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    All The Best Black Friday Weekend Style Deals On Amazon

    From ankle boots to glam jewelry to versatile dresses, here are the best deals.

    FYI — deals move quickly on Black Friday weekend. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout the weekend to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    It's hereeeeeee! Black Friday weekend that is. And there are so many stylish deals on Amazon. But we're doing a solid and finding the best of the best right *here*.

    Here are our fave deals:

    1. 49% off an Anne Klein watch that'll double as nice jewelry.

    2. Up to 60% off an assortment of pieces from Amazon's Lark & Ro line.

    3. 30% off some thin gold hoops that'll make the perfect accent to most any outfit.

    4. 35% off an extra roomy duffle bag to tote all sorts of things where you've gotta go.

    5. Up to 50% off accessories from Amazon's The Fix line.

    6. 49% off earrings with pressed flowers inside as a gift that'll last so much longer than any bouquet.

    7. 30% off a state-centric necklace available in, you guessed it, all 50 states!!!

    8. Up to 50% off Calvin Klein because holey undergarments are a terrible look, even when you're the only one who sees 'em.

    9. 30% off some rose gold bumblebee earrings that'll have passersby abuzz with compliments.

    10. Up to 30% off Under Armour apparel and shoes to help you embrace the athleisure movement in so many wonderful ways.

    11. Up to 77% off some comfy sandals with the cushion of a yoga mat you'll be glad you bought, even if you can't wear them for months or your next tropical vacation. Yep, that that good.

    12. Up to 60% off a large selection of Amazon's Ella Moon collection.

    13. 36% off Dickies moisture-wicking socks that can keep your old dogs dry while you're on the go.

    14. 30% off a Samsonite business case with all sorts of pockets and compartments for anything you may require.

    15. Up to 50% off men's and women's jeans in case yours are starting to get a little threadbare in the inner thighs (story of my life).

    16. 30% off a cubic zirconia jewelry set for some razzle dazzle that'll leave plenty of $ for more stuff.

    17. 33% off a clear umbrella that'll make for a wonderful photo opp and storm fail-safe.

    18. 47% off a Nine West watch with rose gold features that'll go with most anything.

    19. 30% off a classic umbrella with a wood handle in case you're into timeless style that'll go with anything and everything.

    20. 40% off Calvin Klein heels in a rainbow of colors for a sharp wardrobe staple.

    21. 20% off some Christmas socks in a variety of styles so everyone in the fam can get a cute, toasty pair tailored to their tastes.

    22. Up to 40% off Adidas apparel, shoes, and accessories to keep you looking sporty, even if you're just sitting on the couch.

    23. 20% off a comfy dress with pockets you can layer every which way.

    24. 61% off a wire-free contour bra that won't have you looking like you're wearing a sports bra.

    25. 21% off a maxi floral dress with pockets(!!!) that'll look fab for so many different occasions.

    26. 30% off a sterling silver pendant necklace that'd make a gorgeous gift for the person who repeats "you don't need to get me anything."

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