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    Anyone Going To A Game Or Music Festival Needs This $8 Tote Bag

    It's clear, sturdy, and $8 — so setting it down on game day bleachers'll be NDB.

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    Imagine this: You're super pumped to go in the stadium for the game with the stuff you (and your fam) require for the day. But then you can't take in your bag because of security reasons!

    Seriously, it's enough to make you feel like Regina George playing field hockey.

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    Like, I just wanna bring in some gum, a hairbrush, hand sanitizer, and 20 other essentials to this three-hour event. CAN I LIVE?!

    Well you'll be glad to hear that clear tote bags are a thing! You can buy on Amazon! And many large stadiums and venues are A OK with you using them despite security concerns!


    Of *course* you'll have to check your local venue, stadium, or event's rules. But, lots and lots of places let fans and attendees use them!

    Turns out, lots of Amazon reviewers are fans of this one's generous size and durability *specifically* for football games.

    "Exactly what I expected. You can fit a whole lot in there. I am also able to take the bag to football games, which is pretty nice. Seems to be durable, and the zippers do not have that cheap feel to them." —Melody Welsh

    "I have used this for two Denver Broncos games so far. It meets stadium requirements and fits what I need in it without being bulky at all. Denver games can be anywhere from 10 degrees to 90 degrees, so we like to bring hats, scarves, and a small blanket, and this bag can fit what we need. It has held up well so far and shows no signs of wear. I plan to use it for future games. Great product, especially for the low price." —Iwa Wolff

    "The bag meets our college stadium's new standards for entry into events. Straps are sturdy and it should last several football seasons. I chose this particular bag because it has a zipper which I find essential in keeping items contained inside the bag. It's often set on the ground at my feet when seated, and it gets knocked around. I also chose it because it's not expensive. I bought a few of them, so I can lend to friends who may attend some games with me. It's a good buy." —Leslie

    Those satisfied football fans ^ aren't the only ones who are devotees. Turns out more than 1k Amazon reviewers have given it five stars and it has an overall rating of 4.5 stars, which is truly something to cheer about.,

    "I needed a bag that met the LSU Tiger Stadium bag check requirements. I almost got a clear backpack, but thankfully I checked the website first and saw that only totes like this were allowed. We needed a bag big enough to use as a diaper bag for our 8-month-old and this bag has PLENTY of room! We got through security without any problems.

    The straps are long enough to comfortably wear on your shoulders, also. All in all, great purchase for the less than $7 it cost me for our purposes. I can't attest to long term usage, as this is more of a 'special circumstances' type bag for us and will not be used daily. I would highly recommend if you're looking for a stadium bag! —Booknerd28

    But alas, some workplaces ALSO require clear bags and reviewers say this bag is great for that too.

    "At work, we are required to bring clear bags. I bought this bag to store my gym clothes and tennis shoes whenever I go to the gym straight after work. When you unpack the tote, it seems like the bag will not fit anything and you'll feel deceived for a moment. The bag fits my tennis shoes, workout clothes, towel, and two shaker bottles with room to spare. Great quality. Will be purchasing a spare soon." —Mattew Britton

    "I bought this for work. I work in a prison that requires clear bags for our lunches and personal items. It gets A LOT of use and I carry a ton of stuff to get me through our 16-hour days. I’ve used it for months and it shows zero signs of wear. I also like the option of the short straps and the long strap combination. I’d definitely buy it again should the need arise" —Mary Crawford

    "This bag is great! I purchased it for my part-time seasonal job at Ulta, where retail associates must use clear bags. I love this guy! The flat bottom allows a thermos, lunch, etc., to stand upright. The strap is long enough for carrying on your shoulder, and the zipper works fine." —MMdesigner

    AND as the icing on the cake, the straps are adjustable. So it'll be easy to use from the office to the game to the music festival your friends somehow talked you into attending in the sweltering summer heat.


    "These bags were just what we needed for a music festival. Held lots of stuff and kept the dust out. Well made out of durable plastic. We did wish it had an inside pocket for our phone though." —Amazon Customer

    Interested in this cheap investment that'll definitely pay for itself over time? Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    When you can bring in the stuff you need to the event:

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    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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