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    26 Comfy Pieces Of Clothing That'll Serve Up Almost Too Much Fashion

    Yes there are sweatpants, but there are also lots of not-sweatpants to be found within.

    1. A pair of velvet leggings you're sure to develop a ~crush~ on after you slip into them.

    2. Or some Girlfriend Collective workout leggings that are SO comfy (but stay put during workouts) that my colleague Melanie has eight EIGHT! pairs. Get ready to find your new base for all sorts of lewks.

    BuzzFeed editor wearing the leggings on her couch

    3. A teddy coat as the most socially acceptable way to walk around in public feeling like you're wrapped in a blanket.

    4. A glam face mask that'll pump up the style of most any outfit. Like, I'm ready to host a ball just to wear it. Where shall I send your invite?

    model wearing a black face mask with white ruffles as an accent

    5. An animal print number with bell sleeves you can also snag in Buffalo plaid and pair with leggings and boots all winter long. Then go tights-less once it warms up a bit!

    6. A slinky slip dress that'll look SUPER hot but move with you whether you wear it with tights and a thin turtleneck underneath or tights-less and with a light jacket. I should know — I own it and adore this dress.

    model wearing black slip dress with plaid blazer and white boots

    7. A fuzzy V-neck popcorn sweater to, oh wait. You mentioned popcorn? Let's pop up a batch while we're getting comfy anyway. Also this texture is gonna look fab on any video call!

    8. A sweatshirt dress as an easy excuse to leave the house without pants. Or stay in the house without pants?!

    model wearing a sweatshirt dress in a tie dye print

    9. A pair of fluffy slippers that'll help deliver all sorts of fashion while you scoot to the fridge for a third afternoon snack while you WFH.

    10. A tie-dye sweatpants and long-sleeve set you can easily layer under your favorite coat when you run out of the house. These sets are *truly* all the street-style rage rn. Just check YouTube!

    a model wearing a white and light blue tie-dye set

    11. Or a pair of flocked animal-print joggers I own in green and are sooo soft and cut generously to help you easily take an afternoon stroll or contort on your floor with your laptop for a change of pace as you WFH.

    model wearing a gray and black animal print jogger pants

    12. Waterproof Naturalizer boots with a chunky heel and silhouette that'll go with most any of your outside clothes. Probably some inside clothes too!

    ankle boots with lug sole and heel

    13. A high-waisted tennis skirt with shorts underneath can transform all the tops you already own. I think I just found your new spring uniform.

    14. Over-the-knee socks that'll pair well with that tennis skirt for a Cher look. OR just look really cool with your PJ shorts that've become your go-to bottoms.

    three models from the thigh down wearing cable-knit over the knee socks

    15. A split-hem ribbed dress to help you show a little leg. Really, I can never turn down a slit and I won't rest until I get everyone on board showing off their thighs.

    16. A stretchy midi skirt with TONS of fans in the reviews — including pregnant people who love how this bottom stretches over their growing bump.

    reviewer profile pic of brown sweater like midi skirt over their large pregnant bump

    17. A puff-sleeve dress more or less made for twirling and photo ops...a wonderful combo!

    18. A crop undershirt so you can finally find one you don't have to tuck into your pants that'll save you from button gapping and armpit stains. BUT would also look great solo. Oh! And this brand has several shade of "nude" so you can find your match!

    Black model wearing a neutral brown crop top with short sleeves and a scoop neck

    19. A ruffly dress with tons of room to shimmy around in. Also, your over-the-knee boots are begging for you to snag one.

    20. A soft knit headband you can add on buttons to for keeping your face mask in place and give your poor ears a break. They've been working so hard the past year!

    person sitting on a bed with a top knot and the headband-like knit ear warmer on

    21. A strappy velvet cami that'll layer beautifully under a blazer of moto jacket. Prepare yourself to get some weird looks from hugging yourself in public.

    22. A soft linen scarf if your style errs on the minimalist and comfy. It's perfect for those spring days when a bare neck is a bit too nippy but your chunky scarf works a little *too* well.

    four various color linen scarves tied on a tree branch

    23. Or a CVS receipt scarf poised to become the star of your accessories rotation — and remind you that you need to pick up a few things on your way home.

    person wearing a scarf that looks exactly like a CVS recipt

    24. A ~refined~ PJ set that'll transform you into a real human adult. Really, if anyone ever sees you in this (even on a video call) they'll be impressed you're not wearing high school sweats and a stretched-out band T-shirt.

    plus size model wearing short sleeve navy satin-like button down PJs

    25. A baby doll dress made of breathable cotton you'll find every which way to wear once you figure out just HOW cute it looks. Also, no one will believe you snagged it on Amazon.

    26. A snazzier crop sweatshirt with a scalloped hem sure to make tons of appearances. It's gonna look *so* good with your shorts and mini skirts. Anyone else's legs desperate to see the sun?

    reviewer wears scallop bottom sweatshirt

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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