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19 Cleaning Tips For The Neglected Corners In Your Home

Like, lick-the-floor clean. (Maybe.)

1. Loosen crud on the back of your toilet by blasting it with a steamer first and then using a (clean!) toilet brush to remove it.

2. And then use the same steam cleaner to de-grime your grill on the inside and outside.

3. Keep your digital kitchen scale sealed in a plastic bag so you can clean it without submerging it.

4. Clean out your bong with a simple DIY solution and some handy bottle brushes.

5. One-up old toothbrushes when it comes to annihilating tiny specs of crud with this set of deep-clean brushes designed to maneuver around the tiniest of edges.

6. Remember to wash your reusable grocery bags on the reg.

7. Wash pet bowls daily. (It'll help with that dog smell, too. Yeah, that one.)

8. Make a blender look ~brand new~ without taking it apart by giving it a whirl with water and dish soap, and then a good rinse afterward.

9. Clean an electric juicer after every use (sorry) by letting it chill in a sink filled with soapy water.

10. Go medieval on your dirty pans with this cast-iron cleaner that subs in as a less-gross version of a scrubber sponge.

11. Keep a laundry basket (or hamper) smelling fresh-to-death by throwing a few dryer sheets in the bottom and leaving them there for a few weeks. Then switch them out!

12. Scrub skinny-necked bottles with a denture cleaner tablet and bottle brush...or a special magnetic scrubber.

13. Swap out your kitchen hand towels every single day.

14. Stay vigilant about cleaning out your French press.

15. Tackle shower door and sliding door tracks and windowsills with this specialty brush.

16. Short of climbing up on a ladder (or hiring someone to do that), this gutter contraption is your best bet on clearing out the drainage helpers.

17. Keep your oven in tip-top shape with regular cleaning...and put in a little bit of insurance against spills.

18. Eliminate dust and debris from keyboards with some cyber goo or a washable keyboard, or a multitude of other ways.

19. And of course, the air in your house should be clean! Ozium is an air sanitizer that seriously cuts through the worst of smoke, roasted Brussels sprouts, and even gassy dogs.