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    20 Clever Ways To Keep Everything In Your Refrigerator Organized

    So you never have to mourn expired food again.

    1. Invest in a set of clear storage containers to make your intentions to access and consume the stuff that expires first *crystal* clear.

    2. And consider buying another sturdy egg holder so you can easily stack the container without crushing your eggs and frittata dreams.

    3. Clean up spills without dismantling your fridge organization system by putting in some cheap shelf liners you can pull out and rinse.

    4. Make your crisper drawers less of a farmers market wasteland by lining them in produce life extenders that'll help keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer.

    5. And keep fresh herbs in tip-top shape with an herb-saving container instead of finding them wilted in a produce bag a month later.

    6. When baking soda and used coffee grounds won't cut it to de-funk, throw in an air-purifying bag to make your fridge smell like less of a landfill every time you open it.

    7. Keep bacon strips (and other cold meats) safer for longer with this handy bacon keeper.

    8. Divvy up your bulk buys into manageable portions — both for storage and meal prep — with a vacuum sealing system to make sure you finally eat all that food from your ambitious Costco haul.

    9. Bring stuff you'd normally shove to the back of the fridge within easy reach by placing bottles of condiments and more on lazy susans.

    10. Learn what shouldn't be chilled so you won't have to sacrifice precious space to the not-so-cool items.

    11. And stash the stuff that shouldn't be in the fridge nearby with this slim, slide-out caddy skinny but tall enough to place in the weird little space between your fridge and kitchen cabinets.

    12. Spare some shelf space by lofting beer bottles with these magnetic strips.

    13. Or stack bev bottles (beer, soda, champagne, etc.,) easily on a simple rubber mat.

    14. And keep opened bottles from making a boozy mess with this leak-proof wine saver that'll set firmly on a shelf.

    15. Give everything a name (and the date that it goes bad) with a label maker that feels very ~official~.

    16. Prevent your LaCroix habit from disrupting your appliance's newfound order with a can dispenser.

    17. Make better use of a tall shelf with this under-shelf basket to hold items that make for an awkward fit elsewhere.

    18. Toss the old plastic containers stained with curry from your fav Thai takeout join (yum) and meal prep with these stackable storage containers instead.

    19. Preserve salads for as long as possible in a tiny fridge footprint by packing them in mason jars. (Just be sure to store them upright!)

    20. Encourage using up all the food you already have in your fridge with this magnetic dry-erase menu planner that'll stick to the front of a fridge door.

    So now maybe you won't have to watch the John Oliver segment on food waste on the reg since you'll actually eat stuff in your fridge before it expires!!!

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