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    40 Cheap Things You Can Enjoy At Home While You're Getting Your Money's Worth On Rent

    Here's to avoiding spending lots of money on social interactions you didn't want to participate in anyway.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sassy cross-stitch pattern to help you make good on your resolution of concentrating on hobbies that create instead of consume. Yep, everyone's getting cross-stitch birthday gifts this year.

    2. An overnight lip mask you can just like lip balm before you go to bed at 9 p.m. (the dream!) and then reap the moisturizing benefits come morn.

    3. A butt sheet mask that'll force you to park it awhile so it can works its moisturizing magic. The skin back there also deserves some love!

    4. A purr-fect coffee spoon for posting up on the side of your mug once you've mixed in all the good stuff for your at-home coffee. Now you're truly living in the lap of luxury from your couch.

    5. Indoor plant food spikes to help care for your plant bb that's keeping you company at home. Don't be too hard on yourself for that one that bit the dust in 2019. RIP. Also, plants just make a home feel happier.

    6. A color-changing humidifier/diffuser you can use with some ~calming~ essential oils (ahem, lavender) to make your room smell like paradise and get you in the mood for Zzzzzzzs. Or just set the mood for a reading sesh.

    7. Southern Lady Code, a hilarious book of essays that'll have you clutching your gut within the first page. Seriously, I screamed "WHAT!" and had to read it out loud to my mom. She has also since read it, found it hilarious, and is reading the author's other books.

    8. And Nobody Cares, another book of essays I read, loved, and think you might too. If you've ever said something incredibly strange that made someone else pause during a social setting and then cringed about it for a week, you NEED to read this. (Meaning, there's a 99.95% chance nobody cares you said that weird thing! And if they do, then they're much weirder for it.)

    9. A 16-pack of soothing sheet masks that'll feel like next to no effort when your skin needs a lil' hydration. And if you're sitting on the couch or lounging in bed, even better!

    10. A "house" of sheet masks that'll hang out beautifully on its own in case the name of your game is forgetting to wrap your gifts.

    11. Satin pillow cases that I own and love! They'll feel like a total treat when you turn in earlier just because you CAN. Or crawl under your sheets to read, one of life's true pleasures IMO.

    12. An activity book for anxious folks that's filled with funny things to laugh over when you need a break or stuff to distract your mind when your friends cancelled plans on you and you're stuck at home with your thoughts.

    13. A deck of gorgeous dream-decoding cards that'll help you figure out what the heck that dream you had last night meant and put a stop on anxiety surrounding a repeat. Turns out, it probably didn't mean something as bad as you thought!

    14. A The New York Times Mondays crossword puzzle book as something to concentrate on instead of a screen. Just a few minutes a day looking at this bad boy instead will feel like a total treat. (Psst, Mondays are the easiest.)

    15. A Nic Cage reversible sequin pillow case you can lovingly stroke in a variety of ways while you're watching the masterpiece Moonstruck for the millionth time. Follow my dad's rule: If Moonstruck is on TV, you watch it. No arguments.

    16. A selenite lamp that'll look gorgeous and give off a decent glow... in case you've been super careful ever since you took a nap and left a candle burning. Oof.

    17. A Drag Race mad libs book for some Ru-inspired fun while you rewatch old seasons. Seriously, this is going to provide hours of fun for you and anyone else sticking around your place.

    18. On the flip side, a serial killers coloring book in case won't shut up about true crime (me) and also perhaps once killed the mood of a lovely outing of drinks with friends by bringing up that Jim Jones sold pet spider monkeys door to door (also me).

    19. Mindhunter, the tome the chilling Netflix series is based on because you're all caught up and it seems like the next season isn't coming for awhile, if at all. (Plz, do another season.)

    20. A foodie dog toy for the furry member of the fam who keeps you company while you're parked on the couch for a lazy winter Sunday. (The BEST Sundays, IMO.)

    21. A drawing book that, tbh is for kids, but will turn into tons and tons and tons of doodling fun. And it's tiny! So you can even tuck in behind your favorite throw pillow on the couch for easy access.

    22. A 12-pack of vibrant bath bombs for delivering some MAJOR fizz and ~relaxing~ drama while you're settling into a nice soak, completely unbothered on a Friday night.

    23. A cheerful tea infuser to help feed a tea-lover's habit in the comfort of your own dang home while wearing your coziest robe.

    A clear glass saucer is holding a clear glass mug. Inside of the mug, you can see tea and there is a gray sloth tea infuser that is hanging from the rim (with its "paws") and into the water for the tea.

    24. A five-pack of Disney princess socks because ya' gotta wear socks. And while you're at it, you might as well wear some cute ones you can admire while you're shoe-less in your own home.

    25. A comprehensive masking kit to make mixing, applying, and removing masks a total breeze.

    26. A mini reading journal full of fun prompts that'll be a step up from the note you've been keeping on your phone as you work your while through a towering stack of tomes on your nightstand.

    27. Watercolor brush pens in case you've grown a little tired of adult coloring backs and regular colored pencils. Time to step it up!

    28. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey to pour all over your dollar slice or leftover pizza. It goes on soooo many wonderful things you can whip up with whatever you've already got in your kitchen.

    29. A deck of gold cards to joke about playing with Benjamins 'til you can do that IRL at your next poker night. OR go with some matte black ones to match your goth-leaning ways.

    30. A blank comic book so you can finally put pencil to paper with your imagination. Buy one for every member of the fam and then swap 'em to read!

    31. Slow-cooker liners that'll make your set-it-and-forget-it routine even easier by making cleanup a snap! Just because you're spending the weekend at home doesn't mean that you have to stand over a hot stove for hours to whip up delicious eats.

    32. A benzonite clay mask you should really try if you haven't already! Discover why people on the Internet won't shut up about bentonite clay masks. And, AND you can even use it as a hair mask to prep your locks for absorbing product more efficiently!

    33. Or a Cetaphil bentonite clay mask – it'll work magic similar to the Aztec mask ^ with its pore-purging abilities that won't mess with your sensitive skin.

    34. And silicone mask brushes to gently apply your face mask (and then you can easily rinse off to clean while that face mask does its work).

    35. Pet-grooming gloves that'll let you get in some quality time *and* cut down on those little white hairs you keep finding on your couch.

    36. Exfoliating K-beauty washcloths to deliver the OUCH factor that pays off with the AHH of buttery smooth skin afterward. You have zero plans later, so take advantage of that flexible shower time with these for results you can feel.

    37. An ice roller to help de-puff your eyes in the morning or just to feel oh so nice when you're tired or have a migraine. Haven't you heard? This is what that song from Clueless "Rollin' With the Homies" is about.

    38. A coconut oil hair mask you can really let work its magic while it sits on your strands awhile.

    39. A Baby Yoda jigsaw puzzle because you've already watched The Mandalorian 3x but want to pay dues to The Child in other forms.

    40. Or a four-pack of gorgeous Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles you can lure the kids into helping you assemble for some at-home family fun. Really though, puzzles are THE BEST.

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