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    35 Cheap Things That'll Help You Reinvent All Your 2019 Outfits

    New decade, not new you and not a new wardrobe. But I love these stylish additions for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Chunky ankle boots that'll help you announce your presence before you can. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE needs a pair of chunky-soled boots. They go with everything and effortlessly make even sparkly dresses look tough.

    2. A velvet cami as a fancy as hell way to drape yourself in the lush fabric when your friends drag you outdoors and you break out your moto jacket. Throw it under a blazer. Or just use it as some loungewear. Talk about versatility.

    3. A faux-fur collar you can use to zhuzh up your go-to fall jacket, wear like a shrug with a cocktail dress, or warm up your four-legged BFF. Regardless of how you use it, it's gonna like incredibly glam.

    4. A luxe-looking circle bag with enough room to carry the essentials without dragging down your look. Now you'll have full range of arm motion to completely lose it when your band comes on at the music festival.

    5. A shaggy jacket that is a lil' Muppet-but-make-it-fashion, even if you pair it with those joggers you slept in last night. (I won't tell.)

    6. Affordable Chelsea boots because they're a staple you'll find yourself reaching for on so many mornings with zero regrets. Plus, that rich cognac hue will look so much more expensive than their friendly price tag ;).

    7. A compact PVC purse that'll get all the (well-deserved) attention amongst your accessories of the day. Don't be upset when it's bestowed with a Miss Congeniality award.

    8. A Kraken tentacle ring sure to strike fear in every sailor who sees it and envy in every landlubber to sees it. I do adore a multitasking accessory!

    9. A dino necklace that may have passersby screaming "That belongs in a museum!" They're right, an art museum.

    10. Sparkly fishnet stockings to wear under ripped shorts, ripped jeans, that LBD you wore to every wedding last year... so many possibilities!

    11. A checkered bomber jacket you can throw over your go-to black V-neck and skinny jeans outfit formula for something that'll feel new to you. PLUS, it's gonna be so handy during that in-between weather (or chilly office weather) when you're kinda puzzled on if you need an actual piece of outerwear.

    12. A dainty necklace set that'll look oh-so-chic against bare skin or layered on top of a mock turtleneck top.

    13. Acrylic and pearl-decked hair clips you've likely seen everywhere. And there's a reason. They're great! And also a wonderful distraction from those three layers of dry shampoo in your hair.

    14. Mesh socks that'll transform those black patent loafers you wear approximately 3x a week. Or let 'em peek out from those few inches between your ankle boots and the hem of your ankle jeans. That's what I do!

    15. Razzle dazzle door knockers will zhuzh up most anything from your 2019 holiday office party LBD to a chambray top. Pair it with a red lip and you're g2g.

    16. A metallic pleated skirt that'll look ANYTHING but basic YET will match so many things that it'll more than earn its keep.

    17. Velvet hair scrunchies primed to secure your dirty hair or really amp up that faux-sherpa jacket into full VSCO girl mode.

    18. And while we're on the subject, a gorgeous velvet headband as an easy accent on those days when you've thrown on that printed shirt dress, black opaque tights, and ankle boots (a great outfit formula!) for the umpteenth time this season. This'll make that combo feel new and exciting again!

    19. Washable mesh shopping totes for a très chic solution to carting around stuff that'll be a little more versatile than whatever branded free cotton tote you got at an event. I own one and can vouch that these beauts ball up into very little space but have some Mary Poppins–like capabilities.

    20. A sheer blouse even the capsule closet converts will find every which way to wear. You can totally layer a bralette or cami underneath for a look that'll still be approps.

    21. A fashionable wrist watch that'll look *so* fancy when paired with other jewelry or hanging solo as your own piece for the day.

    22. A ruffle-sleeve bodysuit to wear tucked into skirts or your fave high-waisted jeans for a lil' ~DRAMA~. Actually a lot of drama. Wait, don't you have a new show on Bravo?

    23. A cuddly teddy jacket that'll feel like a warm hug every time you pull it on. You're gonna need/want/etc., both the button-up and zip-up versions... in all the colors. Sorry not sorry!

    24. A leopard-print beanie because it's about time you throw on some standout winter accessories with that black puffer you're more or less living in this winter. Are you still basically commuting in a sleeping bag? Yes. But this hat makes is *drastically* cuter.

    25. High-waisted faux leather leggings for those times when your normal leggings just won't cut it. HULLO there.

    26. A faux-leather motorcycle jacket to throw on over nearly anything, even when you're running to the gym! If you don't already own one, this 2020 closet addition will open up so many more sartorial possibilities.

    27. Sweater boot liners so you have an extra barrier between those knee-high shafts and your tights-clad legs to prevent chafing. Also, they're just really adorable.

    28. A plaid scarf to give your go-to blanket scarf some well-deserved time off and you a fresh pairing with your heaviest winter coat come all these photographic outdoor excursions you have planned for the rest of the season.

    29. Stainless-steel hoops to give any outfit a boost because some outfits (meaning, LOTS) of outfits just look so much better with hoops.

    30. A leopard wrap skirt you can pair with every dang sweatshirt and sweater in your closet. Yeah, it's supposed to be for summer but it's called versatility!!! I have the pricier designer version of this skirt and pair it with tights/ankle boots/sweatshirt frequently.

    31. Sneaker-style rain boots because you can't be bothered to plan every outfit around your wellies when it's 30% chance of rain. (And why should you?!)

    32. Over-the-knee boots for when you'd rather not wear tights with a dress or skirt, or wear them over your skinny jeans for a fresh new take on those pants that are more or less part of your body.

    33. A dad cap that'll really get folks talking about how cute it is and also about some ~theories~ if you're into that kinda thing.

    34. A striped open cardi that'll make you look like an artisanal variety of candy corn. Yes that is a compliment from me because I love candy corn!!!

    35. Cozy knee-high socks because the '90s are back BAY-BEE, even though you've been mimicking Cher and Dionee's style since you were able to dress yourself. Layer these over tights or just wear these solo like the icons.

    I said what I said: ICONS.

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