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    32 Closet Organizing Tricks That'll Actually Work

    Even if you can't bring yourself to toss stuff to spark joy or whatever.

    1. First, if you know you're going to toss some stuff, solicit a *critical* friend (who's got your back!) for opinions on what's worth keeping in your closet.

    2. And while you're organizing, unearth the stuff you forgot about and put it back into your rotation by logging it in Finery. You can even create looks with them for a major comeback!

    3. Starting from scratch? Buy a closet organizing system for some bones to build upon for your specific needs.

    4. Mount motion sensor lights in there to see all your organizing prowess, because that creepy bare bulb is not pulling its weight for differentiating between your two denim jackets.

    5. Ditch your sliding closet doors for some curtains so you can access everything with ease.

    Get them from Urban Outfitters for $129 a panel.

    6. No matter your space or wardrobe size, sort by color AND type of garment so your blue dresses are together and your black jackets are together bc you most likely know which type of garment you want and then which color.

    7. If you can, switch out your clothes when the seasons change so it's easier to find the stuff suited for current weather conditions.

    8. Fill that dead space below your tops with a closet doubler that does exactly what its name says.

    9. And use any empty space above regular reaching height with a pull-down closet rod for all of your out-of-season or less-used stuff.

    10. Say goodbye to an avalanche of folded sweaters or jeans thanks to ThreadStax. (We know your pain. Every other closet-organizing story says to stack them, but you can't keep them tidy!)

    11. And get the *perfect* fold with an OG clothing folding tool if you're aiming for the utmost perfection.

    12. Do what you must to hang up the things you need to hang up, like doubling up regular old hangers with a soda tab when you need more space ASAP.

    13. Make stuff stay put — lest a shirt fall off the hook and you don't find it until six months from now — with huggable hangers.

    14. Or convert your existing wooden hangers into no-slip models with some Sugru.

    15. Create some room between your pieces with these hanger spacers if you can spare the room. (Jealous.)

    16. Need some detailed division? Label these blank dividers to make tracking down that one shirt way quicker.

    17. Install a valet rod to hold on to your next day's ensemble 'til you get an IRL butler to manage that shit.

    18. If you want to plan out a week's worth of outfits or just want a place to hang up your outerwear or fancy gowns, keep a clothing rack (with a lower shelf for extra storage) close.

    19. Just like your clothes, group your shoes by type and color so you can track down your fringe ankle booties in a snap.

    20. Store your shoes on open shelves with a lil' vertical space? *Safely* shelve them in less room with these stacking shoe organizers that put your best foot(wear option) forward.

    21. Or use tension rods to turn an empty niche into the ultimate shoe lover's storage solution. 👀

    22. Hang up knee-high boots with a specially designed boot rack bc those puppies take up a lot of room on shelves and floors — even if you do stuff them with old pool noodles to help keep their shape.

    23. Make use of a door with an OG shoe organizer bc damn if it isn't effective for things like flats and scarves.

    24. Get your investments (aka your bags) up and off the floor. If you're fortunate enough to have the shelf space, keep them upright with clear dividers.

    25. Maintain your bags' shape by stuffing them with bubble wrap when they're in storage.

    26. And if you don't have shelf space, you can store them on a purse hanger.

    27. Stash like-minded accessories in clear storage boxes so you can zero in on the perfect braided belt to cinch that maxi.

    Get them from Urban Outfitters for $10+ each (available in three sizes).

    28. And if you have drawers, find some detailed organizers to keep everything in there nice and tidy.

    Get it from The Container Store for $29.99.

    29. String your belts onto a belt/scarf ring that takes up a criminally small amount of space.

    30. Finally see the accessories you have with this simple jewelry organizer that fits on your clothing rod or hooks onto other surfaces.

    31. Don't forget to style it with accents like washi tape on shelf edges! The *nicer* your closet looks, the more you'll feel inspired to wear all the cool shit you already own.

    32. And MAINTAIN your organization. One dress you decided not to wear this morning starts a pile of wrinkled clothes if you don't put it back on that hanger.