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    20 Of The Best Rain Boots You Can Get On Amazon

    Make cloudy skies feel significantly brighter with dry feet. The products in this post were updated in July 2018.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Sparkly lookers that may have strangers stopping you in the middle of a rain puddle to ask where you nabbed them.,

    Promising review: "Wow! Great rain shoes! Feet are dry and shockingly fit... looking at them they seem super narrow, but slip the foot in and it’s dry feet in the monsoon. I wear a size 8 and ordered the size 8, comfy to wear around town or in office. Too many compliments, will definitely be ordering more 😍." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $15.55+ Rating: 4.2/5 Sizes: 6.5–8.5 Colors: five

    2. Brights Crocs for a glimmer of cheer on gray, dreary days.

    Promising review: "I was looking for something that was easy to slip on and off, not too high, and easy to rinse the cow poo and mud off that I have to drudge through on our farm. They are apparently slug-approved too, as I found one in each one morning... barefoot putting them on. They feel very sturdy and have a thin, cushy sole. They are just what I hoped for." β€”M. Kossivas

    Price: $24.92+ Rating: 4.3/5 Sizes: 4–11 Colors: four

    3. Majestic knee-highs (available in soooo many colors and patterns) at such a criminally low price, you can get a pair for each day of the week. For three weeks.,

    Promising review: "I love how bright and cheery these boots are, and they seem to be well-constructed, so far. They also fit in the calf β€” YAY! β€” which is somewhat unusual for me, because I have sturdy calves (17"), and many women's rain boots bunch up on 'em. They are a good fit. I purchased one size larger than my normal, because I plan to wear these with fleece boot liners and heavy socks, for an upcoming trip to the Oregon coast. The tide pools are calling me, but I know they're going to be C-O-L-D. ;) Nice boots, nice price. I'm pretty darned pleased with these!" β€”H. K. Rodman

    Price: $9.99+ Rating: 4.1/5 Sizes: 5.5–11 Colors: 25 color combos and patterns

    4. Striped sneaks to wear instead of actual rain boots, you're the type of person who'd typically rather walk around with soaked toes than wear boots. Isn't compromise lovely?!

    Promising review: "I'm a groomer's apprentice and needed some new boots to keep my feet dry during work. I have huge calves so finding traditional rain boots that fit them while not being too huge on my feet is a challenge, plus I think the style of normal rain boots is hideous. While browsing Amazon I discovered these. I've owned Rocket Dog sneakers back in my high school days, so I decided to take a chance with these and see how they feel and hold up. They're comfortable and super 'bouncy' when you step, which is alright with me. My feet are a little on the wide size and these don't feel like they're too tight. I also have a problem with my legs and feet swelling so these are perfect because of the laces (I can loosen and tighten as needed)." β€”Adrianna Micciche

    Price: $27.94+ Rating: 4.2/5 Sizes: 6–9 Colors: two stripe combos

    5. Sturdy footwear that'll take you from porch to chicken coop to field to wherever your soggy day takes you.

    Promising review: "I don't typically buy boots or shoes online but I gambled with these. Must say the color, style, and material quality was really good with these boots. I wear them with socks and feel comfortable. Can drive with them on. Wore at elementary school and worked just great, meaning my feet felt OK inside or for playground duty. Design is fun and the overall color is attractive." β€”knitter2

    Price: $33.83+ Rating: 4.8/5 Sizes: 6–11 Colors: eight patterns

    6. Leafy beauts with a loop in the back so you can easily step into them on drowsy morns.

    Promising review: "Love love love these boots! Good for walking in the woods. Waterproof and no ticks on my socks. What a good deal. $30 more on the Oakiwear web site. Love this brand." β€”sherry d

    Price: $29.99+ Rating: 4.2/5 Sizes: 5–11 Colors: 16 patterns

    7. Anti-slip booties that can more than pull their weight *and* your weight on slick sidewalks and tile floors.

    Promising review: "I accidentally bought the gray boots because they were the default color, but I like them better than the black! It is a taupe-ish gray so they are really versatile and the elastic insert shows up more. They taper in/hug the arch of my foot, which means they don't let my foot slide around like boxy boots do. Nice fit, great for 'soccer mom' mornings." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $20.77+ Rating: 3.8/5 Sizes: 6–9.5 Colors: also in black

    8. Fierce heels worthy of sunny days, too.

    Promising review: "Exactly what I wanted. Tired of flat boots being my only option for weather boots and am used to heels and platforms. If you are used to that, then these are just right. If you don't wear heels, especially with platforms, you probably should pass on this style. I typically wear an 8.5 but my Sorels are all 9s. I bought a 9 in this and as usual, the 9 is best for me. There is enough room for socks that are not super thin. I wish the weather would change so I can wear them out instead of just walking around the house in them! Just because they have heels doesn't make them dressy boots but they look really good with skirts and dresses. Really happy with my choice. These are bitchin'!" β€”

    Nancy Holiday

    Price: $69.98+ Rating: 4.1/5 Sizes: 7.5–11 Colors: two color combos

    9. Floral ankle grazers as a cheerful option when you're feeling totally blah about peeling yourself out of bed.

    Promising review: "Best purchase ever! I bought a pair for my mother-in-law and couldn't resist buying a pair for myself! I usually wear a 9.5–10 in normal shoes (a 9.5 in Nike runners) so I ordered a 9. They fit great for a rain boot. A little extra wiggle room, but was easily fixed by adding an extra insole. Really comfortable, spent the day shopping and my feet didn't even hurt. The colors and pattern were great quality. Absolutely love them and I will definitely be buying more!" β€”Rookie_cookie

