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    All The Best Presidents’ Day Sex Toy Deals

    The vibes are even better when the toys are discounted at places like BellesaBoutique, Lovehoney, We-Vibe, Amazon, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. 40% off a ~legendary~ clit-sucking Satisfyer Pro 2.

    the vibrator with illustrated waves around it to illustrate the vibrations

    According to one friend who bought it from a BuzzFeed Shopping story, it works almost *too* well. Has 11 intensities and is 100% waterproof.

    Promising review: "I vote to rename this product 'Orgasmatron 5000.' Not kidding. I was pretty hesitant to spend that much on a toy, but it is absolutely worth every penny. When the instructions say 'it's even better in the bath,' they aren't kidding, and the settings go from what I would call 'gentle murmur' up to 'HOLY #$@%!!' Don't forget to try it on your nipples as well. If you possess a clit, you NEED this toy. Do it." —Amelia

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95 (originally $49.95). You can also grab some tip replacements here.

    2. 50% off a rabbit vibrator.

    the rabbit style vibrator
    Ella Paradis

    This waterproof, rechargeable toy is made of soft silicone and super quiet, and has 10 speed modes.

    Promising review: "I knew it was meant to be girthy but when it arrived it was almost a little bit terrifying (in a good way)! It's got a great battery life and I love that it's rechargeable so no batteries going to waste. All in all it's great fun and would recommend but you need plenty of lube with it." —Anna

    Get it from Ella Paradis for $66.65 (originally $134.99).

    3. 46% off the touch-free clitoral massager Womanizer Pro40.

    model wearing full coverage underwear holding the toy near their crotch

    This waterproof toy is USB chargeable, has four hours of run time, six intensity levels, and features a special air technology unique to Womanizer products that stimulates your clit without touching it.

    Promising review: " This product is amazing! Best toy I've ever owned. Such an innovative masturbation device, my clit doesn't tire or get numb. I can orgasm in under a minute and it is always a good one!" —ColourMeImpressed

    Get it from Womanizer for $69 (originally $129; also available in red).

    4. 30% off a vibrating cock ring (with a bullet vibe you can use separately).

    dildo with the double ring worn so one ring is in front of the balls and the other behind with the vibe on top of the shaft

    Textured cock ring with two loops and a bullet vibrator that's removable. Made of silicone, best used with water-based lube. Can be used for clitoral or perineal stimulation during penetrative sex.

    Promising review: "This product is amazing. My fella and I love it. It makes him last for hours. Definitely recommend this product. The shipping was also way faster than I thought it would be." —Verified Customer

    Get it from Lovehoney for $17.49 (originally $24.99).

    5. 29% off a water-based lube.

    hand holding the bottle of lube

    Promising review: "I strongly recommend this product. The second I drizzled it onto my shaft I could feel that the quality was better than lubes I have purchased in the past. My boyfriend and I also noticed that I did not have to pull out of his anus mid-thrust to add lube as often as in the past, making our love-making even more passionate then usual. Thank you #LubeLife! You've created two very happy gays!" —D

    Get it from Amazon for $8.49 (originally $12; available in four flavors, four sizes).

    6. 26% off a powerful vibrating wand.

    person's hand holding a pink wand-like vibrator

    Has 8 Speeds and 20 different vibration modes.

    Promising review: "Okay, let's just be honest here. While this can be used for sore muscles, we all know most of us are buying this for personal reasons. Now that that's out of the way...WOW!!! I've been thinking about buying something like this for a while, but seeing as I had never purchased something like this before, I was very intimidated. I settled on this one after reading so many positive reviews. Best...purchase...ever! Very strong vibes, reasonably quiet (as long as you close and lock the door, you should be good), and waterproof! If you are looking for something to get you to the happy place fast, that will make your toes curl and your mind shriek for joy, look no further. Definitely recommending this to anyone questioning the purchase. Do it! You will not regret it. I certainly don't!" —Matthew a hanson

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99 (originally $37.99; available in three colors).

    7. 35% off a butterfly kiss vibrator.

    pink wand-like vibrator with a bulb on the end and butterfly wing design to hit the clitoris
    Adam & Eve

    Use the code TOY35 at checkout.

    This soft and flexible waterproof toy has three vibration speeds and runs on 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).

    Promising review: "This might look deceiving because it's on the small side, but it gave me the best G-spot orgasm ever. I thought I peed on myself but I didn't. The clit stimulator is kind of small but where it rubs and vibrates on your vaginal lips gets the job done. i know the bulb looks small and the girth is kind of small but it works. And for the price it can't be beat." —mv

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $12.97 (originally $19.95).

    8. Or 40% off a hands-free butterfly vibrator.

    vibrator with straps across the hips and around the thighs so the vibrator part hits against the clitoris

    Can be worn at home or out and about under clothes. It has 3 speeds, 7 patterns, and runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included).

    Promising review: "I have no words to describe the incredible O that this wonderful toy gives oooohhhhh. It left me shaking at the knees....Soft, pretty and ohhh soo wonderful. Looking forward to having so much fun with this beautiful butterfly. Just need to figure out how the strap works and I’ll be taking it everywhere with me." —Japonica

    Get it from Lovehoney for $17.99 (originally $29.99).

