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    34 Beauty Products Made To Do More Than One Task

    A nourishing rosehip oil, redness-cancelling color corrector, 2-in-1 eyeliners, and more things that'll earn their keep in your medicine cabinet.

    1. Everyday Humans Wonder Salve works as a lip balm and salve for anywhere your skin is dry. Plus it's petroleum-free and has a nice watermelon flavor you'll love.

    person putting the balm on their lips

    2. LA Pure eyeliner stamp handles the perfect flick, then has a regular liquid liner end to help you connect it to the rest of your eyeliner.

    3. Glossier Solution scrubs pores and skin with a trio of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) to help loosen the yucky stuff to make way for lightened scars, smaller-looking pores, and fewer blemishes.

    4. A pair of satin pillowcases keep the moisture in your skin while ya' snooze. AND keep your hair looking smooth and significantly less frizzy for an easier morning routine. Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention they're lovely for folks who like the cool side of the pillow.

    model hugging a pillow covered in the pillowcase

    5. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel is, IMO, a multi-tasking miracle worker. This cooling gel soaks in immediately for moisturizing benefits on the reg, post-shave soothing or treating some gnarly sunburn (that in hindsight I should've gone to the dermatologist about).

    6. Sun Bum Tinted Lip Balm with SPF 15 I can personally vouch for. It's easy to put on without a mirror, is super moisturizing, and has color that tints your lips for the day. If you're afraid of lipstick, this is a safe bet. I keep not one, but two(!) in my purse at all times.

    model's arm with different color swatched on it

    7. Coty Airspun Face Powder sets your makeup and helps blur the look of lines, pores, scars, and more. Plus it's good for touchups later in the day. Oh, and reviewers of color swear by it for zero flashback.

    8. A rose quartz massager and roller perfect for giving yourself a pampering face massage with your holy grail face oil. Over time, this bb is meant to promote circulation and reduce puffiness.

    hand holding the double-ended roller

    9. Radha Rosehip Oil is an all-natural solution to a ton of skin problems. It helps hydrate skin, reduces the look of wrinkles and scars, and reviewers even say it helps their hair and nails.

    before pif of a reviewer with breakouts on cheek, then a pic with breakout calmed down dramatically, then same reviewer with clear cheek

    10. Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment goes on cooling and smooth, is easy to blend in, and will make you look in the mirror five minutes later wondering where all that redness went! I use it daily as a moisturizer under my foundation and some reviewers even use it as a CC cream. It's *that* good. And it has SPF 30!

    the reviewer with half of face's redness covered thanks to the product

    11. O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream soothes dry, cracked hands *while* making them look so much more presentable. I'm going to assume you've been washing your hands often and correctly all along, but maybe you haven't and your hands are super dry these days. (No, this is not an accusation.)

    reviewer's pic of very dry hand with ragged looking cuticles, then same hand looking dramatically more moisturized with healed looking cuticles

    12. Weleda Skin Food, a cult-favorite moisturizer you can use on your face, hands, elbows, body, whatever. It's still somehow relatively cheap in comparison to its incredibly effective contemporaries. Even more reason to give it a spin!

    person holding a tub of Skin Food with a bouquet of flowers

    13. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay made to annihilate blemishes and suck gunk out of pores, especially when combined with some ACV. And, you can even use it as a hair mask so product better soaks into your natural strands!

    14. A four-pack of blending makeup sponges that — when damp — blend your foundation into a filter-like finish. Then when dry they'll help you set foundation and concealer under your eye (something that really helps anyone with allergies and contacts like me).

    the sponges with a diagram of wet and dry uses for the sponges

    15. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm delivers moisture, SPF 15, *and* lasting color that won't overwhelm your look (especially in this Velvet hue). This stuff is LEGIT.

    16. A MakeUp Eraser washcloth easily takes off a full face of makeup with mere water. Then if you flip it to the other side you can use it to exfoliate your skin!

    person with half clean face and half face full of makeup

    17. Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer combines an essential step (moisturizing, duh!) with bronzing if you can't quite seem to find the right balance between pallid and orange when applying bronzer.

    model with some hyper pigmentation before, then bronze even skin after

    18. Goodhabit Glow Potion Oil Serum shortens your skincare routine thanks to a hybrid formula of blue spirulina, hyaluronic acid, and blue tansy flower, even when you have zero patience for your nightly ritual.

    19. One of One Think Twice Eyeliner Pencil in coordinating shades that'll really make your eyes pop when combined. Or just go with one color at a time? Whatever, it's your look!

    20. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo not only cleans your strands but targets residue from all that dry shampoo you have built up in your hair so your scalp with truly feel clean. I get it. Really.

    the bottle of shampoo in a shower

    21. Fluide Universal Gloss in a gorgeous pink you can add to lips, eyelids, cheekbones, or any other spot where you wanna *dazzle.*

    22. Bio-Oil — it may just become your hypoallergenic, nongreasy, and dermatologist-recommended go-to for lessening the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Or it can also just serve as an amazing body moisturizer.

    bottle of Bio OIl

    23. Glossier Futuredew is an oil-serum hybrid anyone who's been searching of a lasting just-applied-serum look will be thrilled to encounter. This is it! You can finally find peace (and super glowy skin) now.

    24. Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream offers some sweet, sweet relief for anyone breastfeeding. BUT, people also love to use it as lip balm! Either way, it'll make a difference.

    bottle of the nipple cream on a bed of orange slices

    25. KimChi Chic Drama Queen highlighters are super vibrant but oh-so-blendable whether you're dusting them on your cheekbones or blending them in as eyeshadow.

    the highlighter palette with six pans of shades

    26. e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer has squalene for the utmost hydration, smoothing capability, and grip for your makeup all dang day. Plus it works for all skin types.

    model with perfect looking skin and makeup

    27. An ice roller helps de-puff your eyes in the morning or just feels oh so nice when you're tired or have a migraine.

    28. Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser ever so gently removes your makeup *and* moisturizes at the same time. Seriously, the waterproof-iest of waterproof mascara and eyeliner is no match for this potion. No grease left behind like liquid eye makeup removers!

    the jar of cold cream on a makeup table

    29. Cuccio Cuticle Oil smells heavenly, but most importantly will treat sorry-looking cuticles and moisturize your paws. Oh, and it'll look lovely on your vanity.

    30. Bag Balm farmers have used for more than a century to help soothe cattle's chapped skin, but can also be a great addition to your human skin routine! And it comes in a GIANT tin so it'll last you awhile. Seriously, you can rub this stuff on most places.

    hand holding a container of the Bag Balm

    31. Ready Set Jet Sculpt and Shine Beauty Baton pulls double duty in a very easy-to-manage packaging. There's enough baton there so you can really have control as you zero in on your perfect highlight spot or the hollow under your cheekbone.

    32. Too Faced Hangover Primer uses coconut water to help plump up, smooth, and boost the radiance of your skin. So really, you'll look like you went to bed at a normal time and were guzzling water instead of wine.

    the primer

    33. eos The Fixer Medicated Lip Balm Ointment packs in healing prowess, treats cold sores and fever blisters, and creates a super effective moisture barrier so you won't have to constantly reapply throughout the day.

    the lip balm among branches

    34. Versed The Shortcut overnight facial gives you glowy skin with glycolic and lactic acids, two alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that exfoliate the skin and stimulate collagen production.

    A close-up of the tube and the product. You can see that it's a white cream that looks similar in texture to a thick moisturizer

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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