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    32 Cleaning Products With Before-And-After Photos That Just May Convince The Dirtiest Person To Actually Clean

    The proof is in the pudding.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Stain-lifting pads made to tackle icky pet stains. You love 'em but you don't have to live with their stains. Here's to avoiding renting a carpet cleaner to deal with accidents.

    2. A jetted tub cleaner you simply run through in a bath cycle and just watch the filth EMERGE from the pipes. Then you simply wipe it away! It'll be equally horrifying and satisfying. Worth it.

    3. Water bottle-cleaning tablets to make sure everyone's go-to container actually gets cleaned and LOOKS it. No more actually-clean drink containers discarded because of their lackluster looks.

    4. A wood polish and conditioner with so many amazing reviewer pics that even though covering up dings and scratches isn't *technically* cleaning, you'll let it slide with your revived wood surfaces!

    5. A pumice stone that'll scrub away hard water marks and you should most definitely label as "TOILET" so people don't use it on their feet(!!!!).

    6. And in case the situation is a bit more dire, a toilet wand cleaning system with removable heads so you'll stop regretting your decision to potty train your cats.

    7. An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to scrub away dirt and debris from a cloudy wedding band or smudged glasses with *just* the power of water while you go about your day doing the things you do.

    8. And a cleaning pen that'll *gently* revive the look of your jewels that you DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE have grown cloudy over time. Don't worry, it's made with micro-fine cleansers, polishing agents, and a polymer for a pro-level shine at the price of your morning coffee order.

    9. An ink remover that'll erase all sorts of pen accidents and transform hand-me-downs that've been etched with Sharpie pens. I'm not joking.

    10. A targeted cleaner that has a commercial-strength formula to cut through the mess to annihilate tough soap scum on shower doors, tub bottoms, sinks, whatever.

    11. A ~powerful~ shoe cleaner that'll turn back time on those kicks your kid swears could use replacing. Sry Jr.

    12. A rust-removing spray to work like a magic trick in neglected showers, minus the elbow grease. Spray it on a rusted surround, leave the room, and come back to diminished stains you can easily wipe away.

    13. An affordable hand vac that'll make cleaning up discarded fluff from your furniture NBD. Seriously, walking around like an animal fur hedgehog out of laziness is no way to live.

    14. AND a scratchy lil' tool for FINALLY getting all the pet hair off your fabric surfaces both inside your house and car. You'll wonder how you lived without up until now.

    15. A wheel cleaner that'll undo the grunge of the road.

    16. An ~intense~ grout cleaner – it can bring blackened grout back from the disgusting brink because you shouldn't want to wear shoes in the bathroom.

    17. A drill brush cleaning kit you can attach to your drill/driver for an informercial-like cleaning sesh that'll have you seeking out all the dirty surfaces you've been ignoring. This'll handle all the elbow grease.

    18. A holy grail soft cleanser to help you *easily* erase all those gray and rusty stains on household surfaces you came to term with years ago. They aren't paying rent, so give 'em the boot!

    19. A makeup brush cleanser because you and I both know you're not washing your beauty tools as frequently as you should. (Same.)

    20. A container of silver-polishing wipes that may just convince you to take out those heirloom pieces you're ignoring out of fear of suffering a scrubbing-induced elbow injury.

    21. A leather refinisher in a range of colors so you can revive your favorite spot on the couch that's taken the brunt of your story-watching and Lazy Sunday–lounging.

    22. A mold and mildew remover that'll work its magic on gross grout stains while you kick back and catch up on your stories.

    23. A shoe shine kit that just may make you have to make those trips to your local shoe repair a little less frequent. You don't have to break up but there's def gonna be a break.

    24. A legit stain remover to help remove those mud stains (and basically any other kind of stain) from your kid's shirt without harmful scrubbing.

    25. Or an all-natural stain remover you'll feel OK about using in case you're trying to cut harsh chemicals out of your cleaning routine but still don't want to use elbow grease.

    26. A steaming microwave cleaner for harnessing the power of anger to loosen up crud and dirt inside your microwave for wipeable messes. Time to say buh-bye to those leftovers that've been in there long enough to start getting a rent invoice.

    27. Detail brushes that, when paired with some powerful cleaners, you can use to bring your grout BACK to its original state. You forget it was white, didn't you?!

    28. A water mark removing cloth that could also do wonders on the nail polish remover you dribbled down your nightstand two years ago that's been a running "project for next weekend" for the past two years.

    29. Goo Gone – it can make all sorts of sticky messes you've resigned to living with disappear — including that old magnet that fused with your rental apartment's fridge (me) or stickers fused with garage door windows (my friend who just bought a house).

    30. An all-purpose car cleaner that'll works its magic on upholstery, leather, and other car surfaces because sometimes it feels like you live in that vehicle and it SHOWS.

    31. Magic Erasers to handle most of the elbow grease when you *do* have to scrub at a variety of stains ranging from weather-ravaged wood furniture to candle wax on walls to just regular old bathroom soap scum.

    32. And in case you need a lil' more power, a power washer can do the hard work in reviving outdoor hard surfaces like sidewalks, gates, patio furniture and more!

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