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25 Amazingly Clever Ways To Display Books In Your Home

Where to put all those books you were just gifted.

1. Think vertical with pretty, smaller coffee table books by stacking them on top of wall-mounted storage cubes.

2. Keep your books in formation with these magnetic sword bookends.

3. Transform some discarded drawers into whimsical wall shelves.

4. Avoid bringing a big bookshelf into your minimalist lifestyle with a leather wall-hanging strap.

5. Zero in on the reads of the moment with this floating book shelf that's super sturdy.

6. Tidy up a playroom by storing coloring and picture books in this kids' sling book rack.

7. Lean on the outside of a shelf to hold up your weighty art books that you want guests to eye.

8. Make room for novels and more with this colorful cube bookshelf.

9. Shop your workshop and use scrap wood as book ledges.

10. Toss various kids' books into this cute monster storage bin.

11. Take advantage of open storage by stuffing a rainbow of books in a compartment for some serious visual interest.

12. Install a solid spot for your book club's lineup with an industrial pipe book shelf.

13. Corral recent book fair acquisitions in this cheery, kid-friendly bookshelf.

14. Stash your current reads in this desktop organizer as a reminder to take some time to read during your day.

15. Put some of your fave tomes on display with this colorful wall shelf that comes with hanging brackets.

16. Squirrel away your current stress relievers with this coloring book box that even has a crayon compartment.

17. Station the books you L-O-V-E between these metallic bookends.

18. Turn a nook into a library wall by installing floating shelves.

19. Store your precious serials in this sleek comic book holder.

20. Section off a part of a table with this concrete jungle bookend that has room for your pens and even a succulent or two.

21. Give kids easy access to picture books with wall-mounted storage crates.

22. Let a few books hang tight with this simple pallet shelf.

23. Turn a desk corner into book-storage central with this tabletop storage box.

24. Dress up some plain magazine files as colorful children's book holders.

25. And keep it simple with a small bookcase for squaring away your prized literary possessions.