    9. 30% off a penis extender.

    hand holding a penis-like toy with a cavity in it for slipping a penis into

    This realistic toy adds an extra 1–3 inches of length while desensitizing you for longer play time. Use with water-based lubricant.

    Promising review: "Definitely a keeper. My wife orgasmed 2 times that 'shook her to her core,' her words the first time we used it. She loved the extra length and girth and I love being in control of an 8-inch beast." —Fett B.

    Get it from Lovehoney for $24.49 (originally $34.99; available in three colors).

    10. 70% off a peachy anal plug.

    pink anal plug with a flared base that has a picture of a peach emoji on it

    Slender plug with a flared base. Use with water-based lube.

    Get it from Babeland for $8.99 (originally $29.99).

    11. 23% off a whisper-quiet Lelo Soraya.

    model holding the toy in bed

    Made of silky-soft silicone, has 12 vibration settings, a flexible external stimulator, 100% waterproof, and charges by USB.

    Promising review: "From a girl that’s hard to please, whose O face is more elusive than Bigfoot, this vibrator is a game changer. Blessings on your house LELO, for real." —LadyB

    Get it from Lelo for $175 (originally $219; available in three colors).

    12. 36% off a flexible silicone vibrator.,

    Has nine vibration patterns, a magnetic USB charger, and is waterproof.

    Promising review: "I purchased this vibrator on a 'impulse buy' and man am I happy that I did. I am a gay man and usually don’t purchase these types of tools but when I read the reviews and saw the functionality and the magnetic charging option I decided to give it a go. The price is fantastic, I could see myself paying $60–80 for this in an adult toy store. This thing has so many different vibrational options and I was shocked to see that the whole vibrator vibrated and not just the tip or the base. If you’re looking for a toy that can be concealed easily this is your guy." —Brayden Conover

    Get it from Amazon for $21.69 (originally $33.99).

    13. 50% off a pair of neon cuffs.

    neon pink translucent wrist cuffs with a removable chain connector

    Comes with a connecting chain and can be used on wrists or ankles.

    Get it from Babeland for $9.99 (originally $19.99).

    14. 35% off a rechargeable bullet vibrator.

    copper metallic tone small vibrator
    Adam & Eve

    Use the code TOY35 at checkout.

    Waterproof and submersible, USB rechargeable with about 2 hours per charge, has 10 functions.

    Promising review: "The different vibration patterns are SO GREAT!!!!! Battery holds a charge for a long time, even with daily use. ;) Buy it!!" —Sexsells

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $9.72 (originally $14.95).

    15. 60% off a strap-on harness with a dildo.

    model wearing a strap on harness with a large dildo penis attached to it
    ErosPleasure / Etsy

    Get it from ErosPleasure on Etsy for $81.42 (originally $203.64).

    16. 25% off a waterproof We-Vibe Sync vibrator.

    U-shaped vibrator with ridges on it

    This dual-ended vibrator is 100% waterproof, made of body-safe silicone, easy adjusts to fit your body (it's made to hit your clitoris and G-spot), works with a remote control up to three meters, and syncs with the free We-Connect app so you can control it from anywhere.

    Promising review: "Love my husband, that's for sure. But I need clitoral stimulation. Tried plenty of couple toys. Cheap products, not worth it! That's why we decided to buy the Sync. Even though, the price is quite premium. It is perfect for me. the only thing that makes me have the big OOOOOOH, while sleeping with my partner. He enjoys it too!" —Linda

    Get it from We-Vibe for $149 (originally $199; also available in purple).

    17. 27% off a soft but firm dildo with a suction cup.,

    Promising review: "The suction cup on this thing does not play. I bought it for my husband (gay couple). First thing he did was take it to the wall and it hung there for quite some time. It doesn’t smell super chemically, and that’s really nice. If feels very durable, and it’s really soft to the touch. It’s firm enough to hold his posture when penetrating, it’s an overall fun toy." —crobinson

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (originally $18.69; available in three colors).

    18. 30% off a vibrating prostate massager.

    L-shaped massager

    This waterproof and USB rechargeable silicone vibrator has 20 functions and is great for beginners.

    Promising review: "This little prostate massager has an incredible amount of options available when it comes to speed and vibration. It's small and slim so it's a great first step into anal play. It comes with a travel lock built into it so it won't turn on without you wanting it to. It also comes with a nice little travel bag to keep it in. I love that it's rechargeable. Small but incredibly powerful so no need for batteries and the battery life in this toy is amazing." —Dutyofbooty96

    Get it from Lovehoney for $20.99 (originally $29.99).

    19. 18% off the oral sex-simulating Ora 2.

    the circular shaped toy

    It has 10 pleasure settings, is waterproof, and fully rechargeable.