    Price: $29.23+ Rating: 4.3/5 Sizes: 5–10 Colors: 14 patterns

    10. Classic dots as a timeless pick you'll never tire of. Never!

    Promising review: "These are perfect rain boots! They fit as expected, are so adorable, made of excellent quality, and shipped very quickly! Uggs are the best!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $49.99+ Rating: 4.5/5 Sizes: 5–11

    11. Buckled boots for making rainy day ensembles a total cinch.

    Promising review: "I love these shoes. They were perfect for what I needed for my cruise to Alaska. I was able to wear them around all day whether I was shopping or kayaking. Very well-rounded shoe. I wore them on an unexpectedly sunny and hot day, and it worked for that as well." β€”BLA

    Price: $25.45+ Rating: 4/5 Sizes: 6–11 Colors: three

    12. Glossy Columbias with a riding boot-inspired silhouette nice enough to wear to the office β€” at least 'til you can change into dress shoes at your desk.

    Promising review: "These are great rain boots! I wanted a pair of functional rain boots, not just something that looks cute. I spend a lot of time outside with my dog and in my garden, so I needed something that would withstand rain and snow, and also something with good sole traction to keep me from slipping and sliding around. These boots do both, and they are comfortable and fit really nice with enough room for my thick wool socks. If you are searching for a pair of tough, good quality rain boots, these are an awesome choice." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $39.93+ Rating: 4.4/5 Sizes: 5–12 Colors: 10

    13. Floral stripes perfect for someone who isn't afraid of mixing and matching patterns β€” truly ones of life's underrated pleasures.

    Promising review: "I've been longing for some brightly colored wellies awhile but didn't want to spend high-dollar prices on Hunter or other such brands. I didn't want a cheap looking slick/shiny pair. These have a matte finish and a nice little brand placard at the top front of each boot. They are so cute and I plan to use them in the winter also with inserts. Fit nicely, too!" β€”Earl Grey and Yellow

    Price: $16.70+ Rating: 4.2/5 Sizes: 5–10 Colors: 55 patterns and color combos

    14. Olive laceups so you can pack light for your next adventure.

    Promising review: "I really liked these a lot. I bought them for a backpacking trip through Europe in the spring because I expected lots of rain, but wanted to be able to use them as my tennis shoes, too. (Can't pack very many shoe options on these things!) They worked great and were super cute. Even trekking through cow fields in Ireland, they kept my feet clean and dry while everyone else left wet and stinky. The only downside was that I wore them with shorts/capris a couple days and where the rubber met my shin it would rub until a little raw and painful. So basically, wear with tall socks or jeans. Otherwise they were great." β€”Tara Stoicescu

    Price: $34.99+ Rating: 4.3/5 Sizes: 6, 11 Colors: also in black

    15. Gingham gems that'll make getting dressed for rainy days feel like a picnic.

    Promising review: "I bought these boots to have something durable for walking in mud. They have gone above and beyond and a year later still have no cracks and were pretty comfortable once I broke them in." β€”J D Hfield

    Price: $21.44+ Rating: 4/5 Sizes: 5–11 Colors: six patterns

    16. Sorel wedges you can all but run in because they're so damn sturdy.

    I have them in red (which is sadly sold out on Amazon), and I get sooooo many compliments when I wear them. Check out my full review here.

    Promising review: "These are amazing! Fit so comfy and I do have wider feet πŸ˜† Definitely recommend for rain/snow boot! They are chunky but I do not mind. It fits my leg great (I've got some meat on my calves) only thing is if you don't like how chunky looks, this is not the boot for you." β€”Michelle Miraldo

    Price: $74.23+ Rating: 4.4/5 Sizes: 5–12 Colors: eight

    17. Muck Boots in a happy color combo to put a lil' pep in your step.

    Promising review: "These boots are great! They keep my feet warm in the cold mud and rinse off easily. Easy to slip on and off, too. Great value for the price!" β€”Jenny M. Aaronson

    Price: $39.99+ Rating: 4.5/5 Sizes: 4–11 Colors: four color combos

    18. Fishing galoshes lined with neoprene in case tumultuous waves try to get in between you and the big catch.

    Promising review: "I love my boots. Comfortable and easy to slip on and off. They are completely waterproof and warm in colder weather. I wore them comfortably when it was 30 degrees out." β€”Rorien

    Price: $87.32+ Rating: 4.6/5 Sizes: 6–11 Colors: six color combos

    19. Combat boots to help you in your sodden war against Mother Nature.

    Promising review: "This is my daughter's third pair of boots from this company because she keeps outgrowing them! She loves these boots, they are stylish and work well in the rainy Pacific Northwest weather. They fit true to size and arrived in a timely manner. Keep up the great work, I think you have a customer for life in my daughter!" β€”Stephanie Lynne Messina

    Price: $24.88+ Rating: 4.1/5 Sizes: 6–10 Colors: three patterns

    20. Saturated shine they'll see coming from a mile away. And that's *exactly* how you'd prefer it.

    Promising review: "These boots are awesome! They are not only cute, but practical at the same time. I ordered fleece rain boot liners for them so I can wear them in the snow. Now my feet are warm and dry and I don't have to worry about the snow (which being in Illinois, there is a lot of!) ruining the boot. Love that I can wear these in all seasons. Unlike my Uggs, which I love and they are warm but snow and water are a no no with them. These are pretty narrow, though. My foot is not wide at all and they fit me pretty snug." β€”D. Deckert

    Price: $17.99+ Rating: 4.3/5 Sizes: 6–11 Colors: 13

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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