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    25 Of The Best Pieces Of At-Home Massage Equipment You Can Buy Online

    Turns out that being parked on your couch isn't the best for your lower back. But we're all making do.

    1. A kneading neck and shoulder massager with eight rotating nodes to do the hard work your partner or v lovely roommate doesn't want to do for you. Buy them one too! How nice of you!

    2. A foot massager I own and adore. You can keep it at your couch and roll your feet across it while you tackle your inbox. All the lil' nodules help me feel relief after walking around in not-good-for-you shoes, and will be a welcome treat even if the only walking you're doing is from the couch to the bathroom to the kitchen.

    person rolling feet across wooden massager with rolling cylinders on it that are textured with nubs

    3. A massaging shampoo brush with silicone bristles that aren't too hard and aren't too soft for a clarifying head treatment that'll loosen built-up product AND feel oh-so-satisfying. Sometimes it's hard to make yourself actually wash your hair when you aren't leaving the house. This will do the convincing for you.

    4. A heated shiatsu-style foot massager for a DEEP massage that'll make your old dogs purr. Didn't know dogs could purr? Well they can.

    5. Or a next-level, splurgey deep-kneading foot massager that'll be the next best thing to going to the spa.

    6. A shiatsu-style heated massager with rotating nodules you can move as you see fit. Try it on your lower back, under a calf, most anywhere that could use a little treat.

    7. A rose quartz massager and roller perfect for giving yourself a pampering face massage with your holy grail face oil.

    hand holding the rose quartz double-ended roller massager and a matching massager stone

    8. Or an ice roller for your face made to store in your freezer and then pull out when you wanna use it to depuff and relieve your face (especially those under-eyes!).

    a handheld roller with a stainless steel rolling cylinder at the end

    9. A rechargeable massager with more than two hours of power to help you get through seemingly endless conference calls that could've been an email. "Sorry my Wi-Fi isn't cooperating with video calls rn!" ::mutes sound and bites into a sandwich::

    person not wearing a shirt using the large wand-like massager to reach a part of back their hand wouldn't

    10. A hand massager you can do while you catch up on your stories because the group chat has been on FIRE lately, making your digits work overtime.

    person using clamp-like massager with balls on the end to massage thumb

    11. A nubby massage ball to roll under your old dogs to help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and just general soreness.

    massaging ball in packaging

    12. An acupressure tool you probably saw on Shark Tank to help massage away the knots in spots where your hand can't reach like you need.

    13. A heated eye mask with air compression and Bluetooth capabilities that'll help you create your own soothing fortress of solitude outside of your bedroom.

    reviewer pic of person sitting on a couch or bed with the opaque eye mask on

    14. An electric scalp massager reviewers also say will work some wonders on other parts for some soothing effects.

    15. A pair of classic head massagers with smooth acrylic beads ready to get down to *that* spot on your scalp that you can't seem to get to by yourself.

    two head massagers with a handle on top, curved wires, and acrylic beads on the end

    16. A shiatsu-style massager mat for coverering your head, neck, shoulders, back, and behind. So most everything you can have massaged while sitting in a desk chair. (OK, feet too. But I've got foot massagers in here for you too.)

    reviewer pic of the mat on an office chair

    17. And a more affordable vibrating cushion just begging to be parked on your favorite spot on the couch rn. Then once we're all no longer working from home, you can put it in your car so your commute can be a bit more relaxing too!

    reviewer pic of gray soft massaging cushion on the seat and back of a car driver's seat

    18. A foam roller bar you can use solo to help relieve those muscles you worked hard thanks to that YouTube HIIT video.

    person sitting down on ground and using the massaging wand along the outside of a thigh

    19. A pair of massage balls to roll over tense spots. OR you can bribe a loved one to use to work on those knots. You can also pour oils in it for the rubdown.

    20. And a stick-able muscle therapy ball you can put on the floor to keep it right where you like it. Or put it on the wall so you can rub up against it like a bear rubbing its back on a tree. Hey, the bears have good ideas! I'm not gonna knock 'em!

    person rubbing back against a massage ball stuck on the wall

    21. A percussion massage gun with seven massage head attachments to help you zero in on the right fit for that pain in your neck... or your arch... or your calf.... you get my drift.

    reviewer holding the massager that has a handle and body like a power drill with a massaging ball at the end

    22. Or a splurge-worthy Theragun one of my coworkers swears by for tackling her sore, flat arches. And FYI, she compares it to using a hand mixer.

    23. A massaging eye wand set to help soothe your poor peepers that are getting way more screen time than usual. *Gently* use the massaging eye and then follow up with the included illuminating eye cream for an experience that'll make you say "AHHHHHHH."

    jar of illuminating eye cream and a handheld eye massager

    24. And a ~heated~ massaging recliner in case you're in the market for a new chair AND the magic touch. Also there are two cup holders. Uh, this is the utmost form of living-room luxury.

    25. A foot massager and exfoliator – it can feel like a total treat. Seriously, squirt some body wash from afar onto this brush, then use it to massage your feet, then rinse. You don't even have to bend down for it!

    person washing and massaging foot on a massager stuck on the shower floor with high bristles

    So who's ready to buy the same massager as your friends and FaceTime them during your extremely relaxing sessions?

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