    Promising review: "I love this toy. It doesn't look like a toy. You can lay it out and because of the shape of it, no one knows what exactly it is unless they have one. Every time I use it I have a fantastic orgasm. I used to think my toy like a 'rabbit' also from Lelo was the greatest. Now this has taken its place." —Wendy

    Get it from Lelo for $122.55 (originally $149; available in three colors).

    20. 35% off a stretchy masturbator.

    light pink sleeve-like stroker toy for a penis
    Adam.& Eve

    Use the code TOY35 at checkout.

    Promising review: "While nothing beats the real thing, this is a good substitute. Much better than my Fleshlights and at a fraction of the price. It gives you the illusion of gaining girth and length. Very nice asset to the mind. My lady gets the lion share of toys in this house but this time I caved in to her requests and got something for myself, she really enjoyed watching it in action. First experience was very enjoyable and results were easy to achieve. More pleasure in the future." —Anonymous

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $19.47 (originally $29.95).

    21. 50% off a powerful wand massager.

    wand vibrator with a large bulb at the end
    Pink Cherry

    Use the code LOVE at checkout.

    Promising review: "Are you busy with work? Kids getting ya down? Husband too busy? Boy toy not available? You work hard, you work hard to be a good mom every day! You deserve this. Let me ask you, as you sit at the end of your night alone. When was the last time you had a tongue curling orgasm? Get out your pocketbook ladies! This one is a keeper! You know you need a Tongue curling, body shaking, heavy breathing good time. This high powered body wand doesn't die! Take it from me! This is the toy for you!" —michelle

    Get it from Pink Cherry for $49.95 (originally $99).

    22. 15% off the BellesaBoutique x BuzzFeed AirVibe.


    Get 15% off sitewide, 20% off on orders $79+, and 25% off on orders $149+

    This waterproof vibe has dual stimulation (for your clitoris and G-spot), 10 vibration modes and 5 suction settings, is rechargeable, and comes with a cute clamshell carrying case. You can read all about our BuzzFeed sex toy on Bellesa.

    Promising review: "A well thought out, well designed toy! I love that it's adjustable. On my first go, and after two amazing orgasms, I couldn't take it anymore and I just had to stop. I thought I might just black out!. Seriously!! Then I started laughing. Like, I was legit giddy. I look forward to many more sessions with this bad boy!" —Tracy

    Get it from BellesaBoutique for $50.15 (originally $59).

    23. 56% off a pair of Satisfyer anal beads.

    two black matte anal bead strings
    Ella Paradis

    The bead chains are made of soft silicone and are ideal for beginners to anal play thanks to the graduated bead sizes and loop for easy removal.

    Get it from Ella Paradis for $19.95 (originally $44.95).

    24. 70% off a glow-in-the-dark masturbation sleeve.

    sleeve that looks like two orbs stacked on top of each other with a peek inside of a ribbed interior

    Made of super-pliable silicone with a ribbed interior. Use with water-based lube.

    Get it from Babeland for $13.49 (originally $44.99).

    25. 50% off a waterproof clit vibrator and massager.

    heart shaped vibrator
    Ella Paradis

    Promising review: "Extremely happy about this. I’ve had massagers before but this is perfect for me, I like that it's small but powerful. A lot of different speeds. With other massagers you have to deal with cords and big chargers, I live in a studio so this is perfect for my space, easy to use, quiet, can use it in the bath. Just thrilled with my new toy." —Mia

    Get it from Ella Paradis for $53.32 (originally $106.64).

    26. 25% off an Aventurine Yoni wand.

    hand holding a green crystal dildo with a spiral carved into it
    Spritual Nexus / Etsy

    Get it from Spritual Nexus on Etsy for $86.25 (originally $115).

    27. 16% off The Personal Touch combo with a G-spot vibe, finger vibe, and lube to make everything go as smooth as possible.

    the bottle of lube with a textured grip on it, the wand-like vibrator with a bulb on the end, the finger vibrator with a loop on it

    This set includes a Alu 4 oz. bottle of lube (organic, aloe-based lube that’s free of glycerin, parabens, hormones, sugars, and worries; works with toys and condoms; $18 value), grip sleeve for the Alu (textured silicone sleeve for your lube bottle; $8 value), Fin (water-resistant, USB-rechargeable vibrator with optional loop to put on fingers and a three-speed motor; $85 value), and Arc (waterproof G-spot vibrator for internal/external use with five patterns and five intensities; $115 value).

    Promising review (for the Alu): "Love the formula and it works so well with the Fin vibrator! There is no smell and it feels amazingggggg. Highly recommend for a little “me time” ;)" —Maria B.

    Promising review (for the Fin): "The fin is the perfect size and strength. It’s very portable. What can I say? def gets the job done and more. would recommend to anyone looking for solo or partner play." —Faenza

    Promising review (for the Arc): "Quality ✔️ Features ✔️ Color ✔️ Oh so pretty and satisfying as well. My hands are aging with the rest of me. I wanted/needed a new vibrator which would not hurt my hands. The Arc was one of my last ‘tries’ before giving up. My hands and the rest of my body thank me for finding this." —Leona C.

    Get them from Dame for $190 (originally $226).

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