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    24 Things To Buy This Month That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

    Spend a little now and it can pay off later.

    1. A enticing cookbook that'll cater to those who'd prefer to live off nachos and other bar food (ME!) but know they should eat some veggies once in a while.

    2. Or perhaps a Harry Potter cookbook to get the whole fam so excited for dinner they may even not beg for delivery pizza instead.

    3. A foam pumpkin you can carve into a jack-o'-lantern this year and then display for years to come. And it'll be sooooo much less of a mess than an actual pumpkin.

    4. And if you're serious about carving (real or faux) pumpkins, a rotary tool carving kit to help you *safely* etch intricate, prize-worthy designs.

    5. Ankle booties in dozens of colors so you'll never be at a loss about how to wear them. Aka, you're going to live in these this fall.

    6. Stain-preventing dental wipes — they may buy you a few months 'til your next whitening treatment.

    7. A streamlined laptop backpack you'll want to carry even when you don't need your laptop. (I own it and love it!)

    8. And a waterproof electronics organizer to keep all your family's wires and cords organized and dry.

    9. A specially made funnel that'll do its own thing to get the last drops out of the old bottle while you do better things with your time.

    10. A beanie perfect for runners that'll replace the never-ending supply of ear muffs and ear covers you always swear will be the solution to cold weather runs.

    11. A tried-and-true juicer (that we tried and tested) so maybe you can save some dough and break up with your baller juice shop habit by hacking your own recipes.

    12. A slim card case for those times when you can't carry your full wallet or you'd rather not go out with every credit card you own.

    13. An affordable runner to put down in high traffic areas so your newly refinished floors keep looking good.

    14. Odor-free dishcloths you can use for years and years, and will clean up so easy in the dishwasher or washing machine. Bye sponges!

    15. A heat-resistant travel mat that'll help protect countertops from your hair tools and then keep them safe in your luggage — even if they're still a little warm to the touch.

    16. A 3-in-1 coat with a removable lining you can wear as a light down-filled layer or zipped into the outer shell.

    17. A full-zip fleece to layer under your top coat on days when the wind definitely has a bite, but you're not quite ready for your sleeping bag–like coat.

    18. A reusable pour-over coffee filter that'll work in your Chemex and other models now that you're a pour-over devotee and are going through paper filters at a scary rate.

    19. A time-saving brownie pan to help you whip up all kinds of holiday and bake sale treats quickly (rather than relying on store-bought goods).

    20. Cute packing cubes for squeezing soooo much more stuff into your luggage and avoiding checked baggage fees for all that holiday travel you have planned.

    21. Fiskars scissors that'll leave you wondering why you've been using other scissors your whole dang life.

    22. An eyeshadow primer to keep your Halloween look perf or your eyeliner intact on your snowboarding day trips.

    23. A 4 lbs. bag of Halloween candy so you won't have to fight your neighbors for the last few overpriced bags in the grocery store candy aisle on the night of the 30th.

    24. And a fog machine and fog juice to ~set the mood~ and make priceless memories by scaring the neighbors' kids.

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