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    21 Clever Ways To Light Your Backyard

    Keep the outdoor party going with these ~enlightened~ ideas.

    1. Pair some light-up flowers in garden beds with other lighting for an accent that'll make your yard look like a fairytale setting!

    2. Hang up a colorful mobile of solar rights ready to charge during the day and add a playful touch at night.

    3. Stake solar lights along a walkway or pond right where you need 'em. Oh, and they look nice in the daylight too!

    4. Have it both ways with some solar lights with white or colorful modes you can switch between whenever the mood strikes you.

    5. Or go for even more of a design accent with these solar path lights that'll totally steal the outdoor lighting show.

    6. Adorn fences, pergolas, and other outdoor structures with waterproof solar lights to make everything look ~magical~.

    7. Position some convincing solar torch lights around seating areas to create an ambience with enough light to avoid stubbing your toe on that chaise lounge again.

    8. Bump up the light size with some waterproof globe string lights that'll make a bigger style impact when hung along your roofline, draped on outdoor structures like a pergola, or just strung up solo so you can enjoy the lights *and* the stars.

    9. Wrap a waterproof LED light rope meant for camping around something nearby where you plan to *camp out* in your backyard for a temporary lighting solution.

    10. Mount some motion-activated lights on a fence, wall, or other backyard-facing structure to alert you and whatever may be lurking out there (like your puppy?!).

    11. Add some accent lighting on a fence or retaining wall with some small-but-mighty solar lights that'll also look nice in the daylight.

    12. Transform mason jars into charming lanterns with fairy light jar lids and then put 'em on tabletops, hang them from branches, nestle them in garden beds. Really, the possibilities are endless.

    13. Feel a little better about your security thanks to an app-connected floodlight with a security camera, two-way talk, AND alarm.

    14. Cast a glow right where you want it with staked spotlights you can adjust to highlight your prized shrubbery or front porch, or even to deter critters from lurking around (like my mom uses hers).

    15. Sink some waterproof spotlights into the soil in your flower beds for a lil' ~drama~ amongst the fauna — or install them into a deck for a more permanent solution.

    16. Use brick lights along pebble or (actual) brick accents for a lighting option that'll blend in with very little maintenance.

    17. Bring some tropical flair to your land-locked town with a light-up palm tree just begging for some warm weather.

    18. Make any stairs a bit safer with some mounted deck lights because safety first! And they'll blend in nicely with lots of wood finishes!

    19. Invest in a lighted umbrella that'll tilt (literally) to your whims and give you the right amount of shade and light when/where you want it.

    20. Create a *mood* with some tabletop torches and bug-repelling torch fuel. Yep, killing two mosquitoes with one stone.

    21. Center your backyard activities around a moveable fire pit that'll light up moons and stars down below the IRL beauts while keeping you toasty.

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