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    Drag Your Old Mattress To The Curb Because Casper Is Having A Major Sale

    10% off is pretty sweet, especially since you've been sleeping on the same mattress since college. (I know all!)

    There are plenty of reasons you could be losing sleep. Perhaps there's a serial killer on the loose targeting all your friends, you refuse to kick your 4 p.m. iced coffee habit, or a big project at work has your mind racing... tons of possibilities!

    But if the reason you're losing sleep is because your mattress is garbage, I am here to help!

    But how exactly? Right now you can get 10% off ANY Casper mattress thru Friday, July 5th, when you enter code STRIPES at checkout. It's that easy!

    And 10% off a mattress turns out to be a NICE hefty chunk of savings.

    And here are some mattresses that sweet discount applies to:

    The Wave — the brand's newest model. It has five(!!!) layers of premium foam, hyper-targeted support, and a humidity-fighting wool cover.

    The Casper – it's the most popular design, with an affordable price, four layers of foam, zoned support, and breathable open-cell foams.

    The Essential – the perfect choice for budget-conscious sleeping beauties with its three layers of foam, easy-to-clean cover, streamlined support, and breathability!

    So what are you waiting for?! Simply just enter code STRIPES at checkout to get 10% off any mattress on Casper's site. Yep! That's it!

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