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    21 Clever Ways To Light Your Backyard

    Keep the outdoor party going with these ~enlightened~ ideas.

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    1. Pair some light-up flowers in garden beds with other lighting for an accent that'll make your yard look like a fairytale setting!


    Promising review: "The pictures don't do these justice. At night my backyard looks like a scene from Avatar. The light itself is not bright, but the colors are very vibrant and intense. The color transition is gradual and glowing. They are hypnotic to watch. During the day they are unobtrusive and don't look too fake or artificial. The green leaves are very bendable, the stems of the flowers are somewhat pliable, and the cloth that makes up the petals can be smoothed and manipulated a bit so you can make them look different and more realistic. I've had them for a couple of weeks and so far they are performing perfectly. They are simply beautiful and we love them!" —Zavanna

    Get eight flowers (between two bunches) from Amazon for $23.88.

    2. Hang up a colorful mobile of solar rights ready to charge during the day and add a playful touch at night., Amazon

    Promising review: "It really works!! I can't tell you how fun it is to see those lights pop on like magic when the sun goes down. They really are fun to watch. I call everyone in the house to come see them every time. Soon they will stop looking but that's OK. I plan to purchase more and hang them all over the yard." —Mary Sage

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in four styles).

    3. Stake solar lights along a walkway or pond right where you need 'em. Oh, and they look nice in the daylight too!,

    Promising review: "Impressed with the size of the cell which provides a larger surface area for charging. The lights are the brightest I've seen for a solar light and the illumination covers a nice range. Placed them along my pond giving the place a classy look." —Percussionist

    Get six from Amazon for $44.99.

    4. Have it both ways with some solar lights with white or colorful modes you can switch between whenever the mood strikes you.


    Promising review: "These little solar lights came well-packed, and were very easy to set up and install. One nice feature is that they don't have the usual solar board sticking off the stake. They're not as tall as others I've seen, but the do illuminate well and you have your choice of whether you want revolving colors or just white. Note: You cannot make them stay just one color (except white)." —Diane M Bassett

    Get three from Amazon for $23.99.

    5. Or go for even more of a design accent with these solar path lights that'll totally steal the outdoor lighting show.


    Promising review: "Great bang for your buck to liven up any backyard! I have a bunch of potted plants on my balcony and added these to add a little fun to the scene. They do require assembly when they arrive, however it is literally a four step process and super easy. Once set up, jam them in the ground, flip the switch, and let the natural solar charging begin. Very easy, great value, and work perfectly!" —Merp

    Get eight from Amazon for $27.99.

    6. Adorn fences, pergolas, and other outdoor structures with waterproof solar lights to make everything look ~magical~.


    Promising review: "Lovely ethereal look...they are easy to affix to a tree or shrubbery limbs due to the nature of the copper wire. It has to be totally overcast, most all day long before you don't get any lights at all for the evening. The number of hours of sun that the sensor gets during the day seems to determine how long they last of a night, sometimes until around midnight, other times all night long." —deanna collier

    Get a string of 100 lights from Amazon for $9.99.

    7. Position some convincing solar torch lights around seating areas to create an ambience with enough light to avoid stubbing your toe on that chaise lounge again., Amazon

    Reviewers note to be careful when putting the stakes in the ground because they're plastic and therefore not as strong as metal.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical with the price and hopeful performance of these lights. I originally ordered just four of them for the flower beds in my front yard. However, after receiving these and putting them out, I have ordered four more to put in the backyard as well. I put these out with only two hours of daylight left, but by the time the night had set in, they were lit up and looked incredible. These lights have definitely set my house apart from the other homes in my neighborhood. I love how I can adjust the height of each light and how simple they are (it literally took five minutes to set them up and place them)." —KDarnell

    Get four from Amazon for $76.99.

    8. Bump up the light size with some waterproof globe string lights that'll make a bigger style impact when hung along your roofline, draped on outdoor structures like a pergola, or just strung up solo so you can enjoy the lights *and* the stars.,

    Reviewers note that you should remove the bulbs before stringing up the strands and then install the bulbs.

    Promising review: "These lights were perfect for my patio, I've recieved plenty of compliments so far. The Edison light bulbs and beautiful and offer the perfect amount of lighting for any occasion...the clips were ideal for my eves, the over hang of the roof, which made for simple just need to find a dimmer capable of handling the required wattage and the package will be complete." —Brody Vins

    Get a strand from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in several styles and lengths).

    9. Wrap a waterproof LED light rope meant for camping around something nearby where you plan to *camp out* in your backyard for a temporary lighting solution.


    Promising review: "For the longest time I was looking for a rope light or light string that could be powered by USB. I currently have 7 USB battery packs and a bunch of different lights that I can plug into them. I really like my Luminoodle. The built-in magnets are great for any magnetic surface and the ties are great for anything else that you want to wrap it around. At 180 lumens it lights up the dark. I stuck this to my porch railing using the magnets and it lit up the backyard enough for me to see where I was walking. I see there are two new noodles coming out in the near future and I can't wait to get my hands on them." —Nate

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two lengths with or without a battery).

    10. Mount some motion-activated lights on a fence, wall, or other backyard-facing structure to alert you and whatever may be lurking out there (like your puppy?!)., Amazon

    Promising review: "Very, very impressed!!! I have other D battery operated motion lights at my residence, but I decided to go with these based on reviews here, as I'm tired of shelling out 15 to 20 bucks on D batteries every few months. I placed these 4 Baxia Solar lights on all sides of my house in areas that I've found could use some light to enter gates late at night - they have exceeded my expectations!!! These are well worth the money, as the light they produce is not only bright, but stays on for about a minute or more. Exactly, what I needed. I will buy again!" —Grecks

    Get four from Amazon for $29.99.

    11. Add some accent lighting on a fence or retaining wall with some small-but-mighty solar lights that'll also look nice in the daylight.,

    Promising review: "They are beautiful and give a wonderful glow to our backyard, and our dogs can’t chew them up!! We just purchased our second box!! These are AWESOME lights!!!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get eight from Amazon for $43.98.

    12. Transform mason jars into charming lanterns with fairy light jar lids and then put 'em on tabletops, hang them from branches, nestle them in garden beds. Really, the possibilities are endless.


    Promising review: "These lights are so awesome. They are very bright at night and make my backyard look so good." —Trell

    Get six from Amazon for $15.66 (available in several light colors).

    13. Feel a little better about your security thanks to an app-connected floodlight with a security camera, two-way talk, AND alarm.


    Promising review: "This camera is awesome! Went up so easily and on a stucco wall, too. The instructions are simple, easy to understand. And if you already have a Ring product in use (I have the doorbell cam), the setup is nothing at all — you just scan a QR code that comes with the camera. Easy-peasy! The resolution is fantastic and the field of view is so amazingly wide. If anything, the only change I'd recommend is making the sensitivity tuning a continuous scale instead of fixed increments. The motion detection is so sensitive that it picks up my dog moving through the backyard while on the 'human' setting. On the most sensitive setting, it picks up the movement of my wind chimes on the patio. This camera and floodlights kit is so very COOL! You won't be disappointed. AND it works with Alexa/Echo!" —Rich Lowery

    Get it from Amazon for $249+ (available in black or white and with an Echo Dot or Chime Pro).

    14. Cast a glow right where you want it with staked spotlights you can adjust to highlight your prized shrubbery or front porch, or even to deter critters from lurking around (like my mom uses hers).


    Promising review: "These match other spotlights that I have, and I was impressed by how easily these installed. Particularly connecting to the existing 14/2 garden wire. Super simple, would definitely recommend." —Momo

    Get them from Amazon for $15.90 each.

    15. Sink some waterproof spotlights into the soil in your flower beds for a lil' ~drama~ amongst the fauna — or install them into a deck for a more permanent solution., Amazon

    Promising review: "I am an electrician, I bought these and installed them for a client, the product works great and the pricing is excellent, would recommend." —Amazon Customer

    Get six from Amazon for $42.99+ (available in three wattages).

    16. Use brick lights along pebble or (actual) brick accents for a lighting option that'll blend in with very little maintenance.


    Promising review: "The lights added that last elegant touch I was looking for!! Cool white is the color. The brightness of the lights are very clear. The size was just right for my design. We can't wait to host our next party." —Victoria Buggs

    Get six from Amazon for $35.99 (available in cool or warm white light).

    17. Bring some tropical flair to your land-locked town with a light-up palm tree just begging for some warm weather., Amazon

    Promising review: "We love the palm tree. Puts off just the right amount of light. Ordered another one too!" —Kimberly Young

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99+ (available in two heights).

    18. Make any stairs a bit safer with some mounted deck lights because safety first! And they'll blend in nicely with lots of wood finishes!,

    Promising review: "I installed them on my back deck steps. They were very easy to intall; they look great and are very durable. They worked so well that I ordered another 12-pack and added more to the steps and to my deck. Very nice and a very fair price!" —Joseph E. Canady/

    Get 12 from Amazon for $27.99.

    19. Invest in a lighted umbrella that'll tilt (literally) to your whims and give you the right amount of shade and light when/where you want it.,

    Promising review: "I normally don’t like buying products like this sight unseen, but I’m very pleased with the look and especially with the solar lighting. We enjoyed a pleasant evening on the deck with just the right amount of ambient light tonight, and we are hopeful that it will prove to be durable." —Dee Williams

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (available in four color combos).

    20. Create a *mood* with some tabletop torches and bug-repelling torch fuel. Yep, killing two mosquitoes with one stone.


    Promising review (for torch fuel): "Took this out with four tiki torches and kept the skeeters at bay. Skeeters were horrible at the campground and we were right on the pond. Lit these up along with a campfire and all was well." —Will

    Get them from Amazon: three torches for $15.05 and Bitefighter torch fuel for $13.96

    21. Center your backyard activities around a moveable fire pit that'll light up moons and stars down below the IRL beauts while keeping you toasty.


    Promising review: "Arrived on time and was easy to put extra set of hands was needed to hold things in place while putting together. I love that it is bumping into a corner in the dark. The depth fire bowl not only allows for the beautiful designs to show light, but also allows a warm fire without much smoke. It put out enough heat that we were able to have a backyard party in January. (We live in CA, so it only got down into the forties.)" —Linda Jensen

    Get it from Amazon for $83.99+ (available in two finishes and several styles).

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