get From Walmart

    A touch lotus lamp, Darth Vader bath rug, Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuit mix, and 22 more things you're gonna want ASAP.

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    1. A reversible carryall tote passersby will assume you spent some serious coin on at a department store.

    2. A flamingo spoon rest to give you a ~leg up~ on meal prep.

    3. A box of Cheddar Bay biscuit mix you should buy in bulk. Yes! This is a thing you can buy!!!

    4. A ~touch~ lotus lamp that won't wilt on you like all the other flowers you bring home.

    5. A pretty ring for a lil' razzle dazzle without taking a dent out of your paycheck.

    6. A yoga mat bag you'll always remember to take with you because it's so cute.

    7. A TubShroom to catch all your fam's hairs before they turn into a plumbing disaster. Trust me, it's LEGIT.

    8. A metallic velvet throw you may really take a *shine* to.

    9. A copy of The Hate U GIve to read before the movie comes out.

    10. A measuring cup set with some serious Pioneer Woman style to execute one of her mouthwatering recipes.

    11. A zombie board game with the option of one-hour play so impatient family members won't die of boredom.

    12. A pretty strainer you can easily take from sink to table.

    13. Velvet ballet flats built for ouch-less dance floor twirls.

    14. A minimalist necklace as an easy go-to when your ensemble is begging for a little somethin' somethin'.

    15. A wall organizer that'll corral all sorts of cleaning tools.

    16. Under-bed shoe storage with a clear top so you can see right away if that missing pair of ballet flats are hiding in there.

    17. A cold brew coffee kit — it may just throw a wrench in your daily Starbucks habit.

    18. A pair of wireless bluetooth headphones to help you pump up the jams while you're in agony on a treadmill.

    19. A trio of flameless candles your house guests will oooh and ahhh all over.

    20. A Darth Vader rug for helping to lure your kiddos into bathtime, their former least favorite time of the day.

    21. A jar opener you can mount on the bottom of a table or cabinet that'll come in handy for people with limited mobility in their hands.

    22. A pump or two of Tressemme Heat Tamer spray to help shield your locks from all the heat styling you're about to do.

    23. A crystal growing kit that'll yield some truly precious results AND help your kid gain some STEM skills.

    24. Panic!'s new album on vinyl because I adore it and I want you to enjoy it, too.

    25. A pair of reusable snack bags — they can help cut down on the disposable kind your family goes through scary fast.